Amazon sells counterfeit items in India

Imitations continue to be a cause for concern for international brands in India

Both brick-and-mortar and internet retailers around the world are grappling with the sale of counterfeit goods, and brands have even dragged online retailers to court to crack down on excessive discounts and counterfeiting.

Most e-commerce companies are marketplaces that allow third-party vendors to sell their goods. For brands, participating in online events becomes a quandary, because despite the risks that online retailing offers, they cannot avoid it due to its growing popularity.

The French fashion company Lacoste, for example, which has been operating in India since 1993, only sells its goods in the country through its own website and a network of around 50 stores. This means that a Lacoste product obtained outside of these sources can be assumed to be either counterfeit or its sale is illegal.

US headphone maker Skullcandy took Indian e-commerce retailer Paytm to court earlier this year for allegedly selling counterfeit Skullcandy products. In a similar manner, the glasses brand Ray-Ban defended itself, which in 2015 enforced an injunction against the online marketplace Shopclues, which had sold imitations.

Amazon India takes the problem very seriously and is working with sellers on its marketplace to remove counterfeit goods from their offerings. In the case of repeat offenders, strict measures are taken that can result in a sales ban.

Photo: Lacoste original and fake via