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Let’s think of the Scots for once - Bagpipes, kilt and whiskey. Granted, these are the first things most of us think of when we think of a full-blown Scotsman. But what other idiosyncrasies do the inhabitants of this small, beautiful country in the north of the United Kingdom have? What is typical of Scotland and what can we expect from a visit? Here you can find out more about the interesting characteristics of this happy people!

Fancy a fried chocolate bar?

Yes, which may sound absurd at first, is now actually part of the standard menu in many Scottish takeaways - deep-fried chocolate bars. In Scotland pretty much anything you can get your hands on is thrown into the deep fryer. So you can, for example, in the capital Edinburgh sometimes one too deep fried Mars bars indulge. Alternatively, it can also be a Milky Way, Bounty or Snickers. Rumor has it that the Scots actually do Fry the butter! After all, there is plenty of healthy food elsewhere. ;) So off to Scotland!

... or would you prefer finely chopped sheep's heart?

Haggis, neeps and tatties - a very popular Scottish dish consists of exactly these three side dishes. It is the finely chopped heart, liver and lungs of a sheep, usually cooked in sheep's stomach (Haggis), mashed potatoes (Neeps) and mashed beets (Tatties). What might sound a bit daunting at first is one real specialty And, according to many tourists, it even tastes delicious. Who of you would dare to try this dish? In any case, nicely prepared, it doesn't look too bad!

The land of log throwers

Well, enough talked about food. After a hearty meal, you can still do a little sport, right? How about, for example, throwing a tree trunk? This sport is next to stone throwing and hammer throwing one of the most famous disciplines among the ScottishHighland Games- of course also completely traditionally in a tartan skirt. However, anyone who thinks of a small, thin branch is mistaken. After all, the Scots want to show that they are real guys and also like to throw huge logs - but just see for yourself!

Kilt - A cult in Scotland

That the Scots are known for theirs plaid tartan skirt, just like for the traditional Scottish instrument, the Bagpipes, shouldn't be a secret anymore. However, the question of whether the Scots really don't wear anything underneath can only be answered by yourself. Well, maybe we don't even want to know! ;) But did you also know that there is a total ofover 4000 different patterns that adorn this traditional knee-length skirt? So if you don't suffer from weak decision-making here, you have a clear advantage!

Redhead Parade in Edinburgh

Not because of redhead as an insult! What is sometimes still regarded as an insult in this country and perhaps in other countries is even a compliment in Scotland - we're talking about natural, red hair. Nowhere in the world do you come across people with red hair, freckles and fair skin as often as in Scotland. The Scottish capital even has the world's first “red hair parade”, which was launched in 2013 by the Canadian comedian, who incidentally has red hair himself.

Scots vs. English

A problem that is now well known is likely to be the Antipathy of the Scots towards the English be. Only recently Scotland wanted to gain independence from the United Kingdom, but this was not implemented, as in the end almost 55% of Scots voted against their country's independence. But that doesn't necessarily change the prejudices against the English. Scotland has always been the poorer, smaller country, mutual antipathy is a long way off, but the Scots still feel disadvantaged today. The fact is: Don't compare the Scots to the English, because as humorous as they are, they are definitely not to be trifled with. Nobody knows at the moment whether the tense relationship will improve one day.

The much sought-after "water of life"

Yes, I have to admit, you just can't ignore it when talking about Scotland. In addition to black tea, it is probably the most popular drink of the Scots - whiskey. The name is derived from the Scottish Gaelic "Uisce Beatha", which means "water of life". The Scots and Irish do not yet agree which of the two is the true country of origin, but one thing is certain: the good drink is the absolute one Export hit of the country. Whether in the pub in between, for a delicious feast or at a traditional celebration - Scottish whiskey is simply a part of the Scots. It's no surprise that, for example, there is even one in EdinburghWhiskey tour is offered?

As for the stinginess of the Scots, which unfortunately is still part of the image of a typical fellow countryman for many, I can reassure you - all just clichés. The Scots were considered very frugal at the time, but more because of the poverty that prevailed in this country. Today the Scottish residents are particular for theirshospitality and warmthknown. So how's it going? Who is now interested in a trip to this wonderful country? After all, there are a few bizarre peculiarities in every country and that's what makes a travel destination something special, doesn't it? :)

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