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medicine New study: Why certain people don't have problems with Covid-19

Who initiated the study and who is being investigated?

The study has now started at the Tübingen University Hospital and examines people for whom Corona did not cause any major problems.

Hypothesis: young people tend to have few problems with the disease

Study director Prof. Stefanie Joos, Institute for General Practice at the University of Tübingen, and Dr. Christian Förster specifically want to look at the long-term consequences of mild corona courses. Not only from young people, but from as many people as possible who had Corona and were not in the clinic.

New to the study: research on non-clinical corona courses

So far, most studies have only dealt with the long-term corona consequences of hospital patients. What hardly existed: Research on non-clinical corona courses. About 80 percent of the corona courses are comparatively easy and do not have to be treated in the clinic.

What are the symptoms of these rather mild courses?

Young people report the following symptoms, for example: tiredness, headache, brief loss of taste, stinging in the lungs, severe cough.

After overcoming illness, sometimes slight weight gain, faster out of breath.

Where does the data for the study come from?

Data acquisition and data protection are more difficult to manage in this case, since the patients are not concentrated in one clinic, but are treated by various general practitioners. There is a wide variety of documentation systems there.

Prof. Stefanie Joos and her colleague Dr. Christian Förster want to offer a first broad study on mild corona courses. To this end, the doctors work together with health authorities - including in Reutlingen, Tübingen and Mannheim.

Patients use a questionnaire to provide information about their symptoms, possible long-term consequences, but also their lifestyle or whether they are taking medication. In this way, you can find out whether the use of certain medications due to other diseases has a positive effect on the course of Covid-19.

When can the results of the study be expected?

The Tübingen doctors want to evaluate at least 2,000 answer sheets. The first results could be available in early 2021.

What does the study bring?

Stefanie Joos estimates that the study on the long-term corona consequences should be of interest to doctors and politicians alike. Because when it is clearer who is affected by the disease and how, it is also clearer who needs special protection and who does not.

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