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Bluehost Review

I'm sure you've seen dozens, if not more, BlueHost reviews on the internet. A lot of these reviews talk about the same topics - BlueHost's unlimited hosting features, free domain offer, and 30-day money-back guarantee.

This is not one of those ratings.

My personal experience with BlueHost

In this review, a 15 year old BlueHost customer gave you a glimpse of server performance statistics all the way to the user dashboard demo.

I've been using the BlueHost shared hosting service since 2005. One of my first partner websites was hosted on a very old BlueHost plan called the BlueHost Platinum Pak, and I set up another BlueHost account in 2020 for a side project. I run speed tests and monitor the availability of BlueHost servers with tools I made myself. and share my firsthand experience of using the latest user control panel.

So if you are thinking about BlueHost this should be a good read! Let's dive in without wasting any more time.

About the BlueHost hosting

  • Headquarters: Burlington, Massachusetts, USA
  • Founded: 2003 by Matt Heaton and Danny Ashworth
  • Services: shared, VPS, dedicated and cloud hosting

A lot has changed since 2005: the company was sold to Endurance International Group (EIG) in 2010 - 2017 - 2018 a new design was released on BlueHost.com. The BlueHost shelf has been expanded to include new VPS and dedicated hosting plans, and sign-up prices have been reduced from $ 8.95 / month (2005) to $ 2.95 / month today.

What Does This BlueHost Review Include?




Pros: What I like about BlueHost Services

1. Excellent server performance: Average hosting availability over 99.95%

With the exception of 2013, there were two major network outages, BlueHost was very stable for me.

Overall, my websites hosted at BlueHost remain 99.98 - 2016% "high" in 2019. They rarely went out for more than 10 minutes.

I'm tracking the availability of BlueHost with Uptime Robots and a self-built system called HostScore. The following pictures show the results of the last 5 years. For the latest results check out this page where I publish the latest BlueHost performance data in beautiful graphs.

Current BlueHost Uptime Records

Previous uptime records

* Click to enlarge the image.

Jul 2018: 100%

Jun 2018: 99.99%

Mar 2018: 99.98%

Mar 2017: 99.99%

Jul 2016: 100%

Mar 2016: 100%

September, 2015: 100%

Apr 2015: 100%

Jan 2015: 99.97%


2. The speed of BlueHost is as expected

When it comes to server speed, BlueHost performance is what I expected. With an average TTFB (Time-To-First-Byte) of less than 200 ms - 600 ms * in the website test, BlueHost is rated "A" in most of the speed tests by WebpageTest.org.

Test results from the BlueHost website

BlueHost Bitcatcha speed test results


3. Recommended by WordPress.org

With over 20 years of experience, BlueHost has an established track record in the hosting industry and is well known among seasoned bloggers and website owners. This is further backed up by the fact that WordPress.org officially recommends them as one of the preferred web hosts for their platform.

Also, check out our list of cheap WordPress hosting.


4. Popular with bloggers and marketers

We've done a number of hosting user surveys in the past, and BlueHost is always one of the top recommendations from bloggers and marketers alike. Writers, marketers, and pro-bloggers like Lori Soard, Paul Crowe, Kevin Muldoon, and Sharon Hurley recommended hosting BlueHost.

BlueHost user feedback (from the WHSR survey)

We asked, "If you could only recommend one web host, who would it be?"

Lori Soard - Radio Personality, Author published, LoriSoard.com

For a first-time blogger, I would recommend BlueHost.

Although this hosting company gets a few mixed reviews, they are recommended by WordPress, one of the most popular blogging platforms out there. The hosting company also offers a WordPress auto-install, which makes setup quick and easy for someone with little web design experience. Unlimited storage and bandwidth transfer are nice additions too. Prices start at $ 4.95 / month (if you pay in advance), so it is for someone who tries things out too.

I also like the fact that beginners can assist 24/7 in a number of different ways (online, by phone, or by email).

Kevin Muldoon - Pro-Blogger, KevinMuldoon.com

First-time bloggers shouldn't use a lot of resources to start with.

For this reason, I would recommend a good shared hosting company like BlueHost. Once their website is generating more traffic, they can review their hosting requirements.

Sharon Hurley - Professional Web Writer, SharonHH.com

I have used 6 or 7 web hosting service providers over the past 5 years, including many of the popular shared hosting providers.

The one I keep coming back to is BlueHost, where I currently host more than ten domains. It's a great host for low to medium traffic websites and anything you want is easy to set up. I was impressed with their availability and the technical support department is extremely responsive and helpful if ever there is a problem.

Michael Hyatt - NY Times bestselling author, MichaelHyatt.com

If you use WordPress like I recommend, you will also need a hosting service.

And BlueHost is the best web host for WordPress.


Lisa - Web Developer, Website Hosting Review

I rated Bluehost 4 out of 5. Bluehost is a comprehensive and good web host for beginners and WordPress users. Your website on BlueHost will benefit from the latest security and performance features.

[…] BlueHost is cheap (really cheap), has solid uptime, and is very easy to start up (especially for beginners and for WordPress sites).


5. Comprehensive self-help documents and video tutorials

With many tutorials and self-docs available online, BlueHost is much easier to learn and use for beginners. I've been able to solve some simple problems just by reading their articles or watching the video tutorials in the past.


6. Beginner-friendly: Easy-to-use control panel and helpful emails

The overall onboarding experience with BlueHost was great. My account was activated immediately and I will receive helpful instructions by email every day for the next 5 days after registration.

The Bluehost control panel is organized and easy to navigate for both novice and experienced website owners. However, the latter can still be a little disoriented as the layout is slightly different from the popular cPanel interface. The way it is designed still provides a smooth user experience.

This is what the BlueHost customer dashboard looks like:


7. Lots of room to grow

As your site grows, BlueHost gives its users plenty of room to grow by upgrading to various hosting plans for a reasonable price. You can upgrade your shared hosting plans to VPS and dedicated hosting.

See plan details in the table below.

cabinetsUnlimited60 GB1 TB (mirrored)
R.A.M.Shared4 GB8 GB
BandwidthUnlimitedUnlimited10 TB
IP addresses24
support24 / 724 / 724 / 7
Registration (36-mo)$ 5.45 / mo$ 29.99 / mo$ 99.99 / mo
Renewal rate$ 14.99 / mo$ 59.99 / mo$ 159.99 / mo




Cons: The not so good thing about BlueHost hosting

1. Price increases during renewal

While this has been the norm for cheap hosting plans, it's worth noting that BlueHost charges a heavy price for renewing your plans.

The basic plan alone jumps from $ 2.95 / mo to $ 7.99 / mo when you renew it, which is a 170% (!) Increase in price.

BlueHost plansRegistration (36 months)renovationTakes care of
basic$ 2.95 / mo$ 7.99 / mo170%
More$ 5.45 / mo$ 10.99 / mo102%
Choice Plus$ 5.45 / mo$ 14.99 / mo175%
Per$ 13.95 / mo$ 23.99 / mo72%


2. BlueHost Unlimited Hosting is restricted by various usage guidelines

Another disadvantage is that their unlimited hosting isn't really "unlimited".

If you read through their guidelines, you will find that their unlimited hosting has certain limitations, such as the fact that they don't offer unlimited space for online storage. All of this makes their "unlimited hosting" quite limited.


3. US based data centers only

Unfortunately, Bluehost only operates servers in data centers in the US. While this is good for sites that target traffic in that region, it unfortunately puts others at a disadvantage. This is especially true for locations that expect traffic in the Asia region as this zone is literally all over the world.



Pricing: How Much Does BlueHost Cost?

Shared hosting plans

BlueHost Shared Hosting comes in four flavors: Basic, Plus, Choice Plus, and Pro. The main features and prices of each plan are shown in the table below.

Note that BlueHost Plus and Choice Plus have the same sign-up price ($ 5.45 / month) but renew at a very different price ($ 10.99 / month versus $ 14.99 / month). If in doubt, start with a lower plan (plus) and upgrade later if necessary.

Web pages1UnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
cabinets50 GBUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Email account5UnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Free domain1111
Automated backupsIncluded in the priceCodeGuard Basic
Limit inodes50,000 *50,000 *300,000300,000
Free Auto SSL  
Promo price
(36 months term)
$ 2.95 / mo$ 5.45 / mo$ 5.45 / mo$ 13.95 / mo
Renewal rate
(36 month printout)
$ 7.99 / mo$ 10.99 / mo$ 14.99 / mo$ 23.99 / mo


* Official Terms of Use state that in most cases no action will be taken until Basic and Plus users exceed 200,000 inodes.



VPS hosting plans

BlueHost VPS plans are $ 18.99 / month, $ 29.99 / month, and $ 59.99 / month. The general features and prices for BlueHost VPS hosting are in line with market standards. Their prices aren't cheap compared to other similar VPS hosting providers, but they're not expensive either.

Server specifications and key features as below.

CPU core224
R.A.M.2 GB4 GB8 GB
Disk space30 GB60 GB120 GB
Bandwidth1 TB2 TB3 TB
IP address122
price $ 18.99 / mo$ 29.99 / mo$ 59.99 / mo





BlueHost Comparison: How Can BlueHost Compete With Others?

1. BlueHost versus Hostgator

BlueHost and HostGator offer some very similar profiles in their basic offerings. Both are well-known service providers too and offer a similar level of service when it comes to simpler websites and are owned by EIG.

Plan in retrospectbasicCub
Web pages11
cabinets50 GBUnlimited
Free domain
Free SSL certificate
Free email account5Unlimited
Free website broadcast
MONEY BACK30 days45 days
Registration price (36-mo subscription)$ 2.95 / mo$ 2.08 / mo
Price for an extension$ 7.99 / mo$ 6.95 / mo
Order / Learn moreBluehost.comHostgator.com


Learn more


2. BlueHost vs. InMotion Hosting

With the neck and neck prices, Bluehost InMotion offers a run for its money when it comes to entry-level pans. However, the latter offers better features and an extended money-back guarantee of up to 90 days.

propertiesBluehostInMotion hosting
Plan in retrospectbasicLaunch
Web pages12
cabinets50 GBUnlimited
Free domain
Free SSL certificate
Server locationsNo choiceUnited States
Free website broadcast
MONEY BACK30 days90 days
Registration price (24-mo subscription)$ 3.95 / mo$ 3.99 / mo
Price for an extension$ 7.99 / mo$ 7.99 / mo
Order / Learn moreBluehost.comInmotionHosting.com


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More about BlueHost

frequently asked Questions

Is BlueHost CodeGuard worth it?

CodeGuard is included in BlueHost Choice Plus and higher shared plans. When you have a more basic plan, the only time you have to pay CodeGuard extra is if you're running an ecommerce website or otherwise processing payments.

Does BlueHost use SSD?

Yes, BlueHost uses SSD storage for all plans.

Why is BlueHost so cheap?

Starting at $ 2.95 / month for shared hosting, BlueHost is certainly one of the more budget-conscious hosts out there. However, this is an introductory price and increases to $ 7.99 / month upon renewal.

Is BlueHost good for the UK?

BlueHost only operates servers in its own facility in Utah which is not optimal for those targeting traffic in the UK. In general, however, it has decent server performance overall.

Which BlueHost Plan is Best?

For starters, BlueHost's Basic plan is a good step into the world of web hosting with a low cost of entry and decent features. If you need more resources, they have VPS or dedicated hosting plans too.

Can you cancel BlueHost at any time?

BlueHost offers a 30-day Moeny Back Guarantee that includes a full refund of cancellations. In addition, plans can be canceled at any time with no refund.


More than hosting: BlueSky and full service

When it comes to business customers, Bluehost offers additional services that can prove to be inexpensive. These come on two levels. You can choose either full service or professional support. Each of these options can suit your needs, depending on the situation in your company.

Full service is an interesting option for companies that find a website increasingly important, but do not want to deal with the involvement of a full-time team. There are also options that go well beyond what only a development team can do.

From conception to start-up and ongoing operations, Bluehost's full service offers roughly the equivalent of an entire department with development, design, content and digital marketing (including SEO). If you take over the number of employees for these services in-house, you will see a significant fixed overhead increase.

If you already have an existing site, you can still opt for the full service and let the team advise you before and after the migration from your existing site. This allows your company to keep the key elements of your existing digital presence and migrate them with enhancements.



Conclusion: BlueHost is recommended for ...

Given that you only pay ~ $ 5 per month to sign up, the BlueHost shared hosting services are considered above average.

The web host rated 58 on our 80 point rating system and was rated a 4.5 star host.

Because of this, I think BlueHost is an excellent choice for small businesses and website owners looking for an affordable hosting solution.

It's worth noting that BlueHost has tons of the latest security and performance features - NGINX architecture, custom server cache, HTTP / 2, SSD storage, etc. However, these features are only available to those willing to pay additional fees. BlueHost's top performing shared hosting program, GoPro, costs $ 13.95 / month to sign up ($ 23.99 / month when renewed). WordPress hosting, now with a new dashboard and integrated marketplace, costs 19.99 USD / month (and 39.99 USD / month when renewed).

Brief review

Here is the brief summary of the pros and cons of BlueHost:


Alternatives: providers like BlueHost

If you think BlueHost is not suitable for your website, here are some alternatives. It is also recommended to check out my list of hosting reviews here.

  • A2 hosting - Solid server performance, both shared and VPS hosting plans are similar in price to BlueHost.
  • GreenGeeks - 300% green hosting, suitable for users looking for an affordable shared hosting solution.
  • InMotion hosting - Here I host this page (WHSR); competitive VPS hosting plans.
  • Hostinger - One of the best cheap hosting services in 2018; Shared hosting plan comes with great price and innovative features.
  • Site ground- Slightly expensive, but you get what you pay for; Premium hosting services with world class live chat support.

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