What if the turkey isn't fully thawed

Turkey took 2 hours longer in the oven with no bottom element

The answers you have are correct. The temperature of the furnace is the temperature regardless of whether there is one element or ten. It really only makes a difference for proximity to the element, which can result in local warmth or some tanning effects for open elements. Especially if it's a new oven, get a thermometer and check the settings are correct. One question I would have is if you are sure the turkey is fully thawed. If it is still partially frozen, it can greatly affect the cooking time.

I have raised my own turkeys in the past that were free range, older than the average commercial turkey, and that had no water added. These birds usually take a good 30-60% longer to cook for the same size as the meat is much denser than the average bird that has been injected with 10% or more salt water. Double time is pretty extreme, but the range can be very long just because the bird was reared.

Stuffing a bird as opposed to not can easily add 25% cooking time or more. Another variable I experienced was the cavity of your previous oven was smaller than your new one? I found that for me, smaller ovens cooked large items like turkey much faster, but also less evenly, than a larger oven, as the smaller cavity results in more indirect heating. Less in fact, because it has poorer circulation, so the heat is not as uniform.

Just throw out a few variables that can, and sometimes do, make a difference. Temperature is usually the most common problem and is always a good way to check the temperature in a new oven and at least periodically in all ovens.