What is a typical European breakfast

Continental breakfast

During the search for the perfect hotel, you will eventually come across the type of catering Continental breakfast. The ignorant will get big eyes at this breakfast description and look forward to a varied and extensive breakfast in a wonderful holiday destination. But the disappointment is not long in coming and at the latest when you are served your continental breakfast, the light will come on. What a continental breakfast is and what it includes, I'll show you here. I will explain to you where the term and the type of catering come from and what differences there are to other types of breakfast. Be curious, here you can learn a lot for your next holiday booking.

What is continental breakfast and what does it include?

The ideas of a continental breakfast, English: continental breakfast, unfortunately often does not correspond to reality. Many imagine a sumptuous breakfast with a huge selection of different cold and warm dishes. A continental breakfast is anything but abundant! It usually consists of

    • Bread, rolls or croissants
    • butter
    • Jam and
    • Tea or coffee.

This makes the continental breakfast a simple and light breakfast with just a few ingredients. The breakfast type is on the sweet level and does not have any savory ingredients ready. The ingredients are often referred to as basics, because the original continental breakfast does not contain any other ingredients.

In many hotels breakfast is served at your table. Many other hotels prepare your morning meal as a breakfast buffet, which you can help yourself to as you please. The breakfast buffet often contains more than the basic ingredients. In some hotels, the breakfast buffet is also referred to as an extended continental breakfast.

Extended continental breakfast

Those who like to have a lot of sweet and savory breakfast as well as varied breakfast should go to hotels extended continental breakfast Keeping an eye out. Here the basic ingredients are supplemented by others. In addition to a hot drink such as tea or coffee, bread or rolls and a sweet jam spread, there are also hearty components. You can bring your bread or rolls with you sausage or cheese prove that there is something refreshing fruit, yogurt and Cereals, cornflakes as cereal. With a little luck you will get Eggs in different forms of preparation - cooked, scrambled or fried. The extended continental breakfast is considered by many to be a real strengthening for a good start to the day compared to the simple continental breakfast.

The extended continental breakfast is served or you can help yourself at the buffet. It differs from hotel to hotel.

Origin of the continental breakfast

With the terms American and English breakfast you can guess where the terms come from. But where does the continental breakfast originate? You tell yourself: out Great Britain. For the British, the rest of Europe is simply the continent. The continental breakfast got its name because this is how the British imagine breakfast on the European mainland in countries such as France. It's kept light, cute, and simple. It does not matter that it does not correspond to the breakfast habits of all Europeans.

Difference to English Breakfast and American Breakfast

Many hotels offer American or English breakfast instead of the continental breakfast. Very large hotels or luxury hotels also offer all types of breakfast. However, many are not aware of the differences. In order to bring you closer to the topic of breakfast in the hotel, there is now the resolution.

Differences between continental breakfast and full English breakfast

Light and simple - hearty and generous. That is probably the biggest Difference between a continental and a full English breakfast. The continental breakfast consists of the basics of bread or rolls, butter and jam as well as coffee or tea. The full English breakfast is clear in comparison more extensive. An important difference is that warm dishesthat the British serve you with a typical English breakfast. There is the warm gruel porridge, fried mushrooms, bacon and sausages as well as white beans in tomato sauce, black and white pudding and hash browns. Instead of rolls you get light or dark toast and you can garnish everything with the brown sauce. So if you like hearty and fatty eat, you should book the English breakfast in a hotel.

Differences between continental breakfast and American breakfast

The components of the American breakfast are very similar to the English breakfast. in the Compared to continental breakfast there is therefore big differences regarding the ingredients and the scope. The american breakfast scores with many holidaymakers warm dishesthat does not exist at the continental breakfast. These include fried or scrambled eggs, fried breakfast bacon, fried potatoes, hash browns and sausages. Then there are the less hearty and cold dishes such as yoghurt, muesli, fruit and biscuits. What should never be missing from a typical American breakfast: Pancakes with maple syrup. As you can see, the continental breakfast is the simplest, lightest and most unspectacular of all types of breakfast!

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