Do you think love is meant to be

Details about the book
  • Release date: 05/13/2019
  • 144 pages
  • Hanser publishing house
  • ISBN 978-3-446-25991-1
  • Germany: € 8.99
  • Austria: € 8.99

  • ePUB format
  • E-book ISBN 978-3-446-25991-1
  • E-book Germany: € 8.99

The unforgettable comic story of a cleansed sinner - the liar, deceiver and small-town Casanova Harry Widmer junior, who gives up the bicycle business he inherited from his father and flees to Mexico from his creditors and his pregnant lover. Harry sets it up comfortably and even learns the local language; but the sweet idleness becomes boring, the inescapability of memories tormenting - and at home, over the years, "the bastards" sit at the regulars table and make Harry the protagonist of their evening conversations. Until, yes, until there is a series of dramatic-banal events that make Harry turn around and make him realize that running away is no good.

Alex Capus

Alex Capus, born in Normandy in 1961, now lives in Olten. He writes novels, short stories and reports. For his literary work he was awarded the Solothurn Art Prize 2020, among others. At ...

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