Obesity could go away

Covid-19 pandemic Obesity promotes severe corona courses - especially among younger people

Medical professionals analyzed data from more than 7,600 patients

For their study, the medical professionals analyzed data from more than 7,600 patients from 88 US hospitals aged 50 years and under. Age, gender, origin and previous health problems were taken into account. The result: the vast majority (85 percent) of the patients admitted to the hospitals were either overweight or obese. "The risk of being so ill that a ventilator was needed rose in step with the increasing obesity," explains Grodin. In addition, the need for kidney dialysis and the likelihood of blood clots in deep veins and the lungs have increased.

Younger age does not protect

Even old age does not seem to protect against Covid infection. On the contrary: Corona diseases can escalate riskily, especially among up to 50-year-olds with obesity and overweight, their risk of severe and fatal courses is high. Weight is a risk marker, especially for the younger ones, explained Grodin. "Patients under 50 years of age with severe obesity even had a 36 percent higher risk of death than people of normal weight." Overall, the risk of dying from Covid-19 was 26 percent higher in adult patients with severe obesity.

Corona entry enzyme abundant in adipose tissue

The authors concede: The study does not explain why obesity worsens the results. However, guesses could be made. Obesity is linked to diseases such as high blood pressure and diabetes, which have been shown to have no positive effect on corona disease. The coronavirus also needs the enzyme called ACE2 to penetrate human cells. According to the researchers, this is abundant in adipose tissue. Additionally, Covid-19 patients can find it harder to breathe when they simply have more weight on their chest, says Grodin.