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Career choice test - which occupation suits me?

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Have you now reached a grade where you are already thinking about your professional future? Or are you the wait-and-see type and don't really want to know anything about this topic yet? No matter how it is. You will go through the phase of professional orientation. Keep your goal in mind that once you have graduated from school, you can start your career seamlessly, be it through training or studying. For you, therefore, everything revolves around the one question: which profession suits me? You will find that the path to your dream job can be really exciting, but it can also be exhausting. You must always be aware that the choice you are making now is a decision that will affect your whole life. But what is the best way to start your career choice mission? In the first step, you should think about what wishes you have and what you want to achieve later. Do you love variety or do you need more solid structures? Do you like to work according to precise specifications or would you like to contribute your own ideas? Are career and advancement opportunities important to you? Are you dreaming of your own company? And how do you imagine your private life? If you have found your personal answers to this, then it can go on. The next step is: getting to know professions.

It may be that at the daycare age, for example, princesses are the girls 'dream jobs or astronauts are the boys' dream jobs. But the reality is of course very different. Whether in industry, in handicrafts, in agriculture, in the service sector or in health and social services, the world of work is more diverse than ever before. And with that you have a lot of professional opportunities! There are almost 350 apprenticeships in Germany and actually 19,000 fields of study for direct study and dual study. Every single profession has its typical focus areas and requirements. The type and duration of the training is important and you should also know about future employment and advancement opportunities. You can find information on this, for example, at training fairs, in the BiZ of the employment agencies, at project days at your school, in discussions with adults or during an internship in a company. Or you use FIND PERSPECTIVES. Our apprenticeship magazines and our online portal show you the world of professions and the regional variety of apprenticeships. Apprentices have their say and share their experiences with you. And at the same time you will find lots of useful tips about applications and job interviews. With many search functions and links, we enable you to use it clearly and easily. So you can expand your knowledge and then tackle the next step.

Find your dream job with our career choice test.

In the meantime you have dealt with your personal goals and you know different professional fields. Now you “only” have to find out how the two go together best. And that's where your strengths come into play. Our free career choice test, one could also call it a job check or interest test, will help you with this. You will deal with yourself in the form of 26 questions. You will be encouraged to think about your abilities and maybe you will only really become aware of one or the other aspect. The possible answers are not just YES or NO. Rather, you give your answers in the form of values ​​with 6 levels between “I do not agree” and “I fully agree”. These are compared with the individual job profiles and as a result you will receive offers from apprenticeships that might suit you. These are of course not binding, but rather should be viewed as a proposal. You are also welcome to repeat the test. This increases the accuracy. Once you have finally found a job that you like, you can read all the important things in the job description again. Above all, however, you will also find a suitable training company in your area in our training exchange. As you can see, your dream job is not far away and you have your future in your own hands. So just take a little time and above all: take it seriously! Quickly click through to finish - that doesn't help. We wish you good luck!