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US election news blog : Georgia: Recount confirms Biden's win

The US election: the most important events and information at a glance

  • Joe Biden won the presidential election
  • Trump has not yet officially recognized the victory
  • The Democrats retain a majority in the House of Representatives
  • In January it will be decided who has the majority in the Senate

+++ November 20th +++

Georgia: Recount confirms Biden's win

Joe Biden has been confirmed as the winner of the US election in the state of Georgia. His lead over incumbent Donald Trump is 12,284 votes, said the responsible State Secretary Brad Raffensperger.

Before the manual review of the roughly five million ballot papers began, Biden was ahead with around 14,000 votes. A few days ago it was discovered that electoral commissions in two Republican-dominated districts had forgotten to include several thousand votes counted.

Raffensperger stressed on local television that no evidence of electoral fraud had been found. However, Trump can still request a recount because the gap between the candidates is less than 0.5 percentage points.

+++ November 7th +++

Jill Biden: He will be a president for all families in the country

The wife of US President-elect Joe Biden promises the Americans that her husband will work for all families in the country. Jill Biden posted a photo on Twitter showing her and her husband in a living room. Biden wears a peaked cap that says “We just did” (something like: We made it now.).
The two of them hold a sign in the camera that reads: “Dr. & Vice President Biden live here. ”69-year-old Jill Biden hides the now superfluous word“ Vice ”with her hand. Biden was Vice President under Barack Obama for eight years.

He will be a President for all of our families.

- Dr. Jill Biden (@DrBiden) November 7, 2020

Michael Müller congratulates Biden: "Congratulations, Mr. President"

Berlin's Governing Mayor Michael Müller congratulated the Democrat Joe Biden on his victory in the US presidential election. "Congratulations, Mr. President," wrote the SPD politician on Twitter.

Merkel congratulates Biden: “I wish him luck and success from the bottom of my heart

Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) congratulated Joe Biden on his victory in the US presidential election. "I wish him luck and success from the bottom of my heart, and I also congratulate Kamala Harris, the elected first female vice president of her country," said a statement posted on Twitter. “I look forward to working with President Biden in the future. Our transatlantic friendship is irreplaceable if we are to face the great challenges of our time. "

Chancellor #Merkel congratulates @JoeBiden and @KamalaHarris.

- Steffen Seibert (@RegSsprecher) November 7, 2020

Barack Obama: Couldn't be more proud of Biden

Former US President and Trump predecessor Barack Obama came up with a lengthy statement on the success of his then Vice President. He couldn't be more proud of Biden, he writes. "We're lucky Joe has everything it takes to be president." He called on citizens to support Biden.

Barack Obama: “I know he’ll do the job with the best interests of every American at heart, whether or not he had their vote. So I encourage every American to give him a chance and lend him your support. “

- Chris Jansing (@ChrisJansing) November 7, 2020

Steinmeier expects reliability and common sense from Biden

In a letter of congratulations to the elected US President Joe Biden, Federal President Frank-Walter Steinmeier expressed his hope for more reliability and common sense in cooperation with the USA. “Your presidency brings together the hopes of countless people, far beyond the borders of your country, including in Germany. It is the hope of a new common ground. It is the hope for reliability, common sense and the persistent work on solutions in a troubled world, ”it says in the letter.

Biden stands for an America "that knows about the value of alliances and friends, of reliability and trust". “You will find a strong partner in Germany. Let us renew the transatlantic partnership together with our European neighbors, ”wrote the Federal President. "Germany is ready to stand by your side for a better, more peaceful and fairer world." He also wishes him success for the great challenge of creating a new common ground among all Americans.

Von der Leyen is looking forward to working with Biden

EU Commission President Ursula von der Leyen has congratulated the two Democrats Joe Biden and Kamala Harris on their success in the US presidential election. “The EU and the US are friends and allies, our citizens have the deepest connections. I look forward to working with President-elect Biden, ”wrote von der Leyen on Twitter.

Macron congratulates Joe Biden and Kamala Harris on winning the US election

French President Emmanuel Macron has congratulated Joe Biden and Kamala Harris on winning the US presidential election. “The Americans have elected their president,” Macron wrote on Twitter on Saturday evening in French and English. “We have a lot to do to meet today's challenges. Let's work together! ”Macron continued.

Predictions: Democrat Biden will also win in the important state of Nevada

According to media forecasts, the newly elected President Joe Biden also won the US election in the important state of Nevada. That came out on Saturday from consistent predictions by the AP news agency and the TV broadcaster Fox. With this, Biden secured the votes of six other electorates and once again improved his position in the foreseeable legal battle against the previous incumbent Donald Trump for the election result.

Maas promotes "New Deal"

Joe Biden's victory in the US presidential election brought relief across all parties in Germany. Foreign Minister Heiko Maas (SPD) campaigned on Twitter on Saturday for a restart of the severely damaged relationship with the USA. "We want to invest in our cooperation, for a new transatlantic start, a New Deal." Finance Minister and Vice Chancellor Olaf Scholz (SPD) made a similar statement: "Now there is the chance to open a new and exciting chapter in transatlantic relations."

Trump does not recognize Biden's victory in the US presidential election

US President Donald Trump does not recognize the victory of his challenger Joe Biden in the presidential election. "The fact is: the election is far from over," said Trump on Saturday. Biden “wrongly” portrays himself as the winner and is supported by his “media allies”.

US media: Biden wins US presidential election

The Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden has won the election in the US according to surveys and forecasts by US media. The AP news agency and several US broadcasters unanimously reported on Saturday. Republican incumbent Donald Trump has taken legal action in several states against the results or the further counting of votes cast.

Biden's lead in Georgia continues to grow

In the important state of Georgia, Joe Biden's lead in the race for the White House has grown even further. As of 9 a.m.CET on Saturday, the Democrat was 7248 votes ahead of incumbent Donald Trump, as the TV broadcaster CNN reported, citing figures from the electoral authority. It was a significant increase compared to the 4,430 vote lead a few hours earlier.

Given the tight race, a recount is very likely in Georgia. The growing gap is a good sign for Biden that he can still be ahead after that.

In Georgia, Biden had caught up with Trump's lead of around 30,000 votes at times. If the Democrat wins in the state, Trump will no longer be able to reach the 270 electoral mark needed to win.

In Pennsylvania, Biden is now ahead with 28,833 votes. His lead in Nevada rose to more than 22,657 votes and in Arizona he was 29,861 votes ahead of Trump.

Biden is on track to win the presidential election. If he wins in Arizona or Georgia, all he needs is one more state. Pennsylvania, with its 20 voters, could even bring Biden straight to victory. Trump accuses the Democrats without evidence of having defrauded him from victory and threatens with a wave of lawsuits against the election results.

+++ November 6th +++

Joe Biden is planning a televised address on prime time

Several media outlets unanimously report that the Democratic candidate is planning a televised address. Supporters say it is already his victory speech. Biden is currently ahead of Donald Trump in the counts. So he leads in the key states of Nevada and Pennsylvania.

In Georiga it is obviously counted again

In the US state of Georgia, the announcement of the election results could be delayed. Election Minister Brad Raffensperger said he expected the votes to be recounted as the gap between candidates was very small. According to data provider Edison Research, challenger Joe Biden is only 1579 ahead of US President Donald Trump. Accordingly, 4169 votes still have to be counted.

Joe Biden performs in Pennsylvania

The vote count in the key state of Pennsylvania advanced rapidly on Friday. The Democratic challenger, Joe Biden, takes the lead, according to media reports (as of 3 p.m.). Trump tried to sue the state count and failed in court.

Joe Biden can hardly be caught

The Democratic challenger to incumbent Donald Trump also took the lead in the highly competitive state of Georgia on Friday (as of 2 p.m.). Trump's chances of a second term became less and less as the last votes were counted. If Biden holds the lead in Arizona, Georgia would be enough for him to win the election. Biden also caught up quickly in Pennsylvania, which plays a key role with 20 voters. He's ahead in Nevada and Arizona, while things are looking good for Trump in North Carolina and Alaska. The decision in Georgia and Pennsylvania could be made on Friday.

Oregon decriminalizes possession of cocaine and heroin in small quantities

Oregon was the first US state reportedly to decriminalize the possession of small amounts of certain hard drugs, such as cocaine and heroin. At the same time as the US presidential election, different referendums were held in many states.

In Oregon, possession of small amounts of hard drugs is no longer a criminal offense, but a civil offense. This means that instead of imprisonment, there is only a threat of fines, similar to a traffic offense. If those affected undergo addiction counseling, fines could even be waived.

"Oregon made history today," tweeted the Drug Policy Alliance, which supported the campaign. The aim of decriminalization is to encourage drug addicts to seek support and treatment. Critics say, among other things, that the case is more about commercialization. In other US states, too, the use of drugs has reportedly been liberalized. Citizens in New Jersey and Arizona, according to preliminary results, agreed to legalize marijuana as a "recreational drug."

Greta Thunberg mocks Donald Trump

The Swedish climate activist commented on Donald Trump's tweet to stop the counting of votes: “So ridiculous. Donald has to work on his anger management problem and then go to a good old movie with a friend! Relax, Donald, relax! "

Trump had posted an almost verbatim tweet about Thunberg last December.

So ridiculous. Donald must work on his Anger Management problem, then go to a good old fashioned movie with a friend! Chill Donald, chill!

- Greta Thunberg (@GretaThunberg) November 5, 2020

Biden overtakes Trump in Georgia

US presidential candidate Joe Biden has overtaken incumbent Donald Trump in the Georgia electoral count. Biden took the lead by 917 votes on Friday morning (local time), according to CNN and Fox News. 99 percent of the votes have already been counted.

Trump had been in the lead in the southern state since Tuesday's election; however, its lead in the actually conservative state continued to shrink. In the 2016 presidential election, he was five percentage points ahead of his Democratic challenger Hillary Clinton in the state.

As things stand, the former Vice President Biden has at least 253 of the 270 voters he needs to win. With Georgia he would gain another 16 if he were declared the winner there. Without Georgia, Trump could mathematically no longer get the necessary 270 electoral votes.

Police arrest two men with guns near the vote count

Police in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, arrested two men with guns in their vehicle near the convention center where presidential votes are being tallied. The authorities initially did not comment on the background. The local broadcaster WPVI reported on Friday night (local time) that the police had received a tip that an attack on the convention center could have been planned.

Philadelphia has a slightly stricter gun rules than the rest of the state - a permit is required. The broadcaster Fox News reported that the Federal Police FBI had taken over the investigation.

The day before, armed people were present in the state of Arizona at a demonstration by Trump supporters in front of a building for the vote count. Carrying weapons openly is permitted in Arizona.

Lawsuit for the use of "Y.M.C.A." in Trump appearances

Because of the playing of the song "Y.M.C.A." during election campaign appearances by US President Donald Trump, the copyright owners want to file a lawsuit. This was announced in Paris by the lawyer Richard Malka, who represents the owner of the rights to the 1978 hit by the band Village People. The song was also used in a Trump election campaign.

The use of the song for the Trump campaign was "clearly stealing someone else's property," Malka said. The rights holders would have "never accepted" that the song was used for political purposes by the US President.

According to the lawyer, the lawsuit will be filed in both the United States and France in the coming days. The French music label Scorpio Music is one of the rights holders.

"Y.M.C.A." was composed by the French Jacques Morali and Henri Belolo together with the US singer Victor Willis of the Village People. The band was successful in the late 1970s and the song became an anthem for the gay movement.

+++ November 5th +++

Joe Biden is only one state missing from an arithmetical election victory

The likelihood that Donald Trump will still win is significantly lower. In the as yet undecided states of Alaska, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Georgia and Nevada, election workers continued to count votes. With the exception of Alaska, the outcome was very close in the other states. In view of the unusually long hanging game for the United States after Tuesday's vote, protests, some of which were violent, broke out in several cities.

A victory in only one state would meanwhile enough for challenger Joe Biden to secure the necessary majority of 270 votes from the electorate. Trump would need a majority in all five states that are still open - if the previous result for Biden is confirmed in Arizona.

In several states, Trump's campaign team sent lawyers with lawsuits to take action against impending defeat. Trump himself called on Twitter to stop the counting of votes. He also claimed that there was "ample evidence" of electoral fraud. Twitter warned several of Trump's messages. Biden, on the other hand, demanded: "Every vote must be counted."

After the US election, Green politicians urge more personal responsibility in Europe

Even if the Democratic US presidential candidate Joe Biden wins the election, leading Green politicians believe that Germany and Europe should take on more responsibility."This election should be the last wake-up call, not only for us in Germany, but for us in Europe that we have to stand on our own two feet," said the Greens foreign politician Omid Nouripour on Thursday the broadcasters RTL and n-tv.

The Europeans would have to stand together "in case of doubt even without the Americans to make foreign and security policy," said Nouripour on the program "Frühstart". Even if Biden wins the election, one has to assume that "after this close race and after this massive polarization in the United States, Biden will have to deal massively with the social upheavals in his own country".

The Green European politician Reinhard Bütikofer said of Biden's emerging success in the USA: “That would be a long-awaited, but overall a poor victory.” He, too, therefore advocated more personal responsibility for Europeans. “I think we have to get rid of an attitude that pretends that the development of the transatlantic relationship depends only on what is happening in the USA. It is also our task to shape this relationship ”.

Six states are still missing

The US is still awaiting election results from six states: Arizona, Georgia, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Nevada and Alaska. Alaska traditionally votes Republican and has three electors.

According to the "New York Times", an estimated number of votes still have to be counted in the following US states:

  • Arizona: 450,000 votes open; Maricopa County and the metropolis of Phoenix had announced further figures for 7:00 p.m. local time (3:00 a.m. German time)
  • Georgia: 310,000 votes open; Officials expect results from other counties by 9:00 p.m. local time (3:00 a.m. German time)
  • North Carolina: 290,000 votes open
  • Nevada: 190,000 votes open; further votes are to be published on Wednesday evening (local time)
  • Pennsylvania : 1.1 million votes open; reliable figures could not be available until Thursday or Friday

In Nevada and Arizona, Biden is currently ahead, in Pennsylvania, Georgia and North Carolina Trump is ahead. Biden would have enough winnings in Arizona and Nevada to get the 270 electoral votes needed to make him the next President of the United States of America.

Trump claims victory in contested states

President Donald Trump claims to have beaten his Democratic challenger Joe Biden in the US elections in four contested states by a large margin. He is clearly ahead in Pennsylvania, Georgia, North Carolina and in Michigan a "large number" of ballot papers have been secretly thrown away, wrote Trump on Twitter on Wednesday. The platform immediately provided Trump's messages with warnings.

In Pennsylvania, Georgia, and North Carolina, the count was ongoing on Wednesday night (local time). The state of Michigan, on the other hand, was won by Democrat Biden, according to CNN and NBC. From the count results so far, Trump appeared to be marginally in the lead in Georgia and North Carolina. A similar picture emerged in Pennsylvania. However, experts assumed that Biden could still overtake Trump there because of the numerous postal votes still to be counted.

+++ November 4th +++

Biden: Have enough votes to win the election

The Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden expects a victory in the US election. "Now, after a long night of counting, it is clear that we are winning enough states to get the 270 votes required to win the presidency," said Biden on Wednesday in Wilmington, Delaware. He emphasized that he did not want to officially claim the victory for himself. But his team thinks he won the vote.

Biden wins Michigan and 16 more voters

Joe Biden will also win Michigan and 16 other voters, according to TV broadcasters. This came out on Wednesday (local time) from matching forecasts by CNN and NBC based on voter surveys and vote counts. The AP news agency has not yet announced a winner. With this, Biden is getting closer to the required 270 voters and moving into the White House.

OSCE election observers sharply criticize Trump after the election

The Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) election observer mission has sharply criticized the allegations of election fraud made by US President Donald Trump. "Unfounded allegations of systematic deficits, especially by the incumbent president," undermined the "public confidence in the democratic institutions," said the observer mission in Washington on Wednesday. Many would see such statements "increase the potential for politically motivated violence after the election".

"After such a highly dynamic election campaign, it is a fundamental obligation of all parts of the government to ensure that every vote is counted," said the German head of the OSCE mission, Michael Link, in Washington on Wednesday evening.

The counting of votes is still ongoing and should continue in accordance with US law and OSCE commitments, Link said. "Nobody - no politician, no elected representative - should restrict the right of the people to vote."

Trump camp demands stop counting in Pennsylvania as well

US President Donald Trump takes further legal steps in the struggle for the counting of the votes in the embattled state of Pennsylvania. In a lawsuit filed on Wednesday, Trump's campaign team called, among other things, to suspend the further counting of votes until their election observers have better access to it. In another lawsuit, the Trump side is also taking action against voting slips sent by letter that will reach the electoral commission by Friday afternoon.

Trump has been ahead in Pennsylvania so far, but his lead is shrinking as postal ballot papers are counted. With 20 electoral votes, Pennsylvania could be a crucial state for the presidential election. Trump's campaign leader, Bill Stepien, declared the president the winner in Pennsylvania in a conference call on Wednesday while votes were still being counted. Trump had previously claimed the entire election for himself, although the Democratic challenger Joe Biden currently has a good chance of victory.

The Republicans took further legal action after the election on Tuesday. They are calling for the count to be suspended in Michigan - as well as a recount in the state of Wisconsin, where, according to calculations by the AP news agency, Biden has won the race. Biden can still win the presidency without Pennsylvania.

United Nations: "closely monitor US election process"

According to a spokesman, the United Nations is following the course of the vote count in the US presidential election very closely. "Of course we are all watching this closely," a spokesman for UN Secretary General António Guterres told journalists in New York on Wednesday. "The process is in progress." In addition, UN chief Guterres initially did not want to comment, his spokesman continued.

Candidate Kanye West is already thinking about the US presidential election in 2024

While incumbent Donald Trump and his challenger Joe Biden are still fighting for victory in the US presidential election, their rival candidate Kanye West is already thinking about the next ballot in four years. "Kanye 2024", wrote the US rapper tellingly in the online service Twitter after he had no chance in the presidential election on Tuesday.

The billionaire musician and fashion entrepreneur announced his presidential candidacy for this year on July 4th, Independence Day of the United States. As a candidate for a strange-looking party called the Birthday Party, the rapper, known for his cocky demeanor, only met the requirements to actually stand for election in twelve of the 50 US states.

In purely mathematical terms, the husband of reality star Kim Kardashian had no chance. In the end, he got almost 60,000 votes and played practically no role in the ballot box. According to the New York Times, West drove his best result with around 10,000 votes in the southern state of Tennessee.

West himself cast his vote in the state of Wyoming - where he was not allowed to run. Nonetheless, the rapper, who suffers from bipolar disorder, said on Twitter that he voted for someone “I really trust - me” in Tuesday's presidential election. According to its own information, it was the first time that West even cast his vote in a US presidential election.

Trump's supporters had bet that West in particular could prevent some African American voters from voting for Biden. In the past, the rapper had appeared as a Trump supporter - until he announced his own ambitions for the presidency.

Scholz calls on Trump to recognize the election results

Vice Chancellor Olaf Scholz has called on US President Donald Trump to recognize the outstanding result of the presidential election. “It has to be counted now, according to procedures that have been established beforehand. And it is part of democracy to accept the election result. That should also be the case for incumbent presidents, ”said the SPD candidate for chancellor on Wednesday evening on ARD.

Foreign Minister Heiko Maas (SPD) had previously urged all US politicians to campaign for recognition of the result among the population. Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) has not yet commented on the US election.

Trump wants to stop counting in Michigan

Trump's campaign team says they have filed a lawsuit in a Michigan court to stop the count in the state for the time being. The reason given by his campaign manager is that members of the team have so far not been given sufficient access to personally observe the counts.

Trump campaign statement on #Michigan lawsuit

- Team Trump (Text VOTE to 88022) (@TeamTrump) November 4, 2020

Campaign teams raise money for litigation

The election campaign teams of Biden and Trump are collecting money online for the expected legal battle over the outcome of the presidential election. The "Biden Fight Fund" set up on an Internet platform is intended to protect the election results, the candidate writes on Twitter. Trump's team also asked for donations in numerous emails to supporters.

To make sure every vote is counted, we're setting up the largest election protection effort ever assembled. Because Donald Trump doesn't get to decide the outcome of this election - the American people do.

Chip in to power the new Biden Fight Fund:

- Joe Biden (@JoeBiden) November 4, 2020

Biden wins in Wisconsin

Joe Biden can win Wisconsin. According to CNN, 49.4 percent of voters in Wisconsin voted for Biden and 48.8 percent for Trump. A few votes have not yet been counted, but these will probably only change the result marginally. Initially, the incumbent US president was in the lead in the US state. Wisconsin sends ten voters, which clearly improves Biden's chances of a win. With the win in Wisconsin, Biden has 248 electors to date. Trump comes to 214.

Trump secures another election person in Maine

US President Donald Trump secured another vote from the electorate in the US election in the state of Maine. The AP news agency reported on Wednesday based on voter surveys and vote counts.

In the state on the northeastern tip of the USA, like in Nebraska, not all electorates go completely to the winner. In addition to two voters, who are based on the overall results of the state, two other voters are determined there on the basis of the results in individual electoral districts.

The 2nd district now went to Trump - according to the challenger Joe Biden AP, the other three voters had previously been secured. To become president, a candidate needs the votes of at least 270 electoral voters.

Republican Senator Collins surprisingly prevails in Maine

Republican Senator Susan Collins is re-elected in Maine. In polls, she had lagged well behind.

Trump team wants new count in Wisconsin

US President Donald Trump's campaign team may want to request a recount of votes in the highly competitive US state of Wisconsin. Trump's campaign manager Bill Stepien said in a statement there had been "reports of irregularities in some Wisconsin counties." These raised doubts about the reliability of the results, says Stepien. However, Stepien did not provide any details or specific evidence.

The President wanted to request a recounting of the votes “immediately”. The inferior candidate can do this up to a difference of one percentage point. However, the recount can only be requested after the actual count has ended and with a certain delay.

Despite an extensive counting of the votes for the presidential election, the announcement of the results in Wisconsin was delayed on Wednesday. There are only two small towns with a total of 600 residents whose votes have not yet been recorded, said the Wisconsin electoral commission. Joe Biden is ahead in Wisconsin with around 20,000 votes.

Pennsylvania: Postal votes increased tenfold

In the US state of Pennsylvania, 2.5 to 3 million more postal votes were received than four years ago. According to State Secretary Kathy Boockvarper, this is a tenfold increase. But it goes ahead: "We are approaching a count of 50 percent of the postal votes."

The governor of the state, Tom Wolf, describes the slow counting of the votes as a "stress test for democracy". He will do everything possible to ensure that every vote is counted, said the Democrat.

We still have over 1 million mail ballots to count in Pennsylvania.

I promised Pennsylvanians that we would count every vote and that’s what we’re going to do.

- Governor Tom Wolf (@GovernorTomWolf) November 4, 2020

Trump denounces the alleged "disappearance" of Republican votes

US President Donald Trump has denounced an alleged "disappearance" of Republican votes in the presidential election. On Tuesday evening he still had a “solid” lead over his challenger Joe Biden from the Democrats in many key states, Trump wrote on Wednesday morning (local time) on the online service Twitter. Overnight this lead then disappeared “in a magical way”; instead, “surprise votes” were counted. The development of the vote count was "extremely strange," said Trump.

Trump did not provide any evidence for his allegations. Election observers have so far not found any irregularities in the polls on Tuesday or the vote count.

Last night I was leading, often solidly, in many key States, in almost all instances Democrat run & controlled. Then, one by one, they started to magically disappear as surprise ballot dumps were counted. VERY STRANGE, and the “pollsters” got it completely & historically wrong!

- Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) November 4, 2020

Georgia still has less than ten percent of the vote to count

In the state of Georgia, according to official information, a total of around 240,000 to 250,000 ballot papers have to be evaluated - that is, less than ten percent of the votes. It's about 16 electors - so far Trump is slightly ahead.

Georgia Sec. of State Raffensperger says there are about 200,000 ballots and about 40,000-50,000 early votes left to be counted.

"Every legal vote will be counted."

- NBC News (@NBCNews) November 4, 2020

Criticism of election polls

After the initially narrow election result in the USA, criticism of the polls previously published has become loud. The election researchers had predicted an average nationwide lead for Biden of around eight percentage points. So far, he's only about two points ahead of Trump. However, even in the past, absentee votes and the sometimes lengthy counting have resulted in even greater changes of several percentage points.
At the state level, however, there are already indications of some deviations in the results of surveys. In addition, the institutes seemed to have misjudged the voting intentions of the Hispanic population - for example in Florida.

Biden's lead in Michigan is growing

According to data from the AP news agency, Michigan has now counted 91.2 percent of the vote. Joe Biden's lead has increased slightly since he overtook the president there: He leads with 49.5 percent ahead of Trump, who comes to 48.9 percent. Currently there is a difference of around 30,000 votes.

Democrat Biden is still confident of victory

The Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden is still confident of victory. His campaign manager Jen O'Malley Dillon told journalists on Wednesday."Joe Biden is on his way to win this election and he will be the next President of the United States," she said. The pending results would probably show his victory clearly by Wednesday afternoon (local time), she said. It is important that all votes continue to be counted in peace. Biden will win in the still open states of Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania, she predicted.

Canada's Prime Minister: Monitor US Election "Carefully"

According to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, the government in neighboring Canada is closely following the voting process in the US presidential election. "As everyone knows, the election process in the US is under way," said the liberal prime minister on Wednesday, according to Canadian media reports, to journalists in Ottawa. "We are carefully monitoring this and will continue to do so during the course of the day and days."

Even before the election, Trudeau had said that Canada was preparing for possible "disruptions" in the neighboring country after the presidential election. "I think we are all hoping for a smooth transition or a clear result of the election, like many people around the world," Trudeau had said. "If it is less clear, there could be some disturbances and we have to be prepared for all outcomes." Trudeau had not specified what these disturbances might look like in his estimation.

Pennsylvania Governor: "Stress Test for Democracy"

The governor of the US state of Pennsylvania, Tom Wolf, has described the slow counting of the votes for the presidential election as a "stress test for democracy". He will do everything possible to ensure that every vote in his state is counted, said the Democratic Party politician in Harrisburg on Wednesday. Addressing the citizens, Wolf said: "Your vote will make a difference in this election." He would stand against any attempt to attack the election in Pennsylvania.

State Secretary Kathy Boockvar announced that the number of votes cast by postal vote was 2.5 to 3 million, ten times as high as in the election four years ago. "We are approaching a count of 50 percent of the postal votes," she said on Wednesday and announced a continuous update of the count. Boockvar asked for patience.

In the highly competitive state between Democrats and Republicans, incumbent Donald Trump was ahead by around ten percentage points on Wednesday afternoon. However, analysts assumed that the majority of the votes still outstanding, especially those submitted by letter, should be paid into Biden's account.

It now depends on these states:

  • PENNSYLVANIA: In 2016, Trump was able to narrowly prevail here. Postal voting documents may only be recorded and counted on election day, which is why the result is a long time coming. So far, Trump has been leading in Pennsylvania.
  • MICHIGAN: In the close race for the state of Michigan, there is a slight tendency in favor of Biden. Biden currently only see interim results for 90 percent of the votes counted with 0.2 percentage points or a little more than ten thousand votes ahead of Trump. It is expected, however, that the majority of the remaining votes will be in favor of the Democrats.
  • WISCONSIN: Here Democratic candidate Joe Biden has taken the lead. The race is close. Postal voting documents may only be recorded and counted here on election day.
  • NORTH CAROLINA: In 2016, Trump was able to prevail there by a good three percentage points. The previous count indicates a very tight result. Results are expected today.
  • GEORGIA: Trump was able to secure the state in 2016 with a good lead. The count had to be interrupted in an important district because of a burst water pipe. The results are still expected today.
  • NEVADA: The votes of the state in the West went to Trump's then rival Hillary Clinton in 2016. The electoral authority said on Twitter that there would be a detailed update on the status of the count on Thursday.

2.6 million more votes for Biden

According to preliminary results, the Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden received a good 2.6 million more votes nationwide than incumbent Donald Trump - but this absolute number of votes is not decisive for the race for the White House, which is determined by the majorities of the individual states. According to surveys by the AP news agency and other media, there were at least 68.9 million votes for Biden and 66.3 million for Trump by Wednesday afternoon (CET). The counting of votes continued.

Biden overtakes Trump in Michigan

Joe Biden is ahead of Donald Trump for the first time since Michigan polls closed. Accordingly, Biden had meanwhile a good 10,000 votes ahead. However, around ten percent of the total votes still have to be counted.

Protests in Portland and Washington D.C.

According to initial results from some states, there are protests in parts of the USA - especially by opponents of US President Trump. According to the AP news agency, more than a thousand people gathered in the Black Lives Matter Plaza near the White House in the early hours of the morning. In the west coast metropolis of Portland, which has been shaken by anti-racism protests for weeks, according to the AFP news agency, some armed activists moved in front of the local courthouse; they chanted anti-Trump slogans.

US election in pictures

Image series
Trump supporters are certain of victory.
A man watches the counts on a scoreboard in Times Square, New York.
In Michigan, one of the swing states, voters are waiting to vote