What are the unexplained events worldwide

Looking back at the 2010s : The most important events of the past decade in 100 pictures

Actually it is an impossibility: to represent a whole decade, 120 months, 3,560 days in 100 pictures. Not even a picture a month. At a time when photos are available in abundance.

Racism, climate change, a lack of solidarity

But what do these images have in common once you have found them? To name the past decade, it is still too early for that.

Above all, the restlessness will be remembered; the impression of witnessing a turning point: the fear of social and political regression is there again. As a new mega-problem, climate change entered awareness.

What does hope do? Powerful international alliances have been formed against all of these threats. Young people who take to the streets for more climate protection, democratic movements who rebel against new and old autocrats. But see for yourself:

The year 2010:

Haiti is experiencing a historic disaster. Germany finished third at the Cape of Good Hope and the Arab Spring began in Tunisia.

At the January 20th at 4:53 pm local time in Haiti the earth. Over 300,000 people die and 1.85 million people become homeless. In addition to more than a billion in aid, the country will be canceled by the IMF from all debts amounting to 268 million euros. To this day, the disaster affects large parts of the country.

At the March, 20th breaks in Iceland Eyjafjallajokull out. The volcano spits clouds of ash into the sky for weeks. What follows is the greatest chaos in Europe's aviation history. For weeks, aircraft can only take off and land to a limited extent.

20th of April: The oil rig "Deepwater Horizon" of the oil company BP explodes. Eleven workers are killed. For months, oil ran out of the well into the Gulf of Mexico, causing the worst oil spill in history. The Justice Department fined $ 4.5 billion - the highest penalty ever for an environmental offense.

With the song "Satelite" wins Lena Meyer-Landrut at the May 29th the Eurovision Song Contest. The singer discovered by Stefan Raab had prevailed in the casting show "Our Star for Oslo".

At the 31. May Germany is temporarily without its highest government office. Federal President Horst Koehler has his resignation declared because of a controversial statement. The allegation that he advocates unconstitutional operations by the Bundeswehr to safeguard economic interests has no justification, he said.

June 2010: After the magical summer fairy tale of 2006, football Germany hopes to win the title this time. In South Africa Jogi Löw's team successfully fought their way to the semifinals, but in the semifinals the title dream burst again. As in 2008, Germany has to face the later World Champion Spain give 0: 1 defeated. Germany wins the game for 3rd place against Urugay 3-2 and calls bronze home.

At the 24th July disaster occurs in Duisburg. Incorrect planning occurs during the Love Parade a Mass panic, in which 21 people are killed and 541 people are injured, some seriously. By 2014, six survivors committed suicide due to post-traumatic stress disorder. It is the inglorious end of a great techno tradition. In February 2019 Criminal proceedings against six suspects from the city of Duisburg for good set - a clear misconduct could not be proven.

In the late summer of 2010, a book divides the nation. "Germany is abolishing itself - How we are putting our country at risk" by the former Berlin Senator for Finance Thilo Sarrazin, hits the market on August 30th, sparking a controversial debate about integration.

At the end of September, the protests about the construction project escalated Stuttgart 21. The state government wants to tear down the old train station and move it underground. The protester Dietrich Wagner is hit directly in the face by a water cannon. His fall becomes a symbol of the exaggerated Police violence of the conservative state government around Prime Minister Mappus. In 2011 the Green Winfried Kretschmann replaces the 58-year CDU reign.

In December the Arab spring. After a greengrocer set himself on fire in protest in Sidi Bouzid, thousands of people across the country take to the streets and protest against the authoritarian regime of President Ben Ali. The protests are spreading rapidly across the Arab world via social media. As a result of the riots that lasted for weeks, there are many dead and injured. On January 14th, dictator Ben Ali resigns and flees the country.

The year 2011:

In Egypt, President Mubarak has to resign. A cruel civil war begins in Syria. And a conspicuous caravan triggers the greatest crisis of the German security authorities.

The Arab Spring spreads from Tunisia across the entire Arab world. The Egyptians also take to the streets by the thousands and fight for them democratic reforms in their country. President Mubarak relies on the strength of his police state and acts with all severity against the demonstrators. Demonstrators wait week after week Tahrir Square in Cairo which has become a symbol of resistance. At the February 11th the pressure of the road becomes too great - Mubarak resigns.

At the February 17th also start in Libya Protests and demonstrations against rulers Muammar al-Gadafi. The country falls into chaos, parts of the power elite join the opposition. Civil war breaks out.
In March, the USA, France and Great Britain intervene in the conflict - Germany surprisingly abstained from the Security Council. It was not until October that Gadafi was tracked down by opposition activists in his hometown of Sirte and then killed. The exact circumstances of his death are still unclear.

2011 will continue to be dominated by Euro crisis. Heavily indebted Greece is awarded another aid program. The country is subject to a strict consolidation and privatization plan. The country is experiencing a serious political, financial and social crisis.

Already in March it comes in Syria to protests against the government of President Bashar al-Assad. The conflict escalates within a few weeks. Various groups are fighting for supremacy in the highly developed country. Several Millions of people are fleeing from violence. The United Nations estimates that up to 500,000 people perished in the civil war.

At the 1st March joins Federal Minister of Defense Karl-Theodor zu Guttenberg back. It was previously known that large parts of his doctoral thesis had been plagiarized. The CSU politician had denied this for weeks. The shooting star then withdraws completely from politics.

At the March 11 Japan is hit by an 8.9 seaquake. The subsequent tidal wave, in Japanese too Tsunami ("Big wave in the harbor"), hits the mainland with force. Already as a result of the strong quake, it comes to in the Fukushima-Daiichi nuclear power plant Meltdown. The event causes international consternation and increased skepticism about nuclear energy. Several countries, including Germany, decided on the basis of the events Phase out nuclear power.

At the 2.May American Special Forces feel the Islamist leader Osama bin Laden in Abbottabad in Pakistan and kill him. Bin Laden, who is believed to be behind the 9/11 attacks, has been the number one public enemy of the United States for years.

The "Atlantis" comes back from her last assignment. The US spaceship lands on 21 July at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida. This is the end of a long era in space travel. Obama had put the mission on hold for financial reasons.

At the July 23 all of Norway is in shock: The Neo-Nazi Andreas Breivik kills 69 people on Utöya Island. His victims are participants in a youth camp run by the Norwegian Social Democrats. Internationally, politicians of all camps condemn the act in the strongest possible terms. Breivik becomes too life imprisonment sentenced. Right-wing terrorists still refer to his act to this day.

As a police officer on November 4th control a suspicious caravan during a routine operation, they come under fire. A policewoman dies. Investigators later discover the bodies of neo-Nazis Uwe Mundlos and Uwe Böhnhardt in the trailer. For ten years the right-wing extremists had together with their partner Beate Zschäpe a total of 12 people murdered - without the authorities knowing about it. As a result of the investigation, it is clear that the security authorities for years Not followed up on indications.

The year 2012

The office of Federal President is developing into a hot seat. It's going to be Olympic in London and an Italian flexes his muscles in Warsaw. Hurricane Sandy devastates the east coast of the USA and the EU is awarded the Nobel Peace Prize.

It began with critical reports against him in the Bild newspaper. Then grabbed Federal President Christian Wulff to the phone and called Kai Diekmann personally. At the February 17th he explained his Resignation. It was the shortest term (17 months) of a Federal President in the history of the Federal Republic.

It looks very different with the Queen out. The regent celebrates her in February 70th anniversary of the throne.

At the March 18 becomes Joachim Gauck from the Federal Assembly to new Federal President elected. The former head of the Stasi records authority had already been proposed by the SPD in 2010. To this day he is the only German head of state who does not belong to any party.

As recently as May, airport manager Rainer Schwarz had tinted that the largest employer in East Germany would soon open. At this point it had long been clear that the Airport BER We will not be able to open due to inadequate cabling and the lack of a fire protection system. The June 3, 2012 is going to be a black day for the Berlin and Brandenburg state governments - and almost eight years later there is still no end in sight.

In the EM 2012 in Poland and Ukraine, Germany is once again one of the favorites. But again it is over in the semifinals. Mario Balotelli wets twice and then poses in an impressive pose.

Of July to August find the 30. Summer Olympics in London instead of. 10,520 athletes from 204 countries take part. The US leads the Medal table with 103 medals, followed by China and Great Britain. Germany reached sixth place.

At the October 27th rages Hurricane Sandy over the American east coast. With a diameter of almost 1,800 kilometers, the storm area is the largest ever measured in the Atlantic.

74 people die during the natural disaster, millions of households are without water and without electricity. For the first time in 27 years, the New York Stock Exchange has to close for security reasons.

in the December do the Egyptians agree on one new constitution from. The Muslim Brotherhood initially dominated the political field until the military took power again.

At the 10th of December the European Union gets the Nobel Peace Prize awarded. The EU was founded under the impression of World War II and was supposed to ensure peace and stability. With success, as 70 years of peace show.

The year 2013

While the pontiff is retiring, a new party sees the light of day in Germany. There is another coup in Egypt - and a young computer scientist from South Carolina is making himself the new public enemy number one.

On February 27, Joseph Ratzinger announced respectively Pope Benedict XVI its surprising retreat. The last time the pontiff voluntarily abdicated was a long time ago - in 1294 Pope Celestine V preferred to turn his back on Rome and live as a hermit again. His successor will be the Argentine Jose Mario Bergoglio, who takes the name Francis accepts. It is the first non-European to be appointed pontiff.

During 2013, the Islamic State increasing influence. The Salafist terrorist organization has meanwhile expanded its power to large parts of Iraq and Syria, which has been weakened by the civil war.

The April 14th will change the political system in Germany permanently. The founding party convention of the Alternative for Germany instead of. The party calls for an exit from the euro area and a return to the D-Mark.
Party founder and boss Bernd Lucke provokes early on with right-wing slogans and speaks of a “degenerate democracy”. Two years later he was kicked out by his party.

At the April 15th Shortly before three, two explosive devices detonated on the Boston marathon. Three people die and 264 are injured. The two brothers Jochar and Tamerlan Zarnajew engaged in a wild chase, where the older of the two brothers was killed. The other is currently on death row.

The political Coming to terms with the NSU scandal has begun. Sebastian Edathy (SPD), later suspected of possessing child pornography, heads the committee of inquiry into the failure of the security forces - and encounters silence and blackened, shredded or locked files. At the May 6th the court process begins in Munich against Beate Zschäpe and five other co-suspects. The process will take five years and fill a total of 1,200 files.

In 2013 the Long-distance bus transport in Germany liberalized. The Passenger Transport Act had long given the railway a privilege. The market is literally exploding, and the number of passengers will be down by the end of the year 173 percent gone up.

In the Turkey Resistance is formed against President Erdogan's increasingly authoritarian policies. in the Gezi Park in Istanbul discharge in June the protests as plans to build the park become known.

This news is shaking the world order: the former NSA employee Edward Snowden covers the comprehensive about the journalist Glenn Greenwald Monitoring the Internet by American intelligence services. With a lot of luck, Snowden can break away and flee to Russia. The scandal sparked a controversial international debate. That too The Chancellor's cell phone has been monitored. “Spying on friends, that's not possible!” Comments the head of government.

Egypt is not calming down over two years after the revolution. The democratic elected President Mursi will be on 3rd of July deposed and charged by a criminal court. The military takes power - everything stays the same.

The Bundestag election in the September 2013 is all about the diamond - the CDU achieved the best result under Angela Merkel with 41.5 percent. The AfD just fails to pass the five percent hurdle, as does the FDP, which is no longer represented in the Bundestag for the first time. The SPD can easily win and comes to 25.7 percent. Despite an arithmetical red-red-green majority, the party leadership opts for the second big coalition within ten years. A basic vote finally gives the go-ahead for Merkel III's cabinet.

in the December it comes on the Maidan in Kiev too severe Riots between pro-Russian separatists and pro-European Ukrainians. The conflict continues to heat up and civil war breaks out.

The year 2014

It's a terrible year for international aviation and a fantastic year for German football. While the humanitarian crisis in the Middle East is gradually making itself felt in Europe, the Monday walks begin in Dresden.

The world still seems to be in order in January. Presented at the Olympic Winter Games in Sochi Russia as a cosmopolitan and friendly host. Shortly thereafter, the Ukrainian Crimea peninsula occupied. A referendum confirms: the majority of the population want to belong to Russia.

At the 8th of March disappears one Boeing 777 of Malaysia Airlines without a trace from the radar. To date, the wreck and flight recorder have not been found. The 239 passengers were officially declared dead.

In June the Soccer World Cup in Brasil. On the fan mile, thousands of the German team, who confidently prevailed against Portugal, Ghana and the USA in their group, are looking forward to it. In the semifinals, the future world champion outclassed hosts Brazil 7-1. In minutes 23 to 29, the Brazilian defense collapsed completely and conceded four goals.

In the final in Rio it is 0-0 up to the 90th minute Mario Götze In the extension the ball volley into the goal and the whole of Germany breaks out in jubilation. In front of the Brandenburg Gate, the team and the fans celebrate the fourth star. Her winning slogan: "This is how the Germans go!" is not received with enthusiasm everywhere.

At the 17th July another plane crashes - and Malaysia Airlines is hit again. The Flight MH17 is shot down by a Russian Buk M1 missile. All 298 inmates die. Russia is experiencing one of its worst diplomatic crises, and the conflict in Ukraine threatens to escalate.

During the year, the area of ​​influence of the Islamic State further enlarged. The terrorist militia controls parts of Syria and Iraq. There are increasing reports of massacres against the civilian population, in particular the Yazidis are being driven out. Millions more people are on the run.

refugees from the Middle East are increasingly reaching mainland Europe. The migration movements will lead to repeated debates in Germany in the coming years.

At the 13.september is in Thuringia elected. For the first time in the history of the Federal Republic of Germany, the Left Party has appointed a Prime Minister. Bodo Ramelow comes to 28.2 percent and forms a red-red-green government.

In some West African states it breaks Ebola out. According to the WHO, over 28,000 people become infected with the virus, of the 11,316 at the epidemic to die.

At the end of the year, another event casts its shadow. The Islamophobic Pegida movement around the multiple criminal record Lutz Bachmann is founded. In Dresden, the center of the movement, several thousand people come to so-called Monday walks together.

The year 2015

Europe is being shaken by violent attacks. At the same time, the refugee crisis is reaching its climax. It is the Perhaps the most eventful section of the decade that will have a lasting impact on the course of the next few years.

The satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo will be on January 7th Victim of a brutal attack. Two al-Qaeda terrorists break into the publishing house and kill eleven people. All over the world people show solidarity with the staff of the magazine.

In Syria the city becomes Kobane of Kurdish militias freed. In the course of the year, Turkey also intervened in the conflict - and used the opportunity to attack the PKK as well.

The one suffering from depression Germanwings-Captain Andreas L. controls an Airbus A320 in the French Alps. All 150 passengers die.

The Refugee crisis has captured all of Europe. Hundreds of thousands flee from war, misery and poverty to prosperous Europe via the Balkan route and across the Mediterranean. In Germany you will first find out one Wave of solidarity.

But many do not survive the dangerous journey. At the September 2nd a ship crashed in the Mediterranean. The photo of the drowned two-year-old Alan Kurdi goes around the world.

"We make it" - a simple sentence that has been hotly debated all summer. Merkel allows refugees from Hungary to enter and is celebrated for it - and hostile.

From the September 18 is the head of the VW headquarters in Wolfsburg - the Diesel scandal begins. The group had an illegal one for years Shutdown device built into their diesel vehicles to meet legal emissions standards. It is a massive loss of image for the traditional German company and the entire economy itself.

Again, Paris is the target of the Islamist attack terrorism. At the November 13th several locations are attacked in a coordinated manner. 130 people die, 683 are injured. French President Hollande speaks of an act of war.

That was 2015 warmest year on record - The international community therefore agrees in the Paris climate treatyto limit global warming to a maximum of 1.5 degrees Celsius. Little has happened since then - the following years will be even warmer.

In the New Years Eve There are massive attacks by North African men on Cologne's Domplatte. It is the inglorious end of national solidarity with refugees. The mood in the country will shift noticeably in the coming months.

The year 2016

While the civil war rages on in Syria, there is a lot going on in Europe on a political level. In the United States, the impossible happens and a comedian's poem triggers a state crisis.

British musician David Bowie dies of cancer at the beginning of the year. His record, released just a few days ago "Blackstar" will be a great success. In Berlin, wives gather in front of Hauptstrasse 155 in Schöneberg to commemorate the all-round artist. Bowie had lived in Berlin for a long time in the 1970s.

In addition to Fidel Castro, Guido Westerwelle, Prince and many others, the writer and intellectual also dies Roger Willemsen in 2016.

An approximately 2.6 terabyte data leak brings am 3rd of April uncovered one of the greatest financial scandals in history. The Panama Papers expose systematic fraud of finance capital. The revelations were followed by several resignations and affairs in high political circles.

A "Libelous poem" of the satirist Jan Böhmermann triggers a serious diplomatic crisis. The addressed President Erdogan is not amused, the federal government intervenes with an unfortunate comment. Böhmermann is charged with libel of majesty. Shortly afterwards, the corresponding paragraph is removed from the German Criminal Code.

An event that changed the political world in Europe: On 23rd June the British vote surprisingly for that Leaving the European Union - Despite all the polls. Prime Minister Cameron resigns, Theresa May takes over and has the thankless task of negotiating a deal for which there is no majority in parliament.

In Turkey it comes on the night of 15th of July to a Coup, which President Erdogan has put down with all his might. Thereupon a wave of political cleansing begins through the institutions of the country. Thousands of judges, prosecutors and civil servants are being dismissed as they are suspected of being Gulen movement to belong.

After more than 50 years of civil war, in Colombia finally peace. The FARC give up their weapons and regroup into a political party. For President Santos, it is the fulfillment of a lifelong dream.

Nobody, absolutely nobody, had thought it possible. But on the November 8th becomes Donald Trump President of the USA - and not Hillary Clinton, as all the polls had predicted. Liberal America is in shock.

At the 12th of December Assad's government troops move into the completely destroyed city of Aleppo a. Millions of people share in people's suffering under the hashtag #PrayforAleppo. Many civilians are killed in the military operation.

Islamist terrorism had stopped at Germany for years. At the 19. December A truck speeds into a Christmas market in Berlin Breitscheidplatz and kills 12 people.

The year 2017

After the politically difficult previous year, Europe is trying to regroup. A new movement is sweeping away the French socialists and in Germany the general election is initially causing a lot of headaches.

While everyone is dancing into the new year, an armed attacker invades the largest one Istanbul night club one and kills 37 people.

At the 27th of February becomes Deniz Yücel arrested in Istanbul on alleged terrorist propaganda. The correspondent for the newspaper "Die Welt" remained in prison for almost a year, and Germany's diplomatic efforts failed. The incident is a temporary low point in relations between Germany and Turkey.

Martin Schulz will be on 19.3. with 100 percent for Top candidates of the SPD elected. As a result, the SPD shot up in surveys, the AfD slipped to seven percent. Tactical mistakes and bad election campaign management stop the "Schulzzug" before it has really started. In the end it will not a good year for social democracy.

The French can tell you a thing or two about that. The new movement "En Marche" of the former socialist Emmanuel Macron pulverizes the French left. The young, reform-minded politician wins the elections from April 19th and becomes president.

Donald Trump's policy in the first year is above all one thing: unpredictable. The President announces on June 1st on, from the Get out of the Paris climate agreement. He himself does not believe in man-made climate change.

For gays and lesbians this is June 30th a historic day. The Bundestag resolves the in a free vote Marriage for all. Almost all parliamentary groups agree to the proposal - except for large parts of the CDU.

Beginning July begins the G20 summit in Hamburg. It will be the largest police operation in the history of the Federal Republic of Germany. The police use massive violence against the demonstrators, the demonstrators in turn react with violence. Within a few days, chaos ravaged the Hanseatic city. Mayor Scholz later said that there was no police violence.

The Bundestag election on September 24th is historical in many ways. CDU and SPD are losing massive votes. With the AfD, a right-wing extremist party is entering the Bundestag for the first time. The FDP succeeds in re-entry. A GroKo was by the SPD locked out.

Start in early October Catalonia the protests against the Spanish central government. The separatists around Carles Puigdemont are calling for the region's independence. This is followed by an illegal referendum and intervention by the Spanish Civil Guard.

"It is better not to govern than to govern wrongly." With these words, FDP leader Christian Lindner ended on November 19th the Jamaica negotiations between CDU, Greens and the FDP. The rejection of the SPD to the GroKo is crumbling. At the end of the year, both parties start coalition negotiations.

The year 2018

Germany tries to counteract the political crises abroad with another Groko. In the summer a never-ending period of drought lies over the country and a duplicate of the American president comes to power in South America.

At the turn of the year it comes in Iran riots and again Protests. It is the largest demonstration against Hassan Rouhani's government in almost ten years.

“Opposition and rejection of the grand coalition without any back door!” That was the motto of the in September SPD. Half a year later she surprisingly finds herself again in one Grand coalition again. The voting results of the base are clear, but the SPD base is seething.

The youth of the party in particular are taking to the barricades and separating themselves more and more from the party executive. Juso boss Kevin Kühnert goes on an extensive NoGroko tour - and shakes up the long-established political scene.