What are the best diets for burning fat

Fat-killing foods: These 13 foods fire up your metabolism

Lose weight by eating - thanks to this food

Imagine you could eat And thereby lose weight - sounds utopian? But it is not: there are so-called Fat killer foodsthat your metabolism really heat up! I'll tell you what they are and why they help you lose weight.

What does fat do to your body?

Who is not clear why he's even over Fat burning should think, let it be said: body fat is not only an optical failure, but also a health one. Above all, an excess of saturated fat can to High blood pressure, high cholesterol, and heart disease up to stroke to lead.
Nasty: Even if you are not overweight, your percentage of body fat can be too high, keyword Skinny Fat.

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How can foods stimulate metabolism and fat burning?

First of all, very important: When I'm from Fat killer foods I'm talking about food and not weight loss helpers in the form of Pills and co.! You should definitely not fall back on them, because apart from an inflated price, a dubious effect and possible side effects, there are enough natural fat killersthat also taste really good.

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But what draws a Fat killer foods out? It's actually very easy, the name says it all: Fat killer foods contain various healthy ingredientswho are known to be the Fat burning to increase and you so with Lose weight help. If you incorporate them into your diet regularly, it won't just push yours metabolism, but also yours motivationto go through with the diet. Win-win situation.

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Fatkiller foods: only great for losing weight?

Of course not. My Top 13 Natural Fat Killer Foods are also for athlete absolutely recommend the more Power in the gym or want to have everyday life - because there is also a metabolism at full speed requirement. That in turn supports yours automatically Fat burning: More power in the gym, more muscles, more calories burned. Fat killer foods So worth it twice!

What role do calories play in fat killer foods?

Even if I've said it a thousand times, remember: At the end of the day, it's always yours who decide Calorie balancewhether the Libra has potential to become your best buddy or whether you would like to toss it out the window. So hit them too Fat killer foods do not go completely wrong, but keep it Calories at least roughly in the eye.
My advice: Create a diet plan for weight loss and as many as possible within the framework Fat killer foods plan on!

Diet: My Top 13 Fat Killer Foods

That Fat killer foods should land on your plates as often as possible, one thing is for sure. But which foods are these specifically?

1. Fat killer foods: water

water contains 0 calories, quench your thirst and can curb the feeling of hunger! You should be on sports-free days Drink 1.5 - 2 liters of water,accordingly more on training days depending on the sweat loss. Even half a liter of additional water drunk turns up to 50 extra calories per day. Add it to your daily ration Ice cubes to, you can even increase consumption. Because of the cold liquid, your body uses more energy to keep its temperature constant - this effect is calledThermogenesis (Heat generation through metabolic processes).

By the way: If water is just too boring for you in terms of taste, then pimp it with a few Lemon or lime slices and mint on. That makes for a refreshing and natural Taste kick - You can also make vitamin water in all sorts of other variants.

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2. Fat killer foods: green tea

Green tea bears his name as Fat killer foods rightly so: the bitter substances from the family of Polyphenols and the high caffeine content of tea leaves increase the Metabolic rate and thus ensure that your fat burning gets going. The best way to drink green tea is in the morning or between larger meals. It has a stomach-cleansing effect and helps with digestion fatty foods. The bitter taste of the tea is not necessarily for everyone, but a few sprinkles of lemon or lime juice can help here, too.

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3. Fat killer foods: coffee

Sure, so coffee really is one Fat killer foods you have to leave out sugar and milk of course. Black coffee is calorie-free, coffee specialties like Latte Machiatto and Co., on the other hand, can be correct Calorie bombs especially if you drink it with syrup, for example.
The ingredients are especially important for the improved fat burning caffeine and niacin responsible: They increase heat production, increase blood pressure and thus boost your metabolism. It is not for nothing that many athletes drink before her workout one espresso: He kicks properly, gives energy and really makes you sweat while exercising. I personally drink one before every workout - you should definitely try it! Especially if you are a little tired, but still want to train and don't think much of all the chemically composed training boosters on the market! ;) By the way - making booster yourself is really easy ...

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4. Fat killer foods: chilli, ginger & other hot spices

Ever wondered why you guys hot after spicy food and beads of sweat step on your forehead ?! The trigger is the active ingredient Capsaicin. This has an antibacterial effect and allows the metabolism to work at full speed because it unites in the body Heat and heat stimulus triggers. The body has to compensate for the increased heat production, which costs energy. The pungent ingredients stimulate the circulation and digestion. The consequence is a increased energy consumption and better metabolism. The Fat killer chilli can be used in sauces, ginger you can cut it into slices and drink it as tea with hot water.

Even if you have a cold, ginger and spicy food will help your body. They are also food against colds, so you go to the collar of your fat and your cold with the hot spices!

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5. Fat killer foods: grapefruit

From the grapefruit as Fat killer foods you've definitely heard all of them. Grapefruits contain a lot vitamin C, which ensures a tight connective tissue, as well as many Bitter substanceswhich ensure that fat ingested with food does not even stick to the familiar and unloved areas (stomach, hips), but is immediately burned off. Bitter substances also alleviate the appetite and help you eat less overall. It's best to eat grapefruits after larger meals –For example as a conclusion to breakfast.

Even if the pink citrus fruit is something bitter tastes good, of course you shouldn't sweeten it with sugar! That would have the positive effect of this Fat killer food wipe out.

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6. Fat killer foods: buttermilk

Buttermilk is low in calories and contains very a lot of calciumwhat, according to the latest studies, is beneficial when losing weight: it inhibits the Fat gainby preventing the storage of fat and instead reducing it Fat burning activated. 100 ml of buttermilk are just enough 35 kcal, but because of the high in protein nevertheless quite full - also a positive effect of the milk product. Of course, buttermilk is not in mine Top 13 Fat Killer Foods may be missing!

7. Fat killer foods: lamb

Lamb is just like game meat, by the way Fat killer foodsbecause it is high in content L-carnitine can score. One or the other of you may know L-carnitine as Food supplements. It is one Protein compoundthat regulates many biochemical processes in your body. L-carnitine in particular is important to get in a short amount of time Muscle mass build up and at the same time body fat to burn. Also in other things red meat like beef, there are significant amounts of L-carnitine, but no type comes close to lamb: with 80 mg L-carnitine per 100 g is the front runner. Another plus point: With 25 g protein lamb is also a protein bomb per 100 g Muscle building.

8. Fat-killing foods: Pollock

fish is through the contained healthy fat and the high ones Protein content Anyway a recommendable one Muscle building foodsand fat burning. I would particularly like to recommend you saithe: it is extreme low fat and supplies you as one of the few groceries iodine. Important, because iodine is crucial for the production of Thyroid hormones responsible and they regulate yours Basal metabolic rate. So it's worth it!

9. Fat killer foods: cinnamon

Spices play at the forefront of fat burning, as you could already read above. Not only hot spices are great, but also cinnamon.

Not only that, despite its sweet taste calorie free and is therefore a great substitute for sugar, it also improves the Insulin action: You need less of the hormone, what Cravings and a braked one Fat burning stops.

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10. Fat-killing foods: Harz cheese

Even if I personally don't like the taste at all: For the sake of your dream body, you should snack on Harz cheese on a regular basis. It's not just one Protein booster, but also the lowest fat of all types of cheese. Even the high one Calcium content makes him a Fat killer foods: Calcium is for that Enzyme activity responsible and enzymes in turn are on Muscle building and fat loss involved.

11. Fat killer foods: almonds

Even if I keep getting irritated looks: Almonds are despite theirs high in calories and fat a real one Fat killer foods! The ingredients are impressive: The high protein content, lots healthy fats and a bunch Fiber make a deliciousnatural appetite suppressant from the small kernels. Top!

12. Fat killer foods: lemons

Lemons keep coming back because of their high vitamin C content touted as a miracle cure for colds. It is completely forgotten that the vitamin is too Fat killer foods makes! Vitamin C ensures that there is sufficient production of Norepinephrine - and that pushes yours Fat burning neat.

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13. Fat killer foods: chia and flax seeds

Both that Superfood Chia seeds, as well as their domestic counterpart, flax seeds, are among the Fat killer foods. First, they instruct you high fiber content and are therefore already doing it long fed up, second, because they have fluid in their stomach swell up and pretend that you are full of food.

To go with it: Chia pudding.

If you want to give your fat burning an extra boost in the future to get rid of the last stubborn love handles, you should definitely have a few of these Fat killer foods include in your diet. You will see, it's worth it!

Do you know others? Fat killer foods? Be sure to tell me!

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