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Why blogging is worthwhile even without visitors

Not everyone likes to stand on the big stage, a more intimate group can be more pleasant. Therefore, not everyone has to have tons of traffic on the blog. One can feel quite comfortable even with modest encouragement.

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And even if nobody came, the blog thing would still be worth it.

How can that be?

Bloggers are versatile. Blogging is varied. It's not just the lyrics and a few photos, there's a lot more. Because who blogs, learns and develops further. Make more of his life. An increase that can also pay off professionally. Blogging can make you more confident. Because blogging is also about self-expression. One stand in front of the mirror. That is also part of it. Sometimes it's better when no one is watching.

If you had visitors, you could learn interpersonal skills through comments. Many a blogger becomes a confidante or accomplice of his readers. Blogging is communication.

If it falls away because nobody is there (yet), then that's not nice. But it's neither Armageddon nor Nagasaki. Without an audience there is no feedback, nor can you earn anything with the blog. But since there is more to a life than a blog, it is useful for many things. And be it for yourself!

Blogging broadens your horizons

Anyone who relies on slow blogging, just maybe not calling it that, can relax while blogging. It really works. Think about life or the day and then, loosely, kiss your thoughts on the keys. Nobody has to worry about always wanting to blow out sensations.

Writing regularly develops your personality and gives you satisfaction. You learn to express yourself. That is a very valuable skill. Every blog post - whether consciously or not - always contains something from you. It may reveal more about you than you think.

One writes differently with one goal in mind; if you know what to express or what to communicate. A blog is just no diary, it is important to write in a structured way. Nobody reads a diary either, so the comparison fits. You write for yourself. You don't do that when blogging. Even if there are no readers.

If nobody reads, you at least pretend it's different and imagines his readers in mind. Perhaps you have an ideal reader in mind that you prefer to write for. It may be fictional, but you align yourself with it.

You need an activity to let your creativity out. You could paint or sing, play guitar, sew, fix robots, dance. Or just blog. For one, the blog is the studio, for the other the laboratory, workshop or hobby room. The stage has to not always be.

Do you know the feeling that comes over you when you have created something new? When you feel that you have succeeded in something. It's pure happiness. A great feeling. Unfortunately, it doesn't last long. Then it goes to the next work, whatever it is.

Blogging always means learning too. There are constant challenges. Assuming your blog continues to develop in terms of content and you don't always do the same thing.

Successful bloggers are greedy. But not necessarily for money or fame. They are (new) greedy and (knowingly) greedy, try things out and get to the bottom of them. This can be done safely without an audience. You should never be afraid. Nobody will express criticism. You have fool freedom in your own blogger walls.

You can have endless skills

What can a blogger do besides writing texts - and mostly just so-so? Well, dear blog critics, in addition to writing there is spelling and grammar, social media marketing, web design, advertising, photography, shooting and editing videos, organizing yourself and your own work, dealing with the blog system, illustration or communication. All sorts of things are opening up there.

Hard skills like HTML or CSS use you as a blogger. You don't learn them in passing, but you should notice one or the other of them over time. And once the interest has been aroused, even more.

The same applies to topics such as search engine optimization, servers or the structural structure of a website and its subtleties such as usability, user experience, accessibility, readability, navigation ... Even if you don't know the terms, as a blogger you still have to deal with them. It doesn't have to become a future specialty.

In addition, dealing with various programs, tools and apps. There is plenty of that in everyday blogging. You probably get to do with tools for

  • Graphics editing
  • Statistics (like Google Analytics)
  • Organization (like Trello)
  • Prescribe texts (as in LibreOffice)
  • Audio or video software
  • Photo development (like Lightroom)
  • FTP
  • SEO
  • Social media (like Buffer)

And if you send a newsletter to only a few subscribers, you inevitably find out about that too, learn something about optimal mailing, work with templates. Not everyone uses all of this or uses it intensely enough to get really good at it. That is individually different. Bloggers decide for themselves.

An [icon id = “tree“] tree grows even when nobody is looking

A blog is not a sack in which you drop a piece of content every now and then. On the contrary, it is an organic structure that is constantly changing. It grows. It has to be cultivated. You are the gardener of your blog. It's up to you to make your pages bloom and reap magnificent harvests. There is no need for a spectator.

If you don't just write an opinion, but want to convey something, you have to research your statements from time to time. And that's more than just querying Google. Or put another way, you have to use the search engines correct Interrogate. That, too, is a skill that can be used elsewhere. You can do this for others, but also for yourself. Where would you learn more? And that too in an informal way.

Social media doesn't just consist of apps. It is important to research the networks and make them usable for you. You will find that there is more to it than just a bit of status reporting and connecting with friends.

You can already see that it is about abilities that, once you have attained them, call you to something higher.

Blogging is a piece of self-realization

Your blog is your home. Here you can wallpaper (change theme) and move furniture (widgets) as and as often as you want. You choose the colors and the rules. Yes, I know, that is sometimes pointless if no one comes to adhere to it. Still, it's a good feeling. Your living room is not a showroom, but it is important to you. Above all, a person has to feel good. You yourself.

Anyone who does not curry favor remains an original. Do things your way, don't bend to a fashion or someone else's taste. And when guests do turn up, they will feel your originality and praise you for it. Whatever happens, those who blog with passion always benefit in the end.

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