Why do people put obituaries in newspapers

Paying tribute to the deceased: how to write an obituary

Obituary: examples and templates

Aside from appreciation and mourning, an obituary contains personal data - especially in this area, exemplary obituary texts can be defined for the deceased. In addition to the name and date of death, there is usually information on specific activities and positions. Further formal content is the name of the advertiser - often a company or institution - and the names of the signatories. Obituaries from companies also often contain their own address.

Accuracy is essential here. To ensure the accuracy of general information, authors should consult the deceased's family for a review.

Special obituaries: what are some examples?

Anyone who writes an obituary honors, for example, colleagues at work, members of the public such as athletes, artists and politicians, or other personalities such as scientists. The advertisements can therefore refer to a manageable and very large recipient radius - depending on the familiarity of the deceased and the recognition they have received.

Although the necrology takes place outside the private sphere when it is published in the newspaper, an arrangement with the family of the deceased is always advisable - solely to prevent the obituary from appearing before the relatives' death announcement.

In the case of prominent people, necrology can even take place as a TV broadcast. Two common written obituaries in the event of death, however, are:

  • Obituary notice employee
  • Obituary club member

In principle, an obituary notice should never be created as a template, but certain criteria can act as a kind of template in combination with individual additions.

What does an employee obituary look like?

When it comes to obituaries for employees, there can be big differences in content, because the obituary for a colleague with a comparatively low period of employment will most likely sound different than the obituary for a member of the board. For this reason, the exemplary obituary for employees - typical for a newspaper - is brief and includes the following information: data on death, personal information, positions in the company, the duration of the activity, positive collegial and professional details, sympathy and information about the company .

introductionIt is with a heavy heart that we say goodbye to
personal dataMax Mustermann, who died on [date of death] at the age of [age].
BulkWe will remember Mr. Mustermann as an honorable, always friendly and helpful colleague and exemplary employee. After years of service in the company, a painful gap arises not only in his last position as [activity].
sympathyOur condolences and deepest sympathies go to the family and friends of Mr. Mustermann.
graduationOn behalf of the team of [Company Name] [Name of Person in Charge]

Obituary for club members: sample

Often the obituary from an association is less formal in terms of content, without having to forego the usual formalities. The obituary for a club member can use similar examples as in the template for employees, but with a different focus in the main part.

An example obituary:

introductionWith great dismay, we mourn the unexpected passing of
personal dataMax Mustermann, who passed away on [date of death] at the age of [age].
BulkMax lived the sport and was a role model for all club members in terms of fairness, respect and discipline. His always polite and humorous manner will be missed and his memory will have a permanent place with us for all time.
sympathyWe feel deeply compassionate for Max's family, loved ones, and friends.
graduationThe members and friends of the [club name] [names of all persons involved]