Which prevents alcohol from being banned

Alcohol ban in popular public places: special regulation on May 1st

State capital - LHS

State capital - LHS

State capital - LHS

On Saturday 1st May, special regulations apply with regard to the alcohol ban. On Labor Day, the consumption of alcoholic beverages is prohibited between 12 p.m. and 10 p.m. in the following public places and streets:
Nauwieser district

  • Nauwieser Straße house number 23/50 to the intersection Nassauerstraße
  • Cecilienstraße house number 8/11 to the intersection Nauwieser Straße
  • Blumenstrasse between the junction of Johannisstrasse and Försterstrasse
  • Nassauerstraße 16 to the intersection Nauwieserstraße
  • Försterstrasse from the Blumenstrasse intersection to the Nassauerstrasse intersection
  • Nauwieser Platz
  • Max-Ophüls-Platz

Green spaces
The alcohol ban applies here on the bank area and in the facilities along the Saar (green area “Am Staden” and Willi-Graf-Ufer), starting at the level of the “Undine” restaurant up to Wilhelm-Heinrich-Brücke, including the steps on the Berlin Promenade. The regulatory area also includes the green spaces including the associated pathways and wall areas. In the area from the street “Am Staden” to the bend in street “Obere Lauerfahrt”, the ban also applies to the sidewalks and open spaces on the bank side, including the boundary wall towards the green area. Furthermore, the alcohol ban on Tbilisser Platz including the boundary wall to the green area applies. The bank area and the facilities along the Saar are very popular as a place to linger or picnic, especially when the weather is good. The associated pathways and walls are often used as seating.

On May 1st, the alcohol ban will also apply in the German-French Garden (DFG) and in the Hafeninsel public park. The DFG and the Bürgerpark Hafeninsel are particularly popular areas on public holidays.

Alcohol is now prohibited in popular public places from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m.

On all other days, consumption of alcoholic beverages in the above-mentioned public places and streets is prohibited from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m. with immediate effect. Exceptions are the DFG and the Bürgerpark Hafeninsel - here the ban only applies on May 1st.

Mask requirement in Kaltenbachstraße extended - otherwise it will be lifted

As a further measure to contain the corona pandemic, the state capital is extending the time-limited mask requirement in Kaltenbachstraße. From 11 a.m. to 10 p.m., people over the age of six must wear a medical face mask (surgical mask) or masks of the KN95 / N95 or FFP2 standards, unless there are health reasons to the contrary. The corresponding general decree is effective immediately. At St. Johanner Markt and in Saaruferstraße, however, the mask requirement has been lifted, as the number of visitors there has significantly decreased after the federal emergency brake came into force and the outdoor restaurants were closed.

The Kaltenbachstrasse is still heavily frequented due to the factories located there, which mainly offer take-away food and drinks. Queues form here throughout the day, especially around lunch time and in the evening hours. Often, food and drinks are then consumed in the immediate vicinity. In the late evening hours, alcoholic beverages are often consumed, which leads to crowds of people on Kaltenbachstrasse. The new regulation for wearing a mask is intended to remind passers-by not to consume food and drinks on site.

“The number of infections is still too high. Our measures are intended to help delay the spread of the disease and interrupt chains of infection. They serve to protect the health of the population. In coordination with the police, we will also carry out the relevant key checks this weekend, ”says Sascha Grimm, the head of the administrative department responsible for the public order office.

Posters indicate that a mask is required and that alcohol is prohibited

The state capital will use posters in the relevant areas to draw attention to the requirement to wear a mask and the ban on alcohol. Both regulations will initially apply up to and including Monday, May 10th. The state capital issues the general decree on the basis of the Infection Protection Act and the state's current statutory ordinance on the corona pandemic. In it, the local police authority is empowered to impose an obligation to wear a face-to-face mask on certain heavily frequented public streets and places and to prohibit the consumption of alcoholic beverages.

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Maps with the areas affected by the mask requirement and the alcohol ban are available for download.