What is the Amazon Affiliate Commission

This is how you earn money with the Amazon affiliate program

Amazon is the most successful marketplace in the world. The company generated worldwide sales of approximately $ 280.5 billion last year. Of this around 22.2 billion US dollars in Germany alone. Amazon offers its customers a limitless variety of products and there is hardly anything that cannot be found on Amazon. From books, music and fashion to kitchen and electronic items, you can find everything here.
With AmazonPrime, the internet giant even offers its own streaming service and entered the grocery delivery service with AmazonFresh in 2017. Affiliates also benefit from the great brand awareness, global reach and enormous variety of products. We will introduce you to Amazon's "PartnerNet" in more detail and tell you how you can earn money with it.

1. What are the advantages and disadvantages of the Amazon affiliate program?

Why should you register as an affiliate with the Amazon partner program? We would like to introduce you to the advantages and disadvantages:

1.1. Advantages:

1.2. Disadvantage:

  • No direct contact person
  • Short cookie runtime of 24 hours
  • Choice of products may be difficult
  • Strict guidelines for partners

2. How much commission can you earn?

You can use up to 12.00% commission to earn.

This varies depending on the category. In the area of ​​televisions, smartphones and tablets, for example, it is 1.00% high. In the fashion area you can earn up to 12.00%.

3. How do I register for the Amazon Affiliate Program?

As with most programs, signing up for the affiliate program is not complicated. Important: The Amazon partner program has particularly strict guidelines. Those who do not adhere to these can be quickly removed from the affiliate program. Every affiliate should read the requirements for participating in the Amazon EU partner program carefully in advance. For example, own sells are prohibited. The insertion of affiliate links, widgets or banners in pop-ups is also not permitted.

3.1 How to register:

Our tip: Amazon's partner program “PartnerNet” is not only available on the PC. If you download the app, you can manage your account perfectly using your smartphone. For those who do not want to install the app, Amazon also optimized “PartnerNet” for mobile devices two years ago.

4. What advertising material is there in PartnerNet?

The Amazon partner program offers different options for integrating the partner links.

4.1. Integration via SiteStripe

With the SiteStripe tool, you can create a partner link directly from every page and include it on your page. You can choose between text, image or image + text.

4.2. Integration of partner links

You can search for your products from the entire Amazon catalog and create individual product links.

4.3. Integration of banners

Amazon regularly provides banners that you can include on your website.

4.4. Other advertising media

As a partner of Amazon you also have access to shop pages that you can advertise or you can integrate widgets on your page.

5. Which statistics does the Amazon partner program provide?

As a partner, you have access to your income overview, in which you can see all advertising cost reimbursements and premiums. You can download all reports. In the graduated performance overview, your current level is shown in the respective categories.

6. Our tips

  • Offer your visitors added value with your site and incorporate thematically appropriate products from Amazon.
  • Be authentic and stand out from the crowd.
  • Analyze your website regularly with the statistics. This is how you can find out which products are particularly successful.
  • Watch out for links that no longer work and remove them from your site.
  • Mobile first: Make sure that your integrated advertising material also looks flawless on mobile devices.


With the Amazon partner program, affiliates have an absolute market leader as their partner and, if they do it right, can earn high commissions with it. But be sure to follow the guidelines of the global online giant. Installing the in-house app also helps to keep an overview everywhere. Otherwise, the same applies to a partnership with Amazon as to everyone else: The authenticity of a website and the added value that it offers its users are decisive for success. With the help of search engine optimization, additional traffic can be generated. Because of its popularity and variety of products, Amazon is a great partner who should be included in the repertoire of every affiliate.