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Our range of sales training for your success

The value of a company is measured by its success. The cornerstone of this success is an excellent product. However, a product can only excel if it has a clear position in the market. In order to place your product effectively and sustainably on the market, you need an excellent sales or distribution organization.

We at alexander verweyen BUSINESS CONSULTANTS are convinced, based on decades of experience in the field of sales training, that we can give you a decisive advantage over your competitors.

In order to achieve this goal, we build on conviction, experience and the resulting efficiency in our sales training. Of course, always against the background of the practical implementation.

In sales it depends on the moment

In hardly any other area do so many design options in such a compact space play a decisive role as in sales talks. This is where it is decided whether your sales management is effective or not.

Sales strategy, sales process, sales organization and sales communication are elementary courses for your success.

Sales training as an investment in your employees

With our Sales training we offer you the opportunity innovative and effectively invest in your sales force. To give you a chance not only to improve yourself, but to rebuild the strategy of your sales pitches on a fresh, well-founded framework. We offer you this framework, and much more, in our sales training.

Why should I give my employees sales training?

We want to show your employees how they can actively use their existing, individual potential in order to demonstrably increase your personal success and thus that of the company.

Our training courses are aimed primarily at salespeople, customer advisors, sales reps, sales agents and account managers. These positions are of crucial importance when it comes to convincing the customer of a product or service.

Individual sales training for individual challenges

There is no one universal strategy, tactic or method for all companies. Anyone who promises such a “magic solution” to their participants is exaggerating or has not understood the market.

Every business model and every product is different, however similar they may seem.

The adjusting screws are turned a little differently each time and require an individual solution.

That is perhaps our most important concern: We guarantee all of our customers a sales training that corresponds exactly to their market situation and the specific requirements of their company.

We take the time to reveal your personal success factors and put them in the foreground.

Concept creation

Use the experience of alexander verweyen BUSINESS CONSULTANTS and get involved individual concept work out.

Your sales training: Individual analysis for individual solutions

In order to set up sales training in this way, of course, you need a precise analysis of your business model. First of all, this includes the size of your company, the target group on the market, the special features of your product and your current market share. Then we decide together with you on the right selection of the right training content and formats.

The right sales training

Whether complaint management, acquisition, top level selling or a special format for the Chinese market. alexander verweyen BUSINESS CONSULTANTS has a suitable sales training course for every sales-relevant area.

In each of these training courses we focus on professional preparation, implementation and follow-up of the sales talks. This creates the closest possible approximation to the desired and sustainable success of your sales organization.

Sales training is dying out

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We are happy to support and advise you in planning your sales training!

Comprehensive advice for your sales training

As you can see, our aim is to evaluate your personal business model in the best possible way and then to work out which details require improvement. In this way, we can offer each of our participants an individual solution for their problems and possibly show them some critical areas first.

To make this possible, we of course also take “hard factors” into account in our sales and distribution training.

These include the digital transformation in sales (e.g. the use of tablets), changes through multi-channel sales (synchronization of communication), the fastest possible reactions to increasingly complex customer inquiries (with simultaneous specialization), offer transparency / price pressure (from the Internet) or liability risks in sales (keyword customer compliance).

Instead of rushing to implement a training measure, we want to introduce our participants to the three crucial KPIs through professional preparation:

The optimal sales training

The optimal sales training takes into account and differentiates these parameters. For this reason, the influence of our trainings on your operational result is measurable and understandable. Because it is clearly defined which points should be improved.

Thus you can convince yourself of the positive influence of our measures on your company.

The four steps of a sales process (simplified)

Our sales training offers you innovative approaches to the sales process

We're already busy not for a long time only with classic sales strategies and methods, but try constantly new aspects in our Trainings to flow in. We also use it for this sociological and psychological studies and investigations.

In recent years, the following topics have played an increasingly important role in our sales training:

  • Neuroscience: Our aim here is to understand people in their fundamental nature and to be able to conclude from them how and why decisions are made. In the abstract, buying a product is nothing more than a decision. Through our knowledge in this area, we can enable our participants to anticipate the decisions of the customer and to influence them in a positive way.
  • Customer typology: Understanding and mastering the different types of customers makes effective relationship management a lot easier. Because our participants will learn how to reach people more efficiently and successfully.
  • Mindfulness and Authenticity: These two terms represent important key factors in sustainable and successful sales. Because our participants will be able to show the customer honest and thus convincing appreciation, despite time and performance pressure. Essential for everyone who wants to sell successfully today. We are convinced of that.
  • Mental fitness: Too little commitment and too much ambition are dangerous for success in sales. In order to be able to conduct sales discussions with fun and motivation, an important balance is required, which generates the necessary strength and energy for this hectic industry. In this way, the will to succeed is kept in healthy and appropriate channels and does not run the risk of weakening your employees.

Important basic consideration for the training: The Lorenz stairs

Our sales training: We only win when you win

This sustainable way of working is our most important claim.

Everything else is derived from it and must produce a noticeable output for you. Only in this way can our self-image persist in the long term:

To represent a real partner in sales excellence for your company

This is the path that Alexander Verweyen has been successfully following for more than 25 years.

We look forward to working with you to develop the perfect and tailor-made concept for your personal needs. Get an overview of our services. All of our formats are designed in such a way that they can be used universally with any content.

Content and training format always go hand in hand.

Your sales training needs are our orientation

Industries, markets and business models differ. And so the tools that your employees need to further establish your company and to position your product even more efficiently on the market also differ.
A retail employee will always have a different starting point than a key account manager. It is important to understand this and implement it in sales training.

Effective sales training

This is the only way we can work effectively on your company culture, your structures (more on structures: Wikipedia sales pitch), your strategies and your target group. Because that is what sets your company apart. Your unique corporate identity is an extremely important level for us and of course flows into all of our training courses, which is crucial for success. In this way, at the end of the day, a measure can be taken that covers your needs 100%.

Due to the high practical relevance of our sales training, the participants can not only understand and learn our procedures quickly, but also know how to use them skillfully and in a targeted manner. Regardless of whether you are an experienced sales professional or non-sales representative, we will have the right tools at hand.

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