How many shootings are there in America?

The US may be crazy in many ways, but it definitely is in one thing: statistics. Everything that happens somewhere, at some point is recorded meticulously and in detail. Baseball results, the voting behavior of Hispanics in presidential elections, even shootings at schools and universities. Since Wednesday, the statistics have risen by one sad entry: A 19-year-old killed at least 17 people in Parkland, Florida, at his former high school, he is responsible for the worst massacre of US schools since 2012. Back then he was at Sandy Hook Elementary school in Newtown, Connecticut, 26 people died.

All such incidents have been dealt with excellently. Non-profit organizations collect them to raise awareness of the dangers of lax gun law in the United States. And a look at their data is concerned: In the young year 2018 alone, in 46 days, there were 15 serious incidents with firearms in schools and universities in the USA. In 2016 and 2017 there were seven firearms incidents at the same time in the year.

Since the Columbine, Colorado high school rampage in April 1999, more than 150,000 US students from at least 170 elementary or secondary schools have witnessed a shooting on their school grounds, the calculated Washington Post out. Dozens of suicides, accidents and post-school attacks in which children experienced the use of firearms are not counted.

The New York Times there have been an average of seven firearm incidents at schools and universities every month for the past four years. In the 273 shootings on which this calculation is based, 439 people were hit by bullets across the country, 121 of them fatally.