What is creative data mining

Data usage ideas

The more digital our world becomes, the more data is generated in companies or organizations. This data requires terabytes of storage space and many hours of maintenance - in short: it takes up scarce resources anyway. Many companies therefore complain that so far these "data diggers" have only incurred costs. Often there is a lack of concrete ideas on how this data can be used. Use cases help to generate added value from data.


In our workshops, we support companies in this important step: developing ideas for using data specifically for their company. In the everyday routine it is difficult to come up with new ideas and to get involved in a creative process. In this workshop we offer an optimal framework for the creation and further development of new ideas.

In a preliminary discussion, we adapt the workshop concept to the specific situation in the company. With a combination of different methods, for example from design thinking, we support the participants in precisely defining the initial situation (e.g. problems, database) and understanding it more deeply. We provide input on existing data usage in similar industries or organizations.

Our formats, which we choose flexibly depending on the size of the group and objectives, accompany the participants in generating ideas and promote innovative impulses. The ideas are not yet evaluated in this creative phase. This step then follows when the participants evaluate all the ideas that have arisen first intuitively, later in more detail and check their feasibility and attractiveness. It is important to us that the next steps are determined at the end of the workshop in order to actually implement the selected ideas and continue the content developed in the workshop.


The workshop "Ideas for using data" supports companies in answering the following questions:

  • What data is there in your company or in the different organizational units?
  • For which areas do you want to develop new ideas?
  • For which challenges of your customers or within your company do you want to find solutions?
  • Which benefit scenarios are possible for your company and your data?
  • What specific added value can your data deliver?
  • How can the data usage ideas be evaluated?
  • Which ideas are attractive and relevant for your company?
  • How can you decide which ideas to pick and follow up?
  • What does it take to implement the data usage ideas?

From our previous workshops we know how enriching it is when people from different areas of responsibility with different functions are there. The common exchange about existing problems helps all participants. Tried and tested workshop methods are used so that the change from lively discussions to the search for creative ideas to proposed solutions is quick and targeted.

Are you interested in participating in our workshop or would you like an individual exchange? We are looking forward to your Email!