How to justify being a vegetarian

Why are you (not) a vegetarian?

"As long as I can still bite the schnitzel and don't have to suck it ..." is just one of the arguments against being a vegetarian. References to human nutritional history are another reason. And then, of course, there are the health risks of malnutrition that one can fear when following a vegan diet.

Strangely enough, health is also an argument that vegans and vegetarians like to use to justify their own diet. However, animal welfare is the most important reason. This is shown by a Statista study from 2017, in which 47 percent of people who eat a meatless diet gave reports on factory farming for this decision.

The ease of cutting

It is also exciting that many do not even think about a vegan or vegetarian diet because it is far too complicated for them, while in the above study 91.7 percent of the vegetarians and vegans surveyed said that they find this diet easy.

Environmental protection on the one hand is opposed to economic interests on the other. Meat eaters fear for the mountain farmers and the loss of cultivated land.

decision making

But at this point it's not about what the others think. We want to know which arguments are most relevant to you. If you have made it this far in the text, we assume that you have already dealt intensively with the topic.

Would you find it difficult to go without meat regularly or all the time? Do you like meat substitute products? Have you tried these before? Are you trying to convince others of your diet? Above all, the six percent vegetarians and vegans are said to be quite relentless here from time to time. How do you deal with dinner invitations when you know that there is (no) meat against your will? Do you avoid certain places? Or do you also dare to go to the dining hall of the other faction?

Where the end is

Of course, we would also be interested in which arguments do not go down well with you, which prejudices you can no longer hear and at what point the oven is finally out for you and the Kuchl stays cold. (Guido Gluschitsch, 10.1.2020)