How do you make peace with death

As you begin to prepare for your death, you can find deep inner peace.

Most of us consistently suppress all thoughts of our own death. We would much rather behave as if we had all the time in the world. Instead of listening carefully to our inner voice, following our true goals in life and spending our lifetime with the people who are important to us, we postpone the decisions and encounters that are essential for our life into the future - until one day it is too late.

In the protected setting of the seminar you will encounter all the thoughts and feelings that you associate with your dying and your death. Confronting the finiteness of your life can reveal your innermost wishes for life. You can clarify interpersonal relationships and learn who or what really matters in your life.

After the resurrection you will return home with a deep, inner peace, trust in life and a newfound clarity - ready to live your interpersonal relationships openly and honestly and to set the course for your life anew.

This one-week intensive seminar is open to everyone who has completed the basic seminar “The Hero's Journey”.

The goals

What the seminar can achieve

Former participants report that they feel more liberated, more peaceful and clearer after the seminar. Through the experience of letting go, they became aware that holding on to supposed security is closely linked to a chronic fear of an authentic life.

Today, many find it easier to make concrete decisions and to trust the flow of life. You can show your affection to important people immediately, enjoy life to the fullest, and set priorities so that it feels right on all levels.

The seminar can help you:

  • To organize your life and recognize the essentials in order to shape your future more freely
  • Learning to let go by becoming aware of unnecessary clinging to things, concepts, and behaviors
  • To clarify unfinished business with other people in order to then live interpersonal relationships in a new and more intense way
  • To feel your love for people who are important to you and for life
  • To free yourself from deep-seated fears so that you can go through life with more ease and joy
  • To know what remains after you've let go of everything

Death and resurrection

Structure and implementation of the seminar

Death is one of the greatest taboo subjects in our society. Most of us suppress it in order to be able to continue our daily grind in the usual way. If we were to face our impermanence with all openness, we would have to question a lot of what we do. Because of the fear of questioning certainties and comforts, we suppress thoughts of death. We avoid being honest, intense, and sincere - especially in our relationships.

Believing that we have all the time in the world, we postpone the decisions and encounters that are important for a fulfilling life until later. Ultimately, however, with every postponement we give away the chance to live the life that we actually want to live from our deepest inside now and here.

In the “Death and Resurrection” seminar, we will specifically interrupt this permanent postponement. The day of your death will suddenly appear in the room, very slowly but inevitably approaching. We pretend: first you have five days to live, then four, then three - and finally you will die.

Together with the other participants, you prepare for your approaching death in an imaginary process. You review your past life once again, complete unfinished business, say goodbye to hobbies, your longings and future wishes. You say goodbye to your friends, your partner and your children. You write your will, prepare your funeral ceremony, say goodbye one last time, and finally let go of your earthly body, breathe out one last time and die.

This quiet, mindful and loving process will inevitably lead you inside and it can free you on a deep level inside. The finitude before your eyes will make it clear to you who you are and what is really important in your life. You can see at which points in life you are clinging to supposed security, both ironically and unnecessarily. And you can let go of these old patterns on a deep level. In this way, an open, peaceful and calm space can arise in you. The resurrection phase will then be characterized by a mindful togetherness and a step-by-step return to life.

With a new inner attitude of deep trust and clarity you can return home at the end of the seminar - knowing that only you are responsible for aligning your relationships and your life according to your innermost desires.

The methods

How we work in the seminar

The seminar takes place in a protected atmosphere and in a small group of around 15 people. The group is accompanied and guided by at least two professional leaders who have been trained on a gestalt therapeutic basis.

The therapeutic concept of our seminars is based on the methods of humanistic psychology (gestalt therapy, bioenergetics). "Death and Resurrection" aims to give you a sense of inner coherence. In terms of methodology, the seminar goes far beyond imparting cognitive knowledge. Rather, it aims at a holistic experience that brings head, heart and stomach into harmony and should enable actual transformation.

In the seminar "Death and Resurrection" we work again and again with phases of silence that support you in devoting yourself to your dying process and the inner processes that take place without distraction.

We will work with different techniques that address the levels of mind, body and feeling alike. You are already familiar with some of these techniques from the hero's journey.

Some method examples:

  • Individual, partner and group exercises
  • Imagination exercises (fantasy journeys)
  • Meditations and mindfulness exercises
  • silence
  • Stagings, role plays and rituals
  • Body and gestalt work (dances, breathing exercises)

All you have to do is to get involved in the seminar "Death and Resurrection" - we will provide a protected space and will carefully accompany you on your way.

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