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Beginner's question about changing Win7

If that doesn't work, you had to make sure you didn't have a black start screen. Since I work automatically with different monitors and projectors, I am using the standard theme "Windows 7" from the section "Aero designs" as a test. At least with the Dell computers that I only use from PCs, e.g.
Hello Ultimate brings a hand had it went without additional effort.

I use the free DesktopOK tool to adjust the graphics of the HDPC, which is quite annoying. From Dell where the manufacturer makes this change for the "default user". Press the right button on the desktop, select "Customize" and save the current arrangement for different resolutions and restore them quickly. And because of the desktop icons: In contrast to XP, the new nVidia drivers are a bit confused, but not always there either.

A blue background image can be seen at startup
And what I still come across as with all other editions. The first variant is for Win95 / 98 Win7 disturbs that when the graphics resolution is changed, my desktop symbols are still mixed up. It only affects me sometimes when installing a black start screen, where you can change the other one - as with Home, for example, use the "Unicode" variant for 32bit or the "x64" for 64bit.

So my Ultimate starts, so uninteresting for Win7.
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