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Once again, not having learned for the announced class work, numerous students present their parents with sufficient to poorly rated tests for signature. Shocked by the grades of their own child, a large part of the parenting takes tough action and gives their offspring tutoring lessons under professional guidance. The question that arises here is which tutoring can bring about rapid learning success for one's own offspring. A test reveals which tuition placement can bring about the desired grade improvement.

Parents invest in their offspring's education

According to a study by the Bertelsmann Foundation, 1.2 million schoolchildren nationwide receive tutoring. Parents pay around 879 euros a year for private tuition so that their own child's school performance improves over time. Thus, the monthly costs of extracurricular support amount to 87 euros. According to the study, 14 percent of students between the ages of six and 16 take private lessons. Private tutoring services are more likely to be sought by students of wealthy parents than by children of parents with normal incomes. In addition, the study reveals that children and young people without a migrant background are more likely to make use of tutoring services than their classmates with foreign roots.

Delimitation of the term tuition

The term tuition refers to supporting measures for schoolchildren. Although they take place outside of school hours, they provide a direct link to the learning content.

There are different reasons for taking advantage of professional tutoring

In most cases, hiring a tutor appears to be necessary when suddenly poor grades or poor assessments from teachers flutter into the house. However, the endeavor is by no means only to improve one's own school performance. Rather, high-performing students also consider using a tutor, so that not only performance deficits can be compensated by the tutoring institutes.

Parents only want the best for their child

Depending on the educational model, parents have different expectations when it comes to school and learning. Therefore, they usually give their offspring extra tuition in order to be able to keep up in a certain type of school, such as high school, or to improve their current academic performance. The type of school chosen often does not match the child's abilities. Little convinced that the existing learning deficit will also be reflected in the further course of school, parents usually send their children to schools that promise them the highest qualification, such as grammar school. In this way, parents want to help their children achieve social advancement and, conversely, protect them from the intergenerational loss of status.

Up the professional career ladder

In addition to improving school performance, tutoring services are also used to achieve vocational educational goals. As a result, schoolchildren are more likely to attend tutoring institutes if this enables them to have a higher likelihood of an acceptable educational qualification and thus better employment opportunities. After all, determined pupils express a greater interest in expanding their performance with the help of private lessons and thus gaining a competitive advantage over other competitors.

Different forms of tutoring

Anyone who plays with the idea of ​​wanting to improve their child's academic performance cannot avoid taking advantage of tutoring services. The question often arises as to which type of tutoring promises the hoped-for learning success:

Study software and online tutoring programs

If the student has to cope with minor learning and bridging gaps, online tutoring programs in particular prove to be extremely supportive. Good programs have the advantage that they are very patient with their users, convey a certain fun factor and are incorruptible. The programs have different prices, so a comparison is definitely recommended.

School help

Numerous schools have made it their educational offer to offer their students supportive measures, such as homework supervision or remedial classes in the afternoon. Your advantage is that the student receives support in the learning environment, for which only a contribution of five euros per hour is expected.

One-to-one tuition by classmates

If the deficits of the student with learning difficulties are not too great, intelligent friends from the class can also be hired as tutors. After all, they know exactly about the teacher's peculiarities and preferences, are able to identify any comprehension problems more easily and provide support. For this familiar type of tutoring, students usually expect an hourly rate of eight euros.

Teachers and students

If the student's need to catch up seems so great that even a classmate can no longer help, a professional in the form of a teacher or student should be used. You can fall back on the necessary specialist knowledge and convey the learning material using suitable methods. They are also there to teach the student learning strategies and working techniques for independent learning. For this effective tutoring method, teachers and students charge hourly rates between ten and 20 euros.

Tutoring institutes

Almost half of all tutoring students take individual or group lessons. They have the advantage that they have schools in almost every location and that they have well-trained teaching staff. The parents have to pay between 12 and 20 euros per hour.

Tutoring placement in the test (November 2017)

In cooperation with Deutschland Test, Service-Value determined which tutoring providers are particularly popular with their customers. Eight out of 14 tutoring placements achieved above-average results (source).

Four are very good in the opinion of their customers:

  • Barabarossa learning studio
  • Study group
  • Student help
  • Abacus tutoring

The online survey took part in 650 people who had taken tuition for their children in the past 12 months. The questions asked were customer loyalty, product and performance, qualification of tutors, service and price-performance ratio.

Tutoring placement test - DISQ study 2017

In February 2017, the German Institute for Service Quality (DISQ) published a study in which four supraregional tutoring institutes (Kumon, Lernstudio Barbarossa, Schülerhilfe, Studienkreis) were evaluated with regard to service, benefits and contractual conditions. The quality of the service was weighted at 70 percent. The results of the performance analysis were included in the overall result with a 30 percent weighting (source).

Overall, the testers found that the tutoring agencies offer good service and, above all, convince with on-site advice. However, the Internet presence and e-mail responses do worse, which is why none of the providers comes out with a “good” rating.

With the exception of Kumon, which only offers tutoring in math and English, all other tutoring agencies have a large portfolio of subjects. All offer individual support plans. However, since the teaching concepts vary widely, a price comparison is difficult.

The test results

Study group is the test winner of the DISQ study 2017 and not only in the overall evaluation, but also in all sub-areas (service, benefits).

rankCompaniesQuality judgment
1Study groupvery good
2Student helpWell
3Barbarossa learning studioWell

Conclusion on the test

Parents looking for tutoring for their offspring do not go wrong with any of the large institutes. However, it is worthwhile to think about which learning concept you want and in which areas the child's weaknesses lie.

The great Testsieger-Berichte.de - tuition mediation comparison

Due to the fact that private tutoring proves to be an extremely comfortable solution for school problems and is also increasingly used by the school-based society, Testsieger-Berichte.de has examined the learning concept of different tutoring agencies. In order to make the tutoring agencies more comparable with each other, the comparison was limited to the three most popular tutoring agencies. In the course of this, Testsieger-Berichte.de examined the different tutoring institutes with regard to the following criteria:

Learning concept: When it comes to taking advantage of a tutoring lesson, you naturally want to know what the learning concept of the respective institute looks like. Therefore, we took a closer look behind the learning concept with which the tutoring agencies plead for better grades.

Services: If you scour the Internet for possible tutoring, the price-performance ratio often decides the choice of the

Tutoring institute. In the course of this, we looked at the variety of services with which the various tutoring agencies appear.

Costs: When comparing the providers, not only the variety of services has long been decisive, but also the cost aspect. For this reason, we have analyzed the prices at which the private tuition agencies offer their services.

Subjects: When choosing a tutoring agency, it is important that they can provide the desired support even in the ailing subject. We therefore examined which subjects are in their tutoring repertoire.

Reviews: By using a service, you naturally want to be sure that the child is in the best of hands. With this in mind, we have taken a look at the experiences of other customers and show how satisfied they are with the respective tutoring.

On the basis of these criteria, we have carefully examined the learning concept of the following tutoring arrangements:

  • www.tutoria.de
  • www.sofatutor.de
  • www.erstenachhilfe.de
  • www.schuelerhilfe.de

By and large, all 4 tutoring agencies can convince with a comprehensive range of services that help the learner with better school grades. They all offer the opportunity to take private lessons. The only points that distinguish them from each other are on the one hand the applied learning concept, with which they introduce the students more easily to the subject or topic, and on the other hand in the price calculation of their service.

Tutoria - Every student learns differently

As Germany's leading digital education company, tutoria puts its training focus on the individual learning of the student. With a team of more than 20,000 qualified tutors, they have created a comprehensive service for one-to-one tuition that meets the highest quality requirements and promises an effective improvement in grades. Students who improve their performance via tutoria can access their online course documents in their account and monitor their successes in an interactive way. Tutoria takes the subject of interactivity very seriously in their educational work, so that they give the student a holistic learning experience with innovative language training. If the student takes personal one-to-one lessons, tutoria accompanies them with media elements, such as online magazines and audio-video units.

Strengths are improved and weaknesses eliminated

If you focus on the learning concept of tutoria, you can see how they acknowledge the fact that every person learns in an individual way. If a pupil with learning difficulties comes to them, they first analyze the current learning situation of the pupil. In doing so, they particularly address the motivation as well as strengths and weaknesses of the student who is willing to learn. On the basis of these performance characteristics, the tutors design the individual lessons for the student. Ultimately, learning problems can only be solved and learning success guaranteed if teachers and students work together optimally. Another component of their educational work is the learning analysis. In the account of the learning platform, parents have the opportunity to view the learning progress of their children after each tutoring lesson. With the help of the feedback provided, the parents receive certainty about which topics were dealt with in the tutoring lesson and how successfully the student has absorbed and internalized them. If you take a close look at the services offered, they pledge their loyalty to their motto “private tuition nearby”. Regardless of where the student is at the moment, he can get in touch with his teacher via the tutoria learning environment.

Support as far as the eye can see

In doing so, they base their learning concept on the following services:

One-to-one tuition online

As part of online one-to-one tuition, students and teachers meet online in the tutoria learning environment. Equipped with a webcam and microphone, they talk to each other and can work on common documents via an interactive whiteboard.

Vacation tuition

If the move to secondary school or a follow-up exam is due, students have the option of taking vacation tuition. Away from school and any homework, they can concentrate on specific learning goals. Because the teacher gives his support in the areas where it appears necessary, which saves valuable vacation time. The tutoring dates are based on the private holiday calendar, so that there is enough time for leisure activities.

Abitur learning packages

If students are about to graduate from high school, tutoria comprehensively prepares them for the Abitur exams in math, physics, chemistry and English. The students can choose between different hourly contingents. The intensive package provides 16 hours of 45 minutes each. The Abi package compact contains 8 hours of 45 minutes each, while the learning package minimal limits your service to 4 hours of 45 minutes per unit. If a student decides to prepare for the Abitur, he or she can choose whether it takes place at home or in the interactive learning environment

Reading spelling training

If the student has weaknesses in reading and writing, these can be trained with the help of tutoria. The tutor takes on the weakness and trains the reading and writing skills of the student in a targeted manner. As with the Abitur learning packages, you can choose between different types of courses. With the Minimal training, the student receives two lessons per month in reading and spelling training. On the other hand, the “Classical” course type includes 4 lessons per month. However, if the student needs intensive training, 8 hours per month are provided, which can also take place at home in one-to-one tuition.

Subjects that are dealt with in tutoria

The tutoria.de tuition broker limits its services to the following areas:

  • mathematics
  • Languages ​​(English, German, French, Latin, Spanish)
  • Natural sciences (chemistry, biology, physics)
  • Business Administration / Accounting, BWR)
  • Geography

Prices depend on the type of service

If you ask yourself how tutoria handles the payment of their services, this is done via the student's account. The user account can be loaded with a credit, from which the monthly fees and the individual lessons are paid. The monthly fees vary depending on the selected service. One-to-one tuition is already charged at an hourly rate of 15 euros, while the general monthly fee levels off at nine euros. At the end of a billing month, parents receive an invoice with all the listed lessons, which they can conveniently pay by direct debit or credit card (credit card in the test).

Very satisfied customers

If one looks at the experiences with tutoria in detail, it becomes apparent that the parents are quite satisfied with their tutoring. Customers report, for example, that the child has found fun at school again through tutoria. Others, on the other hand, show that the pupils concerned have regained self-confidence through tutoria and dare to solve complex issues on the blackboard.

Sofatutor - learn very easily with videos

The tuition agency sofatutor.de is an online learning platform for schoolchildren and students in German-speaking countries that has been active on the education market since 2009. They convey complex learning content by broadcasting high-quality explanatory and exercise videos.

Learning videos take up the content of current curricula

It is precisely these pedagogically designed explanatory videos that make your learning concept successful and popular among learners. The learning videos summarize the respective topics briefly and concisely in five to a maximum of ten minutes. Here they are based on the current curricula of the federal states.

Learning is so interactive

If you take a close look at sofatutor's range of services, students can choose from the following repertoire:

Educational videos

The didactic and high-quality learning videos explain the teaching topics covered in short, clear learning units of a maximum of ten minutes. They have a motivating effect and are age-appropriate for the individual grade levels. The quality of your learning videos is subject to the cooperation between teachers and subject matter experts as well as technical and didactic testing of the visualizations.


With the use of the tutoring agent, students receive exercises in all subjects and grade levels. The exercises provided also include interactive exercises that are intended to convey to the learner that learning can also be fun. In general, a practice unit consists of four practice tasks and one bonus task, which corresponds to the personal level of difficulty. In this way, students can steadily improve their own performance. After each learning video, the willing student is given a basic task. He has three attempts to solve the task. If he doesn't know the answer right away, he will be given numerous tips to support him. If he still does not get any further, he can view the respective passage of the video within the video help. Furthermore, sofatutor shows the solution to the corresponding exercise after each task.

Homework chat

During the homework time from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m., teachers answer questions about homework, lesson content and exam preparation topics every day. The students can rely on it. that you will receive a professional answer within one to three minutes. Sofatutor limit their support to the most important subjects from the first to the 13th grade.

Private tutoring

Based on set goals, the student's gaps are closed quickly and effectively. In addition, the student receives support with homework and preparation for a class test. He can take the tutoring anytime and anywhere without having to get used to a complicated technique. All you need is a computer with an Internet connection, webcam and microphone.

Subjects with educational videos

They limit their range of services with the specially designed explanatory videos to the following subjects:

  • mathematics
  • Natural sciences (chemistry, biology, physics)
  • Languages ​​(English, German, French, Spanish, Latin, Italian)
  • history
  • geography
  • politics
  • Computer science
  • music
  • Learning and working techniques
  • religion
  • UNI: (economics, natural sciences and mathematics, law, engineering, humanities, medicine and health care)

Costs vary depending on the service package

If students choose sofatutor's service, they can choose between two different service packages. In the “Learning Platform” package, students have access to all learning videos and exercises. The offer is aimed at all grades and subjects. In addition, the homework chat is at his side with advice and action and he can rely on a money-back guarantee. Sofatutor charges 19.95 euros per month for this service. If the student not only wants to enjoy the benefits of the learning platform, but also wants to take advantage of individual tutoring, this service is estimated at EUR 99.95 per month. The one-to-one tuition provides a duration of 45 minutes per week.

Learning from home is very positive

In addition, sofatutor can make a positive impression with satisfied customers. In particular, learning the method from home is very positive for them. In addition, the interactive videos also prove to be a great aid in exam preparation.

First tutoring - looking for the right tutoring

With a community of 280,000 members, erstachhilfe.de is the largest German-speaking online marketplace when it comes to tutoring, language lessons and language tandems. It offers its members high-quality contacts to qualified and inexpensive tutoring and language teachers. In this way, suitable teachers and language partners can be found quickly to achieve the respective learning goals.

Learning concept - as individual as the person

Your educational work is based on the methodology of individual tutoring. To this end, gaps in understanding are analyzed individually and in a targeted manner. In this way, problems in certain subjects can be systematically and effectively improved. In order for the tutoring to be crowned with success, the student must be ready to accept help to work through arrears together with the teacher. In their tutoring, they not only focus on improving school performance, but also support the child in self-determined learning and repetition of the subject matter.

Services is limited to the search

If you become a member of the tutoring agent, the following services can be used:

Find a tutor

So that you can find the right tutor or language partner for a tandem, you can submit a job application or search for the perfect tutor.

Compartments of the online marketplace

Ersteachhilfe.de limits its online marketplace to the following subjects:

  • mathematics
  • Languages ​​(English, German, French, Latin, Chinese, Italian, Japanese, Turkish, Polish, Ancient Greek, Russian, Spanish)
  • Business administration (accounting, business administration, economics)
  • Natural sciences (chemistry, biology, physics)
  • history
  • religion
  • law
  • music
  • Geography
  • politics

Only the contact with the tutor is chargeable

Those who are interested in firstachhilfe.de can expect different costs depending on their membership. With the basic membership, the user is given the opportunity to create a profile and enter requests free of charge. With that he enjoys a free membership for life. If, on the other hand, you opt for the premium version, the member can also contact the tutor directly via instant message or telephone. Furthermore he has the possibility to read, write and answer full text messages. These services are available to the learner for a monthly fee of 7.95 euros.

Student help - together for learning success

Since 1974, Schülerhilfe has not only conveyed general school knowledge. Rather, she trains the methodological and social skills of her tutoring students. These include, for example, reliability, discipline and punctuality. The knowledge imparted enables the students to be more self-confident so that they can face everyday school life and the demands of modern society without any problems.

Learning concept with the aim of improving grades

The learning concept of the student aid is based on the goal of improving grades. In the first step, an individual consultation takes place, which analyzes the individual needs of the child. On the basis of the needs analysis, support models are subsequently developed that train the child's learning and work behavior and guide him to independent learning in the long term. They ensure their sense of quality with their internal qualification process. Accordingly, every prospective tutor is assigned a specialist who teaches her all the basics for implementing the learning concept.

Flexibility is paramount

If you conclude an education contract with Schülerhilfe, you can be sure that it can be changed flexibly in every respect. In this context, the tutoring can be made more intensive or the subject to be treated can be changed. Regular discussions and detailed student documentation inform the parents about how the child's level of learning is developing. With the guarantee “5 away or money back”, the student aid guarantees an improvement in grades until the next school report. Provided everyone involved lends a hand and the student sticks to the intensive support plan.

Achievements relate to the student's support

With the aim of steadily improving grades, the following services can be used by student aid:

Primary school funding

As part of the primary school support, the tutors respond to the student's learning needs in an age-appropriate manner and introduce them to the right learning and working techniques. In addition, they strengthen the general knowledge of the student.

Exam preparation

When preparing for the exam, the pupil is taught the lack of knowledge and the teachers deal with all relevant exam content in a targeted manner - from high school diploma to post-graduate exams to attaining the secondary school diploma or secondary school diploma.

Apprentice training

If trainees have problems in the vocational school, they can rely on the professional support of the student support in the subjects English, German and math. By taking advantage of the vacation courses, you can optimally prepare for the next year of vocational school.

Spanish tutoring

If students take the Spanish tuition, they can not only expand their basic vocabulary, but also have the opportunity to refresh their grammar knowledge and fill in gaps in knowledge.

Subjects of tutoring

They concentrate their tutoring on the following subjects:

  • mathematics
  • Languages ​​(English, German, French, Spanish, Latin)
  • Natural sciences (biology, chemistry, physics)
  • Accounting

Price depends on the individual needs

If one asks how expensive the tuition of the student help is, no precise information can be given. After all, the price is based on the child's individual needs. Depending on the funding, one hour costs EUR 8.70.

Children feel understood

If you look at the reviews of the student aid, a positive response can be seen. Furthermore, the parents notice that their children feel that they are in good hands and understood by the student help. In contrast, others criticize the need to crack down on disruptive children so that the child's learning success is not hindered.

Recommendations for choosing a tutoring agency

In order to find the tutor you trust when choosing a tutor, it makes sense to take some advice to heart:

  • Qualification of teachers: it makes sense to find out about the qualifications of the teaching Bach aid teachers
  • Contact: It is also important that initial contact is established between the tutor and the teacher so that the student's weaknesses can be discussed in advance.
  • Fixed-term contracts: When concluding the contract, it should be ensured that it is initially limited in time. If necessary, it can still be extended afterwards.
  • Regular discussions: It is important to ask for regular discussions so that the parents are informed about the progress of the tutoring.
  • Costs incurred: It is advisable to find out about possible costs in advance in the event that the lesson has to be canceled due to illness or vacation.
  • Current subject matter: It is essential to ensure that the tutor covers current topics from the school.
  • No homework assistance: As successful as the tutoring may be, it should be noted that it does not replace homework supervision.

Tax deductibility of the tutoring lessons

In principle, the cost of tutoring cannot be deducted from tax. Under tax law, they are not assigned to the childcare category, but as costs of private life. Ultimately, the legislature assumes that extra costs for the child, such as class trips, school materials and tutoring, are covered by the child allowance or child benefit.

Deductible in exceptional cases

In exceptional cases, the lessons can be deducted from tax. This particular case occurs when the child has a medical history, such as dyslexia. It is precisely this reading and spelling weakness of the child that justifies the fact that the tuition costs may be listed as an exceptional tax burden. The costs must exceed a certain amount, which, depending on the family, amounts to between one and seven percent of the taxable income.

Tutoring lessons are tax-deductible even if you move

If the child is considering moving to another federal state for work-related reasons, the child may need tutoring in order to understand the subject matter of the new class. Especially with a new school it can quickly happen that they are much more advanced in the subject matter than the previous school or that the students simply have completely different performance requirements. In such a case, tutoring lessons up to an amount of 1,612 euros can be deducted from tax as income-related expenses. Even only if the move was necessary for professional reasons.