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Olive oil for hair: how to keep it healthy and shiny

Our hair is quickly stressed in everyday life. Sunlight, heat or the wrong care make our hair look brittle and dull. In order to get this under control again, we previously had to dig deep into our pockets and invest in high-quality cosmetic products. Perhaps this will no longer be necessary in the future.

Because conventional olive oil should also help to get our hair shiny and supple again. Olive oil can be used in many ways as a home remedy, and it is particularly suitable for skin and hair.

Olive oil for hair: this is how it works

There are several reasons to include olive oil in your next hair care routine. It ensures shine in the hair, supplies it with moisture, supports hair growth, prevents split ends and even helps against dandruff. In addition, olive oil is cheap and chemical-free. We reveal how it works and how you use it.

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1. Olive oil: It makes the hair shine

Like many other oils, olive oil gives your hair shine. It wraps around your hair like a film and smooths the roughened hair structure. So it looks healthier and more radiant. In addition, the oil makes your hair supple and makes it easier to comb.

That's how it's done:
If you want to make your hair shine in a hurry, add a few drops of the olive oil to the ends and lengths of your hair. Start at the tips and then work your way up. Rub the oil in your hands a little before applying it. If the oil is slightly warm, it can penetrate the hair even better. If you don't like the smell of the oil, you can mix it with other essential oils (here on Amazon) *.

It's better not to put too much olive oil into your hair at the beginning and really only concentrate on the lower third of your hair. Especially if you have fine hair, you should be economical with the oil. Otherwise, the hair will quickly look greasy.

Tip: You don’t want to use oil from your big olive oil bottle every time? Then you can simply fill the oil into a small pipette bottle (here on Amazon) * and keep it in your bathroom.

2. Olive oil: It supports hair growth

Olive oil contains the bitter substance oleuropein. This supports natural hair growth. Olive oil also helps to strengthen the hair, making it less brittle and keeping the tips from breaking off.

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Another plus point: olive oil contains antioxidants. These protect our cells, prevent free radicals and ensure that our hair "ages" more slowly. The oil also has a protective effect on our hair. This will keep you healthy in the long term

That's how it's done: If you want to support your hair growth, a hair treatment made from olive oil, honey and egg yolk is worthwhile. That sounds strange at first, but it can work wonders. For the hair treatment, briefly heat about 100ml olive oil in the microwave, add a teaspoon of honey and an egg yolk. Mix everything together and distribute generously into your hair. Let the cure work for about an hour. If you wrap a warm towel around your head during the exposure time, this will increase the effectiveness of the mask. Then wash and style your hair as usual.

The egg yolk ensures that your hair is adequately supplied with protein. The honey gives the hair more moisture and shine.

3. Olive oil: It moisturizes the hair

As mentioned above, olive oil moisturizes the hair. Both in the short term and in the long term. For the short-term effect you use the olive oil as described under point 1. So you use it like a normal hair oil. If you want to give your hair long-term moisture, use a hair treatment as described under point 2. Since the olive oil wraps around your hair like a protective film, the moisture stays in your hair for a very long time.

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4. Olive oil helps with dandruff

Olive oil can also work wonders against dandruff and dry scalps. Massage the olive oil into the scalp and leave it on for as long as possible. The oil should show its first effects after a short time. It soothes burning scalp and makes dry flakes go away quickly. If you are struggling with severe dandruff, you should use the olive oil regularly. But first clarify whether your dandruff is dry or greasy.

That's how it's done: Work a large portion of the olive oil (approx. A quarter cup) into towel-dried hair. Concentrate on the areas that are particularly dry. Massage the oil into the scalp and then cover your hair with a plastic bag or hair cap so that the oil becomes slightly warm and can work better.

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Olive oil for hair: how often should I use it?

There is no general answer to this question. It depends on what you use the oil for and how your hair structure is. Basically, you shouldn't use the oil too often. If used in large quantities, it could otherwise make your hair look greasy. You can do a hair treatment with olive oil up to twice a week, if you use the oil as hair oil and only apply it to the tips, you can use it every one or two days.

Olive oil for hair: which oil is best?

Basically every olive oil is suitable for hair care. Yes, also the conventional variant from your kitchen cupboard. But it is definitely worth investing in a higher quality oil. After all, the bottles are usually quite large and you will enjoy them for a long time.

When buying, make sure that it is pure olive oil and that it comes from cold pressing. If it has been heated, important ingredients may have been lost and therefore not be absorbed into your hair. In addition, the olive oil should not contain any chemicals or other additives. A good olive oil is, for example, that of Aromatika (here on Amazon). *

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Olive oil for hair: the best products

Not a fan of the oil in your hair? There are numerous hair care products that contain the valuable olive oil in a lower dose - from shampoo to care treatment. If you are looking for a cheap drugstore product, you can use the 'True Treasures' shampoo from Garnier (here at Amazon) *. It is suitable for daily hair washing.

If you want a really caring and high-quality product, the avocado and olive oil hair mask from Emergencia (here on Amazon) * could be something for you. This is supposed to make the hair super shiny and to give moisture to brittle hair.

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