What are some raw fruit recipes

Raw food diet

What is the raw food diet?

The raw food diet is a form of nutrition in which you only eat uncooked and therefore natural foods. Raw food is understood to be vegetable as well as animal products that are not heated.

The raw food recipes can be vegan, vegetarian or rarely with meat and fish. So you can use all types of fruit and most vegetables, oils, as well as nuts, seeds and kernels. Depending on your taste, you can also eat meat as tartare or fish as sushi or sashimi from time to time.

Eating them raw does not destroy the nutrients in fruit, vegetables and the like and can therefore be better utilized by the body. Since the raw foods are low in calories and fill you up well, there is no annoying calorie counting with the raw food diet. You decide when you are full.

What do I need to pay attention for?

Everything that has been baked, boiled or fried is now taboo. Because the food was heated up and no longer meets the requirements of the diet. You also have to remove a few types of vegetables from your menu, as they can be inedible or even poisonous when raw.

That goes for potatoes, green beans, and rhubarb. Mushrooms (with the exception of mushrooms) must not be eaten raw either. Also make sure to eat a varied diet from the wide range of foods in order to provide your body with all the necessary nutrients. Otherwise deficiency symptoms can easily occur.

  • When you eat plant-based foods raw, their vitamin content is highest.
  • The diet is suitable for everyday use and is easy to carry out. There are plenty of soups, salads, smoothies and vegetable sticks.
  • If you follow our tips and eat a varied diet, this form of nutrition is very healthy.
  • The permitted vegetables, fruits, nuts and the healthy fats in the oil have a detoxifying and dehydrating effect on your body.
  • The raw food diet can initially lead to gas, diarrhea and / or constipation. Therefore always drink enough!
  • If the diet is too one-sided, physical deficiency symptoms can occur.

Recipe ideas: Enjoyable through the day with raw vegetables

In the morning


in the evening

Snacks for in between


Season raw vegetables properly

In raw food recipes there are neither roasted aromas nor a brew that arises from long cooking. That is why it is important that to properly season raw dishes. In this way you bring a lot of taste to your raw food.

Nuts, kernels & Co.

Whether walnut, almond, pistachio, hazelnut or peanut, the unmistakable aroma and the valuable oils these nibbles enrich, season and refine.

Oils & vinegars

Cold pressed oils from sweet hazelnut oil to grassy aromatic olive oil support the natural aroma of the ingredients and are simply delicious! When it comes to vinegar, you should decide for yourself whether you use the really raw apple cider vinegar or the not strictly raw, but delicate other varieties.

Herbs & Flowers

Spicy, refreshing, peppery, sour and even sweet: herbs are little flavor bombs, healthy and appetizing. And the flowers of nasturtiums or zucchini, chives, borage, sage or daisies not only conjure up splashes of color on the plate, but also surprise with their fine aroma.

Citrus fruits

Limes, lemons, oranges and grapefruits not only give flavor. you "cook" with their acidity Fish and meat in a light, refreshing way. And they refine dressings and marinades, salads and pickled vegetables.

Garlic, chilli & Co.

The fruity heat of chillies harmonizes wonderfully with savory and sweet partners. Finely grate young fresh garlic and gingerdose as carefully as possible, depending on your taste. Many mushrooms, from boletus to morels to king oyster mushrooms, can be dried very well and are then easy to digest. Crushed with a nutmeg grater and mixed with salt, it makes a wonderful seasoning salt.


Real honey from the beekeeper is not heat treated. Dates are dried under the scorching sun. And the roasted, broken cocoa beans (cocoa nibs) taste incredibly chocolaty.

Kitchen gadgets for raw recipes

These utensils make raw cooking quick and easy. If you always have them to hand, the preparation is done even faster.