Are my friends true friends or not

Fake Friends [14 Depressing Signs]

How can you find out if you have fake friends? Unfortunately, it's not that easy, because all human beings have both good and bad qualities.

But for some people the negative aspects outweigh the rest and in such a case you find yourself in a relationship with false friends.

Especially sensitive people who want to please everyone and who put the needs of other people above their own are prone to being manipulated and exploited by false friends.

Here are 14 warning signs that will help you distinguish false friends from real ones:

1. False friends talk almost exclusively about themselves

Do you know people who call you all the time but only talk about their own plans and problems?

Are you trying to be a good friend by always listening carefully to them, analyzing their problems and giving your honest opinion on their ideas and plans?

What if you want to talk about something that concerns you?

Is there room in your relationship for your problems or only for theirs?

When you talk about yourself, do your friends try to quickly change the subject and get the attention back to themselves?

Do you feel that your friends are not really interested in you and your life?

Are you only interested in yourself?

Then you find yourself in a one-way relationship in which you give a lot more than the other person.

In the long run, your needs will be neglected here.

A good friendship *, on the other hand, is balanced and both parties get enough space to chat and get their concerns off the ground.

Real friends are interested in you and what's going on in your life and want to get to know you on a deeper level.

They listen to you and sometimes ask you questions.

2. They make you feel like something is wrong with you

Friends should make your life better overall, not worse.

Can you relax in the presence of your friends?

Or do you have the feeling that they will only accept and like you if you play something for them?

If the latter is true, you likely have fake friends.

Real friends like you just who you are, and you don't have to change a lot to be friends with them.

If you often feel drained, inferior, or sad after meeting a friend, it can be a sign that you have the wrong friend.

Fake friends make you feel like you are inadequate, that who you are is not enough, and that you need to change to be acceptable.

They constantly criticize you, make you feel guilty, or subtly let you know that you should be ashamed of yourself.

Real friends, on the other hand, try to motivate you and put you in a good mood.

3. False friends are envious

Do you have friends who ignore or downplay when you accomplish something great?

You have lost weight but they don't take notice, you finally graduated from college or got a promotion, but they pretend that isn't anything special and can barely bring themselves to congratulate you.

You're wearing a beautiful outfit, but they don't notice.

They never give you compliments, even if you just came out of the barber shop.

False friends do not allow you your successes, they are secretly jealous of you and see you as competition.

Often times they imitate you or even try to outdo you.

They always want to be better than you.

Real friends, on the other hand, celebrate you when you have achieved something positive in your life and they are happy for you and with you!

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4. They don't respect your limits

They push your boundaries and try to get you to do and accept things that you don't really want and that are not good for you.

They don't care how you are doing, the main thing is that you do what they want.

They expect a lot from you and get mad if you don't meet their expectations.

They then try to make you feel guilty.

Real friends, on the other hand, show understanding when you tell them you don't want to do something.

They don't have excessive expectations of you, and if they do accidentally exceed your limit, they apologize.

5. False friends talk badly about you behind your back

They'll share your secrets and gossip about you with others.

Real friends, on the other hand, keep your secrets to themselves and put you in a good light to others.

6. You put on a mask when others are around

False friends are mean to you when you're alone, but when others are around they are sweet as sugar.

Or the other way around:

They are nice to you when there are two of you, but in company you get one nasty saying after the other, they humiliate you in front of others, so that you wonder whether they are really your friend or not your enemy.

7. False friends are disloyal

If they find out that you are being treated unfairly and badly, they will not take your side, on the contrary, they stay out of the way or they will take the other side and take part in the attacks against you.

If you show them that you are hurt because of it, they will say that you shouldn't always take everything so seriously and that it was just "fun".

However, real friends are always on your side and defend you if necessary!

8. They lie to you and other people

People who lie all the time just don't have good characters.

It may be hard to tell if they are telling lies to you too, but if they are lying to other people, then it is quite likely that they are being disingenuous to you too.

9. Wrong friends are not helpful

They're always asking for your help, but when you need something, they're not there for you.

Often their requests are completely exaggerated, they are good at taking but bad at giving.

10. You are unreliable

Wrong friends don't respect your time and don't keep appointments.

You just can't count on them.

They promised to help you move and then they don't show up on a flimsy pretext.

Or they keep moving you at the last minute because they have better plans.

Their promises are void and you just can't rely on them.

11. Wrong friends never apologize

If your friends misbehaved towards you, do they see the mistake and apologize?

A mistake means that they forgot an appointment, are late or hit you in a bad mood, for example.

Are they telling you that they are sorry and maybe even trying to make up for the mistake?

Or do they pretend nothing happened and get mad when you talk to them about it?

Real friends don’t get a whistle when they have to apologize for bad behavior towards you.

12. They seldom sign up on their own

Are you the one who keeps your friendship alive?

If you don't answer, do you have radio silence for months?

Then your friendship is one-sided.

The other person is not as interested in you as you are in them.

It's a fake friend.

13. False friends are easy to get mad at you

Do you feel like you're a kind of lightning rod for your friends?

Are they choleric and let their anger out on you completely unfiltered, regardless of loss?

Then these people don't care much about you and your relationship.

They are false friends.

14. You are resentful

You made a mistake and apologized for it, but they just can't forget and will remind you of your failure at every possible opportunity.

They just don't let it rest and want you to feel guilty forever.

Friends who absolutely cannot forgive you are false friends.

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