How can blogs be read by everyone

Have blog articles written: this is how it works

How to easily get blog articles that will score with your target audience.

The fast and easy way to high-quality content

A blog is a must-have for every website today. The term originated from the words web and log (weblog, blog for short). A blog is a kind of diary or journal with many entries on a specific topic. The more content such a blog contains, the more interesting it is for readers. But it's not easy to consistently produce high quality content.

The problem: You don't have much time yourself and your skills as a copywriter are limited. That is clear, because your core competencies lie in other areas: for example marketing, web design or SEO. You are not alone with this problem. That is why more and more companies are relying on having their blog articles written by professional copywriters. And they win.

Numbers, data, facts: why blog posts work

Blogs add lucrative added value to your website. This is supported by the following three facts, for example:


B2B marketing websites that run a blog point 67 percent more leads on as those who don't.


Have websites with blogs 97 percent more traffic than websites without blogs.


There are now in Germany alone 300,000 active bloggers.


When you consider that more and more people are getting information about companies almost exclusively on the Internet, then the importance of blogs is obvious. You influence that reputation of a business. Blogs are popular and enjoyable to read. But only if they are well written, of course. And that is exactly the reason why many companies have their blog articles created by professionals.