Why is internet speed good in Korea

Korea: Where even 100 Mbit / s is only "average"

South Korea is considered to be the best networked country on earth. Many households have fiber optic connections that offer transfer speeds that many German surfers can only dream of. But even in the land of super-fast Internet connections, customers are not always satisfied with their provider. Most South Koreans only describe the quality of their broadband connection as "average", according to the telecommunications regulator KCC, even if they are connected to the Internet faster than most other users. Even in Korea, the providers cannot actually deliver the advertised speed.

As in Germany, the providers advertise their connections at the highest possible speed, even if for technical reasons the full capacity can never be offered. According to the KCC, the connections from the provider LG Powercomm achieved 91 megabits per second, the highest value of all providers of 100 Mbit / s connections.

However, the average is far below. With 46 Mbit / s it is even less than half of the advertised 100 Mbit / s. The KCC now demands from the providers that they inform their customers better about the limits of their broadband connections. This should make it easier for customers to find the service of their choice. In addition, it is hoped that this will increase competition, which should lead to a general improvement in service.

In South Korea, seven large fiber optic network operators currently serve over 15 million residential customers.

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