Regret getting a golden retriever

Starting with the stud fees, through the medical care of the mother and the little ones, to the high-quality feed, which guarantees an optimal basic supply. Not counting diseases from which even the most responsible breeder is not immune. A business can therefore hardly be made with the sale of the animals! If young animals are offered at strikingly low prices, it can be assumed that this is only possible if their physical and mental needs are grossly disregarded.

Only those who produce cheaply can also sell cheaply!

The animals pay the price in the first place! But even the new owners rarely get away with it cheaply. The only ones who come out of the deal satisfied are unscrupulous profiteers who not only benefit from the sale but have also made room for new goods.

But enough of the prehistory.

What does dog breeding mean to us?

Our Dolli "of Golden Moonlight" and also our Apoll "from the golden Nugget Ranch" are at the perfect age to have puppies. You could already see our costs for healthy dogs and puppies from the text above.

In the event of problems or incidents with you (including your family), we will of course take our dogs back in an emergency. Even after our puppies have been sold, we want to maintain a good connection between parent animals and puppies as well as between us and buyers. Of course, only if you so wish.

Now about our price: The costs for our puppies are always different and depend on several factors. Before you find out an exact price from us, we would like you to take a close look at our breed, our dogs and of course the puppies beforehand. Of course, you can also tell us your asking price. Remember, however, that you are getting a healthy puppy from highly awarded and excellent thoroughbred HD- and ED-free, perfectly healthy parents.

The exhibitions all over Germany as well as all examinations, x-rays, only high-quality breeding feed and all the countless costs that amount to several thousand euros, of course, cannot be covered with one litter of puppies (they shouldn't).

We also offer the following service:

All puppies that have been purchased from us get a reduced price if they go on vacation, are sick or need day care in our guesthouse.

We also offer a dog school or dog training. However, this is only possible with us as one-to-one tuition. Because everything else you see in your environment, e.g. training in whole groups, is just money cutting and brings you and your dog no success in terms of education or obedience.

We hope we could inspire you for a puppy of our litter and hope to hear from you soon.

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