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Chefket against “Fridays for Future”: save the climate only for white Germans

Rapper Chefket accuses the student movement of racism. She had asked him for a concert - and unloaded it again.

Likes to appear when he's not unloaded: Rapper Chefket on stage Photo: Imago-Images / Future Image

On May 24th, the “Fridays for Future” movement is planning global demonstrations against climate change. A number of benefit performances by artists are also planned on the sidelines of the protest in Berlin. Among other things, the rapper Chefket was asked, who as a live act was supposed to musically support the demands of the students. But nothing will come of it at first. On the contrary: The rapper accuses at least the Berlin section of “Fridays for Future” of being racist because they promptly unloaded him. But one after anonther.

On May 17, he was asked by the Berlin organizers by email to replace an artist - as part of a globally organized one Friday for Future- The demonstration, which will take place on Friday in the square in front of the Brandenburg Gate, announced Chefket in a video story that he published on his Instagram channel on Monday.

On May 19, his participation was confirmed, the artist told the taz. Chefket was unloaded again the following day by the organizers of the Fridays for Future. The Berlin organization justified this against him with a violation of “their ethical values”, specifically his feature with the gangsta rapper Xatar and other artists from 2015 was mentioned.

So Chefket, whose real name is Şevket Dirican, is now venturing out on Instagram, and he describes the climate change movement among schoolchildren as “White Days for Future”. And within a short period of time, there was a discussion on social media about how “white” the movement actually is.

Young and inexperienced

Does Chefket's discharge really give rise to an allegation of racism?

"The interesting thing about racism is that as long as you silently accept it, you feel excluded," says Chefket when asked by the taz. As soon as you talk about it, however, you no longer feel lonely and only then notice how many people are affected by it.

The movement Fridays for Future defends itself against this accusation with a public statement. “As young and inexperienced people”, according to the organizers, they learned from the “unfortunate incidents”. In preparation, four bands were asked for two timelines that Chefket was subsequently canceled with reference to "isolated concerns", was due to a misleading communication. The local group in Berlin had sought a conversation directly with the artist in order to dispel the allegations and apologized.

Chefket denies this to the taz. "There was a public statement in which my questions were pranced around and pushed around," said the artist. Bear in mind that Chefket's efforts Fridays for FutureMovement poisoned due to his collaboration with the Kurdish-German rapper Xatar, which dates back several years, but is now wiping Xatar himself away in his own Instagram story.

Check location in Berlin

Xatar comments on the efforts of the with “alles cool” and “Respect” Fridays for Future-Children, whom he nevertheless also calls "White Days for Future". Xatar finds the rejection of Chefket because of a common song "very disabled". And he announces that he wants to organize his own “fat charity event” very quickly: “I've already told my managers that. They should check a location in Berlin ”. The proceeds from ticket sales should go “completely and 100 percent” to “children's hospices, refugee homes and schools with many refugees”.

Xatar came to Germany as a child of refugees from Iran and already has experience in organizing charity events. In 2017 he opened an orphanage in Iraq, which he financed with nationwide benefit concerts.

So everything is fine? The Fridays for Future-Organizers promise improvement if you can believe their statement: “Structural racism is everywhere. The climate movement is certainly not free from it either, so we have to be self-critical. ”So it's good that Chefket has sparked a broad debate about racism with his video on Instagram, even in a left-wing movement. Would Chefket actually appear at the benefit concert of the rapper Xatar? "If my feature with Clueso does not violate its ethical values, I'm welcome," says Chefket zur taz.

Collaboration: Christopher Kammenhuber