How do I increase organic traffic

Case Study: How to Increase Organic Traffic by 1000%

authorHelena Škývarová

Increasing traffic and conversions from organic search results is one of our most important specializations. And we are always happy when we get the chance to work with interesting customers with whom we even manage to exceed the set goals.

The project covered by this case study is

Fincentrum Reality is a real estate company that sells and rents real estate. In addition, it offers its customers a comprehensive service for real estate transactions and their financing.

Our cooperation with the real estate company started Mid-February 2015 and the main goal was to find the Increase traffic from organic search. At that point, the paid channel had the largest share of total traffic. Organic traffic was constant and hadn't increased in the previous year.

The number of pages indexed in Google was around 16,800, 719 in Seznam.

The entire SEO and keyword analysis showed that the first task was to get the customer pages in front of all of them technical side tackle and optimize.

The main complications of the website that made it difficult for robots to crawl were forms embedded in the website. Although the robots' crawl ability is still improving (especially in the case of Google), a form structure solution can prevent the Google robots from successfully navigating the internet. So the solution was to attach links for the user to every check box and selection in the search form.

Figure 1 - Example of a reference solution


These links still had to be adjusted on every page of the website, depending on where exactly the user is.

After solving these technical hurdles it was necessary to do the content deficiencies to eliminate. First, we suggested standardizing and adapting the correct generation of headlines and headlines for each location. Until then, there were no headings on the Internet other than property details.

For example for this page:,ceska-lipa

The original lettering was designed as follows:
Sale, Liberec Region, Česká Lípa | Fincentrum Reality | Fincentrum reality

We edited the headings in the following format:
Sale of houses in Česká Lípa | Fincentrum reality

However, as with most proposals presented to customers, it takes a while to implement. In the case of Fincentrum Reality, the proposals were only implemented from June to August 2015. Because of this, no change can be seen in the diagram below.


Figure 2 - Sessions from organic search. Period 1. 2. - 31. 8. 2015



Figure 3 - Number of pages indexed. Period 1. 2. - 31. 8. 2015


The next step in optimizing the website was to create site-specific labels as the website only contained the texts from the ads. Due to the large number of pages, we created content for the priority pages first and gradually added content to the rest of the page. All texts have been expanded to include links to selected relevant pages on the site.


As any SEO specialist / consultant knows, fixing technical defects on the website only serves as a Basis for further optimization. Even if you allow robots and users to search the entire web with ease, and pages are easy to understand, it is not enough to drive traffic from natural search results. This is twice as true as reality in a competitive environment.

In order to advance the project further and to achieve the goals set, it was necessary to concentrate more on the content of the website - especially on landing pages that were not yet available. This was a great way to analyze our keywords which showed that there are many landing pages with high conversion potential on the web.

So we expanded the landing pages to include phrases:

  • Reality + location (we sorted by city)
  • Real estate + location (we used the sorting by region and by district)


Figure 4 - Year of cooperation. February 1, 2015 - February 29, 2016


The diagram above shows implemented changes on the page. The number of websites indexed increased to 104,000 in Google and 12,192 in Seznam.


However, the extension of the landing pages itself was within the competition unsatisfactory, because the site could not get enough traffic due to lower positions. In addition, improving positions in such a competitive environment with many strong market participants is very demanding and expensive. Because of this, it was necessary to focus on what competitors hadn't done. The first step was to create landing pages for towns and cities, for all towns and villages in the Czech Republic with more than 2,000 inhabitants. We have about 2,500 landing pages created (this does not include pages created by filters). This extension got us by the end of 2016 20% of the total organic visitors brought.

The next step was to expand the landing pages. First we expanded the pages on streets in Prague and then on streets in Brno.

Figure 5 - Traffic increase after expanding landing pages to cities and streets




Correctly solving the technical state of the web, harnessing the potential of internal links, and correctly implementing the conclusion from keyword analysis have helped us to significantly improve traffic from natural search results. By the end of 2016, we had increased organic traffic by up to Increase 218%. At the same time the Number of conversions by up to 120%which only indicates relevant visitors. In summary, it is possible to achieve very good results through optimization and to be competitive in the competition.

Figure 6 - Annual comparison of organic visits


Figure 7 - Development of conversions in 2016


Figure 8 - Total traffic graph in 2014