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Interpretation of the newsletter click statistics

In email marketing, it is very important to monitor the statistics of the newsletter campaigns and interpret them correctly. The rapidmail statistics dashboard helps you to record and optimize the important marketing KPIs.

For example, suppose you are sending your mailing to five people. Two people click on links in the mailing. One person clicks on every link, the other only one link (in our example www.rapidmail.de). In the overall statistics above, you now have two unique clicks, i.e. clicks from two different recipients. You have a total of 5 clicks because a recipient clicked four times:

If, as in this example, you have several links in your mailing, it is possible that a single recipient clicks on several different links. Now you have a unique click per link - but only one single click in the entire mailing. In our example, the unique clicks in the entire mailing are 2 because two different recipients clicked. The number 2 is given above in brackets after the click rate.

In the overview of the links below, you can see that a total of 5 unique clicks were made:

One recipient clicked on all the links, another recipient only clicked on www.rapidmail.de. These figures should be viewed in isolation and not compared with the entire mailing, so they do not add up to the same value. The upper number refers to the mailing, the lower one to the individual links. The click rate below in percent relates to 5 clicked links. 2/5 results in 40% below.

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