Can Jews and Gentiles marry one another

Education Minister Peretz calls marriage to non-Jews "Holocaust"

Equates mixed marriages with mass extermination: Minister of Education Rafael Peretz

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The Israeli education minister causes a scandal. During a cabinet meeting, he compared mixed marriages with the Sho'ah.

JERUSALEM (inn) - Israeli Education Minister Rafael Peretz compared the increased number of marriages between Jews and non-Jews to the Holocaust. This is what the American news site "Axios" reports. He said this during a cabinet meeting on July 1st.

Peretz was referring to a study by the Jerusalem Institute for the Politics of the Jewish People (JPPI) that its chairman, Dennis Ross, presented to the government. The report says that American Jews are now largely marrying non-Jews. For non-Orthodox this is the norm nowadays, among the non-Ultra-Orthodox 58 percent married a non-Jew. Peretz called the assimilation of Jews worldwide, especially in the USA, a “second Holocaust” through which the Jewish people lost “6 million people” over the past 70 years. Peretz is a former chief rabbi of the Israeli army and belongs to the party alliance United Rights. He has been in office since June 23, replacing Naftali Bennett.

Energy Minister Juval Steinitz rejected Peretz's statements at the meeting. He demanded: “We must first stop looking down on Jews in America.” They see themselves not only as Jews in a religious sense, but much more in a cultural sense.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu admitted that demographics among American Jews worried him more than political ones. In addition, many turned away from Jewish traditions. A trend that is hardly reversible.

Horror in Jewish organizations

The head of the US-based Anti-Defamation League (ADL), Jonathan Greenblatt, wrote in response to Peretz's statements on Twitter: “It is incredible to use the term 'Holocaust' for Jews who choose not to Marrying Jews. It trivializes the Sho'ah. ”The“ objective comparison ”does little more than incite and insult.

The American Jewish Congress (AJC) also condemned the statements. Assimilation is a challenge for the Jewish continuity and the identification of the Diaspora Jews with Israel and one has to deal with it. Minister Peretz 'remarks are, however, "offensive and not helpful".

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