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Severus Snape

Severus Snape
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January 9, 1960
Spinner's End, Cokeworth, Midlands, England, UK


May 2, 1998
(Age: 38 years),
Howling Cottage, Hogsmeade, Highlands, Scotland[1]

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Lord Voldemort[9]

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Unknown length, wood and core





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Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone(First appearance)

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Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (Video Game 2)

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  • Erich Hallhuber †
    (Films 1 + 2)
  • Bernd Rumpf (from film 3)
Dumbledore: "After all this time?"
Snape: "Always."
- Snape's love for Lily

Severus Snape (Born January 9, 1960; † May 2, 1998) was a half-blooded magician, potions master(1981-96), Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher (1996-97) and headmaster (1997-98) the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. He was a member of the Order of the Phoenix and played a crucial role as a double agent in both wizarding wars against Lord Voldemort.

Snape attended Hogwarts School with Lily Evans, James Potter, Remus Lupine, Sirius Black and Peter Pettigrew from 1971 to 1978 and was assigned to the Slytherin house. He had an open hostility towards James Potter in particular.

Severus grew up in a Muggle neighborhood near the Evans family. He met Lily and Petunia Evans when he was nine years old and fell unconditionally in love with Lily. However, she knew nothing about it and the two became very close friends. He came to Hogwarts with Lily, but they were separated by the rivalry between their two houses. Severus became the immediate enemy of James Potter and Sirius Black and was a frequent victim of their bullying attacks. Snape developed a passion for the Dark Arts that grew as his desire for revenge grew stronger. Snape came into the company of later Death Eaters in Slytherin, which ultimately broke his friendship with Muggle-born Lily. In an attempt to regain Lily's trust, Snape joined the Death Eaters, as did many of his Slytherin schoolmates.

Shortly before Lily was murdered by Lord Voldemort, Snape switched sides and became a member of the Order of the Phoenix and a double agent of Dumbledore. With enormous difficulty, Snape prevented Lord Voldemort from discovering the truth about his loyalty. Despite the hatred and distrust of others, including Harry, Albus trusted Dumbledore in Snape for reasons known only to both of them until their deaths. When Snape died, it was revealed that his deep love for Lily Evans led him to sacrifice himself in assisting Dumbledore's cause for her protection (and after her death, that of her son) before Lord Voldemort.

The relationship between Dumbledore and Snape was characterized by an unusually strong loyalty, as Snape was ready to kill Dumbledore at his own request. Before Dumbledore's death, Snape promised to protect Hogwarts students from the Death Eaters. Snape later took part in the Battle of Hogwarts but was murdered by Lord Voldemort, who mistakenly believed that Snape was the Master of the Elder Wand. However, Potter was the master of the Elder Wand, as Draco Malfoy had disarmed Dumbledore and Snape, through his collaboration with Dumbledore, had never defeated Dumbledore.

Harry named his second son, Albus Severus, after Severus Snape.


As Head of House for Slytherin, he mostly bullied Harry and his Gryffindor classmates and preferred his own house. Neville Longbottom in particular lived in constant fear of Snape. In her 7th grade (Harry, Hermione and Ron are on the hunt for Horcruxes) Severus Snape became Headmaster of Hogwarts on behalf of Lord Voldemort. He and Alecto and Amycus Carrow were responsible for the penalties there when Muggleborns rebelled against the Purebloods.

Since childhood, Snape was friends with Harry Potter's mother, Lily Evans. In a playground he told Lily, who came from a Muggle family, for the first time in her life about magical powers and the world of wizards and witches. Lily's sister Petunia, who had no magical abilities, was jealous, especially after Snape and Lily, who had become friends, found a letter in their room from Professor Dumbledore explaining why he was not accepting Petunia at Hogwarts could.

The two were friends during their school days at Hogwarts, although Snape lived in the Slytherin house and Lily lived in Gryffindor. Because of Snape's interest in the Dark Arts, Lily gradually turned away from him. The friendship was finally over when Snape was attacked by James Potter and he cursed Lily, who was defending him from James, as Mudblood. Snape tried stubbornly and desperately to apologize to Lily, but this could no longer save the friendship.

As a student in the Slytherin house, the path to becoming a follower of Lord Voldemort was opened to him, and he later joined him. He spied on parts of Sybill Trelawney's prophecy for Lord Voldemort. Rather by chance, he overheard a conversation between Headmaster Albus Dumbledore and applicant Trelawney and reported it to the Dark Lord. Fortunately, he had only heard part of the prophecy as he was kicked out by the inn owner, Aberforth Dumbledore. Shortly after betraying the part of the prophecy to the Dark Lord, Snape returned to Hogwarts and showed remorse. It turned out that he had been in love with Lily since childhood and did not want her death. Voldemort, interpreting the information as having to kill the Potters' son, went to see the Potters. Lily wanted to protect Harry and was killed, just like his father. Snape had pleaded expressly to spare his great love Lily. Dumbledore agreed with Snape that he would try to protect her.

Severus promised to protect the life of her son Harry in memory of Lily. This secret bond between the men remained secret at Snape's urgent request, which Dumbledore regretted very much. Snape worked alongside Dumbledore as a spy and was hired as a teacher at Hogwarts. Others, however, repeatedly doubted that Snape had actually defected on the good side.

In Harry Potter's 5th grade, Snape capitalized on his past as a Death Eater and spied as an agent for the Order of the Phoenix. He also taught Harry Occlumency (Closing the mind). This was unsuccessful, however, as Harry, on the contrary, feared that Snape's lessons would open his mind even further to Lord Voldemort. The class was ended by Snape when Harry plunged into the Pensieve in an unobserved moment with Snape's thoughts and learned, among other things, how Snape was magically humiliated as a student by his father James, but defended by his mother Lily. This unwanted revelation eventually led Snape to decline any further Occlumency classes. Harry, however, was shocked by Snape's memories of his father and for the first time doubted the image of the exemplary man he had always defended so far.

Eventually, Snape was appointed Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher in the 1996/97 school year. At the same time Harry Potter developed into a model student in potions brewing with the new teacher Horace Slughorn, because he fell into the hands of an old schoolbook full of valuable clues of the Half-Blood Prince, who was Severus Snape himself. He called himself "Eileen Prince" because of a play on words with his mother's name and revealed this to Harry at the end of volume six when he tried to attack Snape with a spell he had found in the Half-Blood Prince's book.

Shortly before the start of the 6th grade, Narcissa Malfoy and her sister Bellatrix Lestrange paid Snape a visit to his home in Spinner’s End. When Bellatrix questioned his loyalty to the Dark Lord, he gave her precise explanations for any acts and conduct that might suggest he was on Dumbledore's side to refute her claims. It was only when he took the Unbreakable Oath to Narcissa Malfoy that he seemed to convince Bellatrix of his loyalty. Snape vowed to help Narcissa's son Draco, who had been commissioned by Lord Voldemort to kill Dumbledore. In fact, while fighting in the Astronomy Tower, Draco could not bring himself to pronounce the killing curse, even though he had already disarmed Dumbledore and thus defeated him. Snape finally pushed the insecure boy aside and apparently killed Dumbledore in cold blood with the killing curse "Avada Kedavra". But not only the Unbreakable Oath with Draco's mother is the reason for Snape's actions (if the oath is broken, the person bound by the oath dies). Severus Snape supported Draco Malfoy's endeavors and killed Dumbledore, but this had been planned before Dumbledore and Snape's departure, as Dumbledore knew that by his injury when he put the ring with the Resurrection Stone on his finger, he had been weakened, d. H. that he would have died within a year. As Harry found out after Snape's death, this was in line with Dumbledore's plan, which did not want to burden Draco with the murder and, in any case, Dumbledore himself did not have long to live. But there was more to it than that: Dumbledore wanted to be killed by Snape so that the power of the Elder Wand would pass to him. This plan backfired, not for Harry, but for Voldemort. Snape wasn't the master, but Draco Malfoy was, as he had disarmed Dumbledore beforehand, which no one knew at first, including Voldemort. Subsequently, Snape and Malfoy managed to escape from Hogwarts.

In Volume 7, Snape was named Headmaster of Hogwarts by the corrupted Ministry of Magic. As planned by Dumbledore, Voldemort was now convinced of and trusted Snape's loyalty. Since Snape continued to secretly follow Dumbledore's plans, he helped Harry with his Patronus, a doe, so that he could find Gryffindor's sword so that the Horcruxes could be destroyed. Voldemort, who had no idea of ​​Snape's role until the end, had Snape killed by the serpent Nagini, in the belief that he would gain full power over the Elder Wand. According to legend, the full power of the staff is available only to the one who has defeated the previous owner. (Since Draco Malfoy disarmed Dumbledore at the end of Volume 6, Dumbledore was the "master" of the Elder Wand.) Harry and Hermione found Snape just before his death. He left his memories to Harry, who looked at them in Dumbledore's Pensieve in the Headmaster's Office, revealing Snape's motives and past: The reason for Dumbledore's unwavering trust in Snape was Snape's unrequited love for Harry's mother Lily, for whose death Snape felt responsible. This was why Snape had turned away from Voldemort. For this reason, as Dumbledore's double agent, Snape always protected Harry's life and supported him until his end while maintaining his disguise.

In the epilogue to the seventh volume, the younger of Harry's sons, who goes by the name Albus Severus, worried that he might be chosen for Slytherin instead of Gryffindor. Then Harry explained to him, "Albus Severus Potter, you are named after two headmasters at Hogwarts. One of them was in Slytherin and he was probably the bravest man I have ever known." (Engl.Albus Severus Potter, you were named after two headmasters of Hogwarts. One of them was a Slytherin and he was the bravest man I ever knew. )

Half-blood prince

"Half-Blood Prince" was an alias used by Severus Snape was used during his school days.

Snape's father was a Muggle who was named Tobias Snape. His mother was a pure-blood witch named Eileen Prince. So he was a half-breed. This and his mother's maiden name - prince(Engl.Prince ) result on the one hand the title half-blood prince as well as an indication of his descent as half-blood due to his belonging to the Prinz / Prince family. He is "half a prince or prince" (Engl."Half a Prince" ).

The alias Half-Blood Prince first appeared in Harry Potter's sixth year. Since Harry had not received an "unparalleled" in the ZAG, he was no longer allowed to attend the field of potions and could therefore not buy a potions book in Diagon Alley. However, when Horace Slughorn returned to Hogwarts as a Potions teacher, Harry was able to continue taking the subject and had to use a book from the closet in the classroom in the dungeons. On the inside of the book cover there is the remark "This book belongs to the half-blood prince". The book helped Harry a lot in his Potions class as it was full of useful information and additions to the recipes that led to excellent results. Snape was a very talented and powerful wizard, even in his school days. His potions skills were very good, and he had all of his ideas and improvements in the book.

When Slughorn Snape reported about Harry's successes, Harry was already suspicious, but at the latest when Harry used a spell invented by Snape - "Sectumsempra" - against Draco Malfoy, he was sure that Harry was using his old book. However, since he could not prove this, it came to the end of the school year, when Snape fled after killing Albus Dumbledore, to the resolution. Harry used one of the quotes from the book again, whereupon Snape blocked him and yelled at Harry not to use his own quotes against him and that he was the half-blood prince.

Snape is a so-called wizard inventor, he practiced this skill under the name of Half-Blood Prince.


I can teach you how to bottle fame, brew prestige, even cork death - unless you're a bunch of fools like the one I always have in class.
- Severus Snape to Gryffindor and Slytherin first years.
Ron: "Maybe he's sick."
Harry: "Maybe he quit because he's again banned from teaching Defense Against the Dark Arts!"
Ron: "Or they kicked him out! After all, nobody can stand him -"
Snape: "Or maybe he's waiting to hear from you why you didn't come on the school train."
- Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets
Stupid, as part of this class undoubtedly is, I still expect that you will at least achieve an 'Acceptable' in your OWLs, otherwise you will ... feel my discomfort. " This time his gaze stayed on Neville, who swallowed hard. "After this school year, of course, many of you will no longer study with me"continued Snape. "I only take the very best into my UTZ potions class, which means that some of you are sure to say goodbye." His eyes were now on Harry and his lips curled up. Harry glared back, feeling a grim pleasure at the thought that he could skip Potions class after fifth year. “But we still have a year ahead of us before this happy moment of farewell.
- Severus Snape in front of OWDs to a fifth grade
As fascinating as your social life is undoubtedly, Miss Granger "said an icy voice right behind them, “I have to admonish you not to discuss it in class. Ten points from Gryffindor.
- Admonition in class to Hermione Granger
Dolores Umbridge: "I think you applied for the Defense Against the Dark Arts position first?"
Snape: "Yes"
Dolores Umbridge: "But you didn't succeed with that?"
Snape: "Obviously."
- Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix
Oh very good", Snape interrupted, his lips curling. "Yes, it can be easily seen that nearly six years of magical training have not been wasted with you, Potter. Ghosts are transparent.
- Severus Snape to Harry Potter
Snape: "So this is your copy of Advanced Potions, Potter?"
Harry: "Yes."
Snape: "Are you really sure of that, Potter?"
Harry: "Yes."
Snape: "This is the copy of Advanced Potions you bought from Flourish & Blotts?"
Harry: "Yes."
Snape: "Then why is the name 'Runald Waschlab' on the inside of the book cover?"
Harry: "That's my nickname."
Snape: "Your nickname."
Harry: "Yeah, that's what my friends call me."
Snape: "I know what a nickname is."
- Severus Snape questions Harry Potter
He would have me! "said Bellatrix passionately. "Me, who sat in Azkaban for him for many years!"
"Yes, indeed, most admirable"
said Snape, sounding bored. "You didn't do him much good in prison, but the gesture was undoubtedly noble.
- Severus Snape during a hostile conversation with Bellatrix Lestrange


  • The crab species discovered in 2001 Harryplax severus was named after Harry Potter and Severus Snape[10].
  • There's a place called "Snape". Rowling was inspired by this for the surname.

Model of the figure

If you'd seen my grades in Chemistry .... That's why Snape teaches Potions. . . Don't say awwww! He deserved it! We can all think of teachers we'd like revenge on.
- JK Rowling, 18th October 2007

The "Snape" character is modeled on John Nettleship, Rowling's former chemistry teacher, who hired Rowling's mother, Anne, as a laboratory assistant despite her disability from incipient multiple sclerosis. According to Claire Jordan, a longtime good friend of Nettleship, he served as the template for 70% of what we know about Snape. Incidentally, the shape of the nose is not from Nettleship and, unlike Snape, he had gray eyes. His voice wasn't as deep as Alan Rickman's, either, and he saw himself more as the Book Snape than the Rickman Snape. The other thirty percent, especially his bad side, should come from Rowling himself, because, as she says, all characters contain something of her. Because he was Aspergeraut, he could not recognize or assign moods of other people and could not hide himself if he did not like someone. Without meaning it, he also seemed mean at times. How Snape treated his students has its origins in a potpourri of memories of teachers Rowling had in school who behaved in the same way, for example Sylvia Morgan, which Nettleship disliked about his teacher colleague. Even if he was a very kind person, he shared with Snape his political activism and the nature of fighting for the good.

it wasn't much fun being the Snape prototype - some people were very nasty about it, as he was obviously regarded as a bad guy by most readers.
- Nettleship in 2002

For a long time he didn't know that he was the role model for Snape and thought that he was just an unappealing character that tormented his students, while family and friends Nettleships had long suspected that he was Snape. When he found out that Snape was based on him, he wasn't at all pleased to be compared to this one at first, as he equated it with being accused of being a bad teacher, but he later became a fan of the Harry Potter-Series and also wrote himself Harry Potter-Fanfictions.[11][12]


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