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Confusing corona rules at Lake Phoenix: Eating ice cream is getting complicated

The only exceptions to the mask requirement apply to children up to school age and people who are exempt for medical reasons and who can also prove this with a medical certificate. According to the rules of the city of Dortmund, cyclists and scooter riders are also allowed to do without mouth and nose protection.

Confusing different time regulations

For everyone else, the mask requirement applies on all days, including Good Friday and Easter. The time regulations around the lake are not uniform. In the harbor area on the harbor and quay promenade there is a mask requirement from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m., on the paths beyond the castle and harbor basin only between 12 p.m. and 6 p.m.

Since it gets really full again at Lake Phoenix from late afternoon until late in the evening, one can argue about the usefulness of this time limit.

Ice cream parlors, bakeries and snacks with drinks and food to take away are particularly attractive around the harbor basin. However, customers are not allowed to consume it there, because until 8 p.m. the quay and harbor promenade as well as Rudolf-Platte-Weg and the square in front of the castle are taboo for a sip of coffee, ice cream or french fries, because the mask must be removed would have to.

Eating and drinking is permitted on the other side of the path

Hungry and thirsty visitors to the lake are left with a quick sprint to the meadows and benches on the other side of the path. There, the mask can be removed in compliance with the distance rules in order to take something, as city press spokesman Christian Schön explains.

The city announces that the municipal security service and the field service of the "Taskforce Corona" will be out in the city every day to check compliance with the rules. Security services are also expected to do their rounds at Lake Phoenix.

City press spokesman Christian Schön advises avoiding hotspots such as Lake Phoenix on public holidays. As an alternative, Schön recommends the nearby Phoenix West site, where there is an extensive network of paths.