Why is salad healthier than soup

Soups - tasty, light and healthy

They know the recommendations for a healthy diet: Eat lots of vegetables, salad and fruit - preferably five servings or 400 grams a day. Easily said when things have to be done quickly in everyday life. Then also cook with vegetables, that seems too time-consuming for many. They prefer to grab ready meals or canned soups in the supermarket to quickly bring something to the table in the evening. However, this is not always beneficial, neither for your health nor for your figure.

The nutrition expert Friedrich Bohlmann knows about such problems and has developed simple, yet imaginative solutions for them. This includes, for example, his recipes for winter soups, which you can vary to suit every season.

The soups not only taste delicious, they also fill you up and still have few calories. So if you want to have a full meal in the evening without burdening your stomach, you have the perfect dishes here. Losing weight healthily and permanently is also easier if you can enjoy it without a guilty conscience. And the time required? Almost all soups are prepared in less than half an hour and none has more than 270 kilocalories.

Try the varied slimming recipes. You will be surprised how easy it is to cook healthy and tasty without butter and cream, with lots of vegetables and fruits.

The recipes:

Soup recipes: cream soup with salmon

For four people: 2 bunches of dill, 100 g smoked salmon, 800 ml poultry stock, 200 g cream cheese (0.2% fat), ...

Soup recipes: duet of carrot and vegetable soup

For four people: For the carrot soup: 300 g pumpkin (net, approx. 400 g gross weight), 500 ml ...

Soup recipes: turnip coconut cream with paprika and walnut gremolata

For four people: 2 tbsp finely chopped walnuts, 1 clove of garlic, 1 organic lemon, 300 g turnip, 2 ...

The recipes:

Soup recipes: colorful bean pot

For four people: 75 g white beans, 75 g quail beans, 200 g chicken breast or beef shoulder, 750 ml ...

Soup recipes: fruit soup with berries and cherries

For four people: 1 kg of berries and cherries, 300 ml of elderberry juice, 300 ml of grape juice, 1 ...