What should change in basic education?

Alpha Element - Digital tools for the life-world-related basic education of adults

Digital assistance programs are already available for working with the elderly or people with disabilities. But nobody has yet systematically tested whether and to what extent they can also be used for everyday life by people with reading and writing difficulties. It would be conceivable, for example, that tablets with headsets and a read-aloud function could provide support when filling out an anamnesis questionnaire in the clinic, when filing an application in the citizens' office or when reading notices in the daycare center.

First step: Collect applications and develop them further for the target group

In a first step, "Alpha Element" will collect already available technical offers and then examine whether they can be applied to the needs of the target group or whether they can be further developed. In a second step, the project qualifies so-called eMentors in authorities, medical practices or day-care centers. You will be sensitized to the topic and get to know possible uses for digital tools. Together with experts for digital education and learner experts, they will develop concepts to incorporate the technology into their professional processes. On site, they are intended to support users in using the applications.

Objectives of the project: Self-determined participation and additional learning opportunities

The aim of the project is to improve the self-determined participation of people with functional illiteracy in their everyday lives. However, digital tools can also create additional learning opportunities and strengthen the learning motivation of those affected. The aids should therefore also be used as didactic elements in basic education. Appropriate advanced training for specialists and teachers from this area is also part of "Alpha Element".

The project is supported by the Berlin Association for Youth and Social Work. V. carried out by Helliwood media & education together with the training facility BITS 21. The cooperation partner is Reading and Writing e. V. The Berlin Senate Department for Education, Youth and Family supports "Alpha Elements" as an associated partner. Christian Griebel, Helliwood media & education im fjs e.V.