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Clickbank - 6 months - a resume

The launch of Clickbank in Germany in September 2010 brought the entire internet marketer industry into turmoil. Many Internet marketing providers have switched and have their products checked and discontinued by Clickbank.

Clickbank is the world's largest affiliate network with over 100,000 active affiliate partners and can look back on a very long company history for internet marketing: Clickbank was founded in 1998.

In the first weeks after its introduction in Germany, the euphoria regarding Clickbank and its methods of checking and billing, which were new for the German market, was still unbroken. If the blogs were full of information, almost the entire affiliate industry gave up enthusiastically and wrote hymns of praise on Clickbank ...

But not everyone seemed to have received the success they had hoped for.

Now, after half a year, the original euphoria about Clickbank has subsided for most of the users. More and more discontent is spreading. Because the originally enthusiastic supporters of the new platform had plenty of time for tests and were able to see more behind the scenes of the success. You could judge the efficiency of this system. Many seem to have quickly realized that not everything here is gold, whatever may shine on the first impression:

If you read more and more negative posts in various forums or blogs on the subject of Clickbank. Euphoria gives way to (healthy) distrust. Woke up through the experience of reality, beginners and professionals now also deal with the small print and soberly discover: You should be able to read ...

Because some affiliates are surprised by the (always shown) fees and speak of organized money dying, that existing commissions simply melt away step by step if they are not paid out immediately or, even more brutally, of organized money destruction, it hails criticism of the apparent usury of fees at Clickbank.

Let's keep in mind:

What does Clickbank offer especially for the inexperienced beginner?

Registration is initially free of charge for affiliates, so that a beginner does not have to be afraid of having to use money to submit a submission. Interesting and quite tempting are the sometimes high commissions that the vendors can pay out via Clickbank, with Clickbank ideally taking over the entire administration and the entire processing of the product order page, through the financial processing, to the billing and payment of the commissions earned.

Clickbank operates very customer-friendly marketing for end customers: If the customer does not like it, they can get their money back immediately, there is a general return period and so the customer does not run the risk of being caught by a fraudster.

In addition, Clickbank seems to carry out an intensive, some also speak of an aggressive, fraud analysis. All data is transmitted and the IP addresses associated with Clickbank are collected. In addition to the well-known marketing analyzes, Clickbank also has the ability to react quickly and immediately to attempts at fraud.

In addition, all products to be discontinued in front the release of Clickbank examined a structured (coming from the American) test before they can be activated and placed on the marketplace. By applying to American law, among other things, the inclusion of "legal disclaimers" is intended to minimize Clickbank liability, lower the costs for possible reverse transactions and at the same time increase customer satisfaction.

There were quickly calls that Clickbank itself was a large-scale fraud.

Is that really the case, or have those who put this up simply couldn't read properly and did some superficial research? Did these critics just inadvertently fall for the many advertising emails showing bank statements and promising boundless wealth?

If you read through the terms and conditions correctly, the “money die-off” starts when you are inactive for a long time, after 90 days according to the Clickbank definition. Before that, you can also withdraw small amounts of 10 dollars or more, but that's not worth it because of a fee of 2.50 dollars per withdrawal.

There is certainly no doubt that there is a lot of money to be made online with Clickbank. To do this, however, you have to stick to the rules of the game that this giant imposes in affiliate marketing.

But does it also pay off for the vendors?

A topic that naturally interests everyone, how much remains in the end for the respective parties with such a system, which logically charges fees for the processing. One thing is certain, since there are in principle no fees for the affiliates, at Clickbank these fees for the merchant, i.e. the provider, are practically all the more important!

Initially, Clickbank charged an impressive 7.5% + 1USD in fees and another 8.5% for converting US dollars into euros. As a result, a German manufacturer incurred a fat 16% + 1 USD in fees.

What is new is that the Clickbank user has 9.7% costs, in the worst case it is supposedly 10.5%, because the conversion margin for the euro / dollar has only been 0.5% since January 15th, 2011 (before it was 4.5%) and is already included in the above 9.7%.

But there is also the commission to the affiliate himself.

And we must not forget the fact that Clickbank withholds another 10% up to a sales price of 100 US dollars as a security deposit - and that for a total of 84 days.

The remaining framework conditions are indeed strange: Before a disbursement status as a seller, i.e. as a vendor, can be achieved

  • Sales made using at least 5 different credit card numbers, and
  • these sales were also processed using two different payment methods (Visa / MasterCard / PayPal / direct debit). Sales via PayPal do not count towards the required number of credit card payments.
  • $ 100 minimum commission to be earned.

If you have managed all of this and you apply successfully, you will receive a Wells Fargo Bank check every 2 weeks, which can then be cashed at your bank for a fee of € 9 ...

This stringent regulation is supposed to prevent misuse of the Clickbank platform. In the opinion of many, this is more of a reason to keep the money in the company as long as possible.

So euphoria turns into reality ...

Does Dr. HJ Karg

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