How do I make sunscreen last longer?

This is how you can tell whether your sunscreen is still effective

Whether from a tube, bottle or spray can - sunscreens come in all possible variants. And one thing is certain: if you are out and about, you should grab hold of it. The most important questions at a glance:

What is the key difference between cream, oil and spray?

When used correctly, there are no differences in the effectiveness of the various products, explains Thomas Dirschka from the Professional Association of German Dermatologists. "The filter substances are very similar in all sunscreens."

Still, the different consistencies make sense. “For men, gels and sprays that are not as greasy are better than creams. Women, on the other hand, should go for a lotion with more fat, ”he advises.

What is even better than sun protection cream?

Better to use too much sunscreen than too little. "First of all, looking for the shade, then textile sun protection," emphasizes Beate Volkmer, head of the skin cancer research laboratory at the Elbe Clinic in Buxtehude.

Sun cream is then used for the uncovered skin areas. "Here it says: A lot helps a lot and reapply every two hours." To ensure that the specified sun protection factor is achieved with sunscreen, adults should use around 30 to 40 milliliters for the whole body, explains the German Cancer Society.

For a two-year-old child, you need about a large tablespoonful of sunscreen. And you have to re-cream even with waterproof products. “There is no such thing as complete water resistance. That is relative, part of the product quality is always lost, ”says Dirschka.

How long does the cream protect?

The sun protection factor (SPF) indicates how much longer someone can stay in the sun without getting burned. To roughly calculate that, you have to know your own skin type - and the corresponding self-protection time.