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For now, however, where the European public finances are in the worst condition since time immemorial, Parliament's Committee on Budgets is proposing an increase in the level of payments by 10% - actually 10%!
Yet at this time when Europe's public finances are the worst in living memory, Parliament's Committee on Budgets is proposing that the payments be increased by 10% - by 10%!
I have you in the worst condition seen.
I believe that this is a peak that is at its worst in the worst condition of the European Union takes place.
I believe it is a summit that is taking place in the worst phase of the European Union when it is in its worst state.
So you have me, so you should have me in the worst condition.
On the one hand, Outlook gives various overwhelming features, but on the other hand, it fails to keep user data safe and secure in the worst condition Outlook stops working as expected.
On one hand Outlook gives various mind blowing features but on the other hand it fails to keep user data securely and in worst condition Outlook stops working as expected.
She looked and saw that they were all wearing dirty clothes, some were torn, others were stained and dark, but those in the worst condition belonged to the elders and leaders.
She looked and saw that all of them had dirty garments, some garments were torn, some were full of spots and were dark, but she realized that those in the worst condition belonged to the elders and to the leaders.

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That was the worst condition in Nuclear power plant. It has never been worse.
You know everything about me and you have mine worst condition experienced.
You know everything about me, seen me at my worst.
I saw you ... in yours worst condition.
I've seen you ... at your worst.
I was currently running the theater at a college in California while I was doing the worst condition approximated.
But the time for the change must have come, because I became Worst shown - yours worst condition - and in the In contrast to what you should be.
But the time of change must have come, because I was shown the worst - your worst state - and then what you are to be.
In my worst condition wouldn't you like me
if you saw me at my worst, you might not like me so much.
Humanity has deteriorated, you Status is dramatic that worst condition in human history, therefore I keep pointing out the purification you are facing.
Humanity has become perverted, its condition is dramatic, the gravest in the history of humanity; this is why I am continually announcing to you the purification that you are facing.
What was yours worst more physical Status at a gig?
Nicotine and alcohol are Worst in this Status.
He showed his genius when he was still in his infancy
Nevertheless, he gives us to understand that the Kufrah camp is the worst of all is Status the old building, the overcrowding, the bad food and the lack of health care.
Nevertheless he makes us understand that the center in Kufrah is actually the worst of all: old facilities, very overcrowded, without any health care and with a very bad quality of food.
Such a Status leads, in turn, to life weariness, even to the horror of living and drives us in the worst Eventually fall to suicide.
Find a condition again leads to depression, even to fear of life and finally brings us in the worst case to suicide.
The reactions depend, of course, on the dose taken and in which Status one is located, but they range from feeling unwell and having difficulty breathing in the worst Case to death.
The reaction depends on the dose ingested, of course, and how predisposed one is, but may vary from discomfort and breathing problems to, in extreme cases, death.
The in the worst Case of this was the Dabnol power plant in western Indian Status from Maharastra.
The worst case of this was the Dabnol power plant in the western Indian state of Maharastra.
Due to the saturation of the output stages, in the worst If only a few milliamperes are injected Status of a connection from "High" to "Low".
Due to the saturation of the output stage, in the worst case a current injection of a few milliamperes may flip a pin state from "high" to "low".
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