Is homework harmful or helpful?

"Not homework again!" Coming home, sitting down, relaxing and having the whole afternoon off is a utopia for many students. Here you can find out what advantages and disadvantages homework has and how homework can be made more bearable. Maybe you can convince your teachers of your opinion in the next discussion.

Arguments for homework

  1. Some tasks that require individual work, such as memorizing, cannot be done in class. Repetition is especially important with vocabulary.
  2. Every student learns differently. At home everyone can work on tasks at their own individual learning pace.
  3. There is often not enough time in school to practice the subject matter to a sufficient extent. In-depth study works better if you deal with it again in the afternoon.
  4. In addition, homework strengthens independence. It is important to note here, however, that the content and methods are given by the teachers, because it does not make sense that students are left to their own devices. By doing homework you will learn how to organize yourself, such as time management, which will help you a lot later after school.
  5. Teachers can create a customized study plan for a class or specific student when homework is discussed. Because if half of the class cannot work on tasks on a topic at home, teachers see that there is still a lot of need.

Arguments against homework

  1. Homework often means additional stress and strain. Those of you who still go to the sports or music club after school and want to maintain your social life know the problem. The day is just way too short.
  2. A lot of homework is also a burden for family life. Many parents cannot help or do not have time, which leads to constant arguments in some families.
  3. Moving too many tasks home is also against equal opportunities, because parents who are academics or can afford it give their children help or hire tutors, while parents with low incomes or little education can do little to help their children.
  4. If you were to ask who has already copied homework, almost everyone would probably get in touch. So homework sometimes leads to more dishonesty and fraud than self-employment.

What now?

Homework in and of itself is not a bad thing, because the practice aspect speaks in favor of it. However, one should rethink the way homework is done. A study by the German education server says: Better more often and on a small scale than less often and a lot, especially in subjects like mathematics. Because homework should help to better understand and under no circumstances replace lessons. It is also important that teachers teach students how to properly do homework beforehand. Research by the University of Bayreuth on the subject of homework shows that it is often assumed that homework needs help from others, for example from parents, and is not just the responsibility of students, and punishing people who do not do it is not particularly useful. Because many students do not necessarily do homework more often, but think up strategies to avoid the punishments. And that's rather counterproductive. When we wonder why so many don't do their homework, the answer is often the amount and bad approach. Homework just shouldn't be that much of a burden anymore. So the bottom line is: homework is generally useful, but the organization should be changed by the teachers. If you had the feeling that you were stuck or that you felt overwhelmed, then by all means speak to your teachers about it. [Yaez-box] If you need help with homework, you can also visit GoStudent. Questions will be answered via forums. The good thing about it: it doesn't cost anything. You can find out more about GoStudent here. [/ Yaez-box]