How is MS in MIS in Germany

Business PF - Faculty of Economics and Law

The Pforzheim University has the largest proportion of international students in Germany, has extensive academic relationships with universities and organizations all over the world and cooperates with internationally renowned companies.

Our course content is international from the start. The internationality is ensured by:

  • the orientation of the teaching content
  • the bilingual teaching concept (German / English)
  • the composition of the group of students
  • cooperation with international partner universities

Examples of cooperation with international universities: Joint case study processing with student project teams from Chico State University in California and the Canadian University of HEC Montreal as part of the English-language event "Business Process Management".

In projects, project management is trained at an early stage and social skills are imparted. The project teams consist of students from different nations. In this way, in addition to intensifying language skills, early experience can be gained in working with people who come from other cultures.

Of course, our students also have the option of visiting a foreign partner university a voluntary semester abroad to visit in combination with a "Learning Agreement". You can find more information on this on the website of our International Office.