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Self-made spring hammer

Re: Self-made spring hammer

by Gorden on 07/13/2017 21:34

Hello fellow colleagues!!

Thank you for the praise!! The joints are simple. The upper / longer flapping arms are double-walled. Inner clearance is 21mm. There are 3 sockets for the distance. The joint is simply a bolt with dm = 20mm. All 6 Bolozen are the same, also the two at the bottom of the bear. Axially secured with a bracket and a small M8 screwdriver. However, this bracket is screwed to the bolt with a screw, you can of course only see the screw head. That's why it looks a bit filigree ...
The rest is completely screwed. Everything with screws M12 8.8.
The mix of materials is not that bad ... Actually everything from S235 vlg. St37, a few things from S355 vlg. St52.
Bolt and bear are made of 42CrMo4 ... that's where most of the music plays ...
The pairings were also chosen so that they neither tend to knock out nor to get stuck.
The eccentric disc (The UFO in Anthazith) is a good example. There are, for example, 2 radial deep groove ball bearings and more stringent fits.

You won't believe me now, but there is actually a blueprint. At least the individual part drawings and a few assemblies. To be honest, it was my mechanical engineering foreman project. So I had to do all the drawings ...

Does anyone have an idea how I can get a video in there ?!

Greetings from the south of Austria