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Statistics on internet usage worldwide

Published by Statista Research Department on July 17, 2019
According to an estimate, around 3.9 billion people worldwide used the Internet in 2018. For the year 2021 it was forecast that the number of internet users will rise to around 4.14 billion. The region with the most Internet users worldwide was Asia with an estimated 2.16 billion online users at the end of 2018. In China alone, the number of Internet users was around 772 million in 2017. The region with the second most Internet users was Europe with an estimated 705 million online users. The number of Internet users in North America was roughly half that, at an estimated 346 million.

The most widely used language for website content is English. At the time of the survey, around six percent of the websites were written in Russian and German. In terms of the language spoken by Internet users, English also ranks first with an Internet user share of 25.2 percent. The second largest share of Internet users who speak Chinese is around 19 percent.

According to a ranking of the countries with the highest Internet usage time, the Philippines took first place with an average of 602 minutes per day. With an average of 277 minutes a day, Germany was second to last in the ranking. Only in Japan was the average daily Internet usage time lower, at 225 minutes.

Mobile devices have steadily gained in importance for Internet use in recent years. In 2018, more than half of all website views worldwide were from mobile devices. The share of mobile devices in all page views was greatest in Asia. Around 66 percent of the page views there were made via mobile phones and tablets. According to a comScore ranking from 2017, the percentage of purely mobile Internet users was