Chinese people eat mice

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Chinese live mice

First the little mouse is dipped in soy sauce, then devoured alive! What looks like a horror video is a disgusting reality in some restaurants in China.

Only a few days in the world, the mice first land on the plate, then in hungry mouths. The tiny rodents are still blind, hardly a hair grows on their pink skin - and their bones are still soft.

And that is precisely why they are - as hideous as it sounds - particularly suitable for consumption. According to the Daily Mail, however, the dish is not widespread.

Not only the sight of the pictures, also the macabre name of the dish makes you shudder: “Three screams”.

The first time the mice squeak when they are taken between the chopsticks. The second time they're dipped in the sauce. The final scream finally sounds when the eater stuffs the living rodent in his mouth and devours it.

As reported by "", the meal is actually no longer allowed to be served, but it can still be found on some menus. That disgusts many Chinese.

A video in which a young Chinese man eats a mouse and which is circulating on the “Miaopai” platform received harsh reactions, according to the “Daily Mail”. In their comments, many users expressed their anger at this barbaric treatment of the animals.

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