Why is airport food so expensive

Consumer advocates recommend a boycott!Why are snacks so expensive at the airport?

The plane is ready to board, there will be drinks and snacks on board. The cola and the sandwich from the airport shop still have to be bought beforehand - even if they cost a lot more here than in the supermarket.

Looks familiar to you?

We know that everything is more expensive at the airport. But why is that actually the case?

And how is it that we still happily reach for the refrigerated shelf - instead of boycotting the exorbitant prices? After all, nobody has starved or died of thirst at an airport!

BILD.de asked - at the Swiss restaurant chain Marché, which operates 13 branches at eight German airports.

At Marché at Nuremberg Airport, for example, a small cola costs 2.95 euros, and customers have to shell out four euros for two Viennese sausages. Fierce prices, as Marketing Manager Nicole Maissen explains: “At airports, we not only have high rents, but also higher personnel costs. An ID card must be issued for every employee in the security area and renewed annually. For security reasons, all goods must go through the scanner. The dishes and even the food are screened - and that costs money. "

Experts have another explanation for the high prices: snacks and drinks at the airport - like gasoline or train tickets - have a low "price elasticity". In other words, when the price rises, the demand hardly changes. People buy anyway. And the providers take advantage of this to add another hefty price tag.

But why are customers willing to pay up to four euros for a Coke at some airports?

First there is the boredom that comes with waiting. "The guests like to bridge the time after check-in with a leisurely visit to the restaurant," says Nicole Maissen from Marché.

But also the opposite, namely hurry, favors the high prices: "If you are hungry or thirsty, you don't want to wait," says Mirko Klimas, speaker at the Federation of German Consumer Organizations. And he doesn't want to compare prices either. So he picks up the next best article.

"Drinks and snacks have not been included with low-cost airlines for a long time," continues Klimas, "and on scheduled flights, especially on long journeys, it can take longer to get something to eat or drink".

Shop and restaurant operators also benefit from the ban on liquids: passengers are not allowed to take drinks with them through the check. When the big thirst comes, they have no choice but to buy something.

Can we do something about the rip off?

According to the consumer association, the best means would be a boycott. "If no one would eat and drink at the airport anymore, the shop owners would have to go down with their prices," says Mirko Klimas.

And so that the time until departure does not turn into a starvation and drought, the consumer advocates simply advise: Eat and drink enough before traveling to the airport!

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