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A few days ago I noticed that strange faint lines were appearing in the colored parts of my drawings.

These lines are physically absent and disappear by zooming in or out or by drawing above / next to them

I have no idea what could be causing this, but restarting the software seems to prevent this from happening for a while

In the first attached picture you can see the faint vertical lines in the black part of the drawing, but after restarting the program the faint lines have disappeared

Any help would be appreciated !!

  • Deleted user
    How about contacting official support and having them analyzed if possible?

  • Thanks for your time!
  • Deleted user
    If you're going for an anime-style color, a shaded brush isn't for you.
    Also, if you use many levels of customization, it is difficult to pinpoint the source of the problem.
    I think there is no choice but to check by showing / hiding every layer that is present.

    The following image is an example of smoothing by extracting standard colors, which are not shadow colors, individually from the original with "Color gamut selection" and painting them separately with a single color mask.
    There are no factors that cause color unevenness.

  • I understand, thank you very much for the advice

    I will try to double-check each layer, but the virtual lines in the drawing don't seem to be part of a layer as they will go away on their own when the canvas is zoomed in / out, or when you just paint or approach them. Sorry for the strange explanation, it is very difficult to put into words