Should I ask for a promotion

Addressing a Promotion - How To Proceed!

Do you want to talk to your boss about a promotion but don't know how to best proceed? Then read our tips.

At some point the time has come. Your colleagues have long since climbed the career ladder, only you are still where you started. Time to change something, time to move!

You now have three options: Either you change jobs within your company in the hope of finally getting ahead there, or you change companies right away. The third option is that you have theirs Talk to the boss about a promotion. All three variants have one thing in common: They have to deal with their superiors, negotiate and present their performance in the best possible light.

Prepare first then address promotion

Anyone who has decided on the third option should pay attention to a few things and prepare well for the interview. If you ask your boss about a promotion, then it should be crowned with success if possible. In addition to personal performance and the situation in the company, a few other important factors play an important role if the conversation is to be successful.

Check out positions in the company

It is best if you think about which positions there are in the company that you could move to as part of a promotion. Many people finally want to move forward and be promoted. But it becomes problematic when there are no vacancies in your own company. Think about where you could integrate a new position, what should be done there and recommend yourself as the most suitable candidate for the new position.

Own strengths and goals achieved so far

Before approaching your boss about a promotion, you should become aware of your own strengths. Have you maybe increased sales? Solved a specific problem? Completed a large project successfully? You should definitely focus your line manager's focus on this when it comes to specific opportunities for advancement.

Address promotion at the right time

You should have a feel for the climate in your company. If the company has major problems at the moment, if the employees are concerned or if negative topics keep dominating the informal rounds, the time for a promotion is likely to be unfavorable.

But: If the company is currently expanding, has sales increased or if the company is currently in a phase of restructuring, your commitment and vigor will certainly be positively received.

The behavior of the manager

The behavior of the manager also plays an important role when it comes to a promotion. Not every time is a good time to approach your boss about a promotion. Sometimes it is worth reaching for the psychological bag of tricks: Is the boss in a good mood or is he currently very stressed? A little tact and knowing the right time can significantly increase your chances of success.

Clearly formulate the promotion request

There's no point in avoiding the bush. If you want to be promoted, you need to be clear about your cause. You should never put the gun on your boss's chest. Rather, they should describe the benefits for the company and for yourself that a promotion brings. At the same time, you should explain which new aspects you can bring to the new position.

Prepare for tough questions

When approaching your boss about a promotion, expect your boss to want to know a lot about you before approving a promotion. You should therefore prepare yourself as best you can for questions from your manager. Good answers to the manager's questions can even support your concerns.

Don't take a no personally

Who asks can lose; if you don't ask, you've already lost. If you ask your boss about a promotion, despite good preparation, sound arguments, personal successes and the favorable position of the company, the answer can also be "no".

In such a case, you shouldn't take the rejection personally. There can be many different reasons for rejection, and your boss doesn't have to justify himself to you.

But: He now knows your intention and after a while it is worth talking to him again about a promotion and thus bringing yourself back to your memory.