What is the most innovative country

Switzerland is the most innovative country in the world

Switzerland, Sweden and the USA are the three leading countries. Germany follows in 9th place and China in 14th place. Considering that Switzerland has the second highest GDP per capita in the world, it is no surprise that it tops this list. As wealthier nations continue to lead global innovation, the GII also shows that middle-income countries - especially in Asia - are making impressive strides. Middle-income countries are led by China, Malaysia and Bulgaria. Below are some of the top performers in important service areas:
  • Switzerland: 1st place for knowledge creation, 2nd place for global brand value
  • USA .: First in entertainment and media, computer software spending, intellectual property income
  • China: First in patent applications
  • Vietnam: Second in net high technology exports
  • India: First in exports of information and communication technology services
As a constant producer of high-quality innovations, Switzerland is also characterized by the innovative strength of its economic sector, with a high proportion of knowledge-intensive employment and high R&D expenditure carried out and financed by the private sector.

Patents, brands, investments and universities

Switzerland ranks consistently in the top 3 for patents by origin, PCT patents by origin, scientific and technical articles, high-tech production, income from intellectual property (IP), entertainment and media and country-specific top-level domains. Switzerland is home to 122 of the 5,000 largest brands in the world and this year ranks second in the new GII indicator "Global Brand Value". The top brands include Nestlé (food), UBS (banks) and ABB (engineering and construction). Human capital and the research system are also showing important results. Switzerland ranks fourth for R&D expenditure, fifth for R&D-intensive companies worldwide and fourth for university quality, with ETH Zurich (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology) and the École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL) among the Top 20 best ranked universities in the world. Here is the link to the Global Innovation Index 2020

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BfS survey

68 percent of the Swiss population uses more than one language in everyday life

Multilingualism is a trademark of Switzerland and it continues to grow. 68 percent of the Swiss population regularly uses more than one language. In addition to the official national languages, the youngest generation speaks over 70 other languages ​​at home. This is shown by the recently published results of the survey on language, religion and culture by the Federal Statistical Office (FSO).

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Swiss car market

Honda, Citroën and Aston Martin are defying the trend

The car market in Switzerland and the Principality of Liechtenstein got off to a weak start in the new year. 15,130 new registrations mean not only a minus of 19.5 compared to the same month last year, it is also the lowest January result of the current millennium. After all, twelve brands can increase their sales, especially Honda, Citroën and Aston Martin.

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Ogilvy Switzerland

"Inspired by the best" is the new campaign for Bernafon

With the motto “Inspired by the best”, Ogilvy Switzerland developed the worldwide launch campaign for Bernafon for the new Alpha hearing aid and the associated technology platform. The inspiration for the new campaign comes from the animal world. There are species there that are known for their perfect hearing