How Much Do Medical Businesses Earn

Salary: what do corona testers earn?

Question: What exactly do corona testers do?

Answer: Corona testers are entrusted with taking smears from people in order to identify possible infected people at an early stage and thus prevent the spread of corona. The test is carried out either through the mouth and throat, nasopharynx or a throat rinse. The test sample is either evaluated by the corona tester itself using a rapid antigen test or sent to a laboratory for a PCR analysis.

Question: What prerequisites or training do you need for this?

Answer: Persons who have completed medical training, as well as doctors, qualified health and nursing staff, biomedical analysts and pharmacists are entitled to exercise this profession. Even if special additional training for scrapers is not mandatory, corona testers usually receive one to three-hour training on medical backgrounds and possible risks, as injuries to the person being tested should be avoided. In addition, it must be ensured that corona testers are able to take the sample correctly in order to avoid incorrect test results.

Question: Which soft skills should you bring along?

Answer: On a personal level, corona testers particularly need communicative and empathic skills, especially when they have to calm people down during their first test. Organizational skills and a precise and at the same time efficient way of working are important in order to exercise the time between the smear and administrative activities as resource-efficiently as possible.

Question: What about the working hours?

Answer: The working hours of corona testers do not correspond to the classic nine-to-five job. The public test roads in the big cities have extended opening times, even on weekends, from early morning until late in the evening. In private companies, especially in the catering and hotel industries, tests are carried out 24 hours a day, seven days a week by appointment.

Question: Can I start a business with all the requirements?

Answer: Corona testers are not allowed to work independently, but must be employees under the at least indirect supervision of an employed doctor. The function of this doctor is usually performed by the company doctor in large companies.

Question: How do I get a job like this?

Answer: The corona tests in public test streets are usually carried out by paramedics employed by the rescue organizations, for example the Red Cross, Samaritan Association or Johanniter.

Question: What can you earn there?

Answer: The starting salary in these organizations is usually in the range between 24,000 and 27,000 euros gross per year. On average, the salaries of corona testers with permanent employment are usually in the range of 30,000 euros gross per year. Experienced paramedics with more than 30 years of work earn around 36,000 euros. In addition, civil servants with a monthly income of around 350 euros and volunteers are used as official corona testers.

Question: But there are other providers too, right?

Answer: In the meantime, private providers have also specialized in corona tests, in particular on tests in companies. Since the number of cases of the tests and the working hours are very different, the corona testers are re-registered with private providers in the form of a case-by-case employment relationship every week. In view of the great demand for corona testers, incomes have risen sharply. While the hourly rates were 13 euros per hour in April and May 2020, an average of 20 euros per hour is now being paid. The hourly rates in some private corona test companies are already 25 euros.

Question: What does the expert's view of this part of the market and its development show?

Answer: Despite rising hourly rates for employees, Corona remains good business for private test providers, as in-house antigen tests are in high demand. Depending on the number, companies pay between 15 and 40 euros per test to the private test provider and receive ten euros back from the state. The cost of a test kit is between five and seven euros; ideally, a test takes two to three minutes. This can be extrapolated: By testing a company with 100 employees, the test company earns an average of 250 to 300 euros per hour. (Karin Bauer, February 26, 2021)